Wedding Cake Ideas

Designs, Flavors, Shapes, Themes and More

Images of different wedding cake ideas.


Images of various fruit tarts.

Sweet Ideas - Wedding Cake Alternatives

Over 40 ideas for non-traditional wedding cakes.


White wedding cake with flowers.

Beautiful Wedding Cake Ideas

See over 20 images of wedding cakes.


Red and white wedding cake.

Budget Ideas To Keep The Cake Costs Down

You can have your dream weddign cake without going overboard read this article to find out how.


Wedding cake with butterfly decorations.

Butterfly Cake Ideas

Read about planning a butterfly wedding and see some wonderfyul butterfly wedding cakes.


Wedding cake and jordan almonds.

Wedding Cake Boxes

Cake boxes are the perfect way to allow your guests to take home a piece of your wedding cake. On this page you will find ideas on how they can be decorated and displayed.


Image showing differet wedding cake decorations.

Cake Decoration Ideas

Looking for ideas on how to decorate your wedding cake? This article will help you with an endless list of possibilites click the link below to see how.


Picture of a white wedding cake decorated with leaves and piping.

Wedding Cake Pictures and Design Ideas

Tips on how to start planning your cake design.


Woman holding a slice of cake.

Cake Flavor Suggestions

You don't have to stay with the traditional cake flavors there are many more to consider.


Chocolate frosting and chocolate heart shape decoration.

Indulgent Chocolate Cake Ideas

Chocolate is such a delicious flavor and almost everyone loves it. Discover the many ways that chocolate can be used to flavor and decorate a cake.


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Creative Wedding Cake Ideas

5 creative ways to decorate your wedding cake.


Decorated cupcakes on rectangular platter.

Cupcake Decoration Ideas

17 easy decorating ideas for you wedding cupcakes.


Cupcakes on a cupcake tower

Cupcake Stand Ideas

Tips on how to display your cupcakes. Also instructions on how to make a simple cupcake stand.


Black and white wedding cake.

Have You Considered Using A Fake Cake?

A fake wedding cake might be the perfect option for you, if you want to have an elaborate cake display without all the expense of making the real thing.


Wedding cake and desserts on a wooden table.

How to Set Up The Perfect Cake Table Display

Ideas and suggestions for setting up the perfect cake display table. And how to prevent any possible disaster when certain things are not taken into consideration.


White wedding cake on tablw with flowers.

Ways To Decorate Your Cake Table

Suggestions for creating the best possible display that will highlight your wedding cake.


Silver monogram on white and purple wedding cake.

Monogram Cake Topper Uses and Ideas

Learn about monograms and how they can be displayed on your cake.


Pink wedidng cake ideas

Pretty Pink Cakes

Pink can be soft and feminine or it can be bright and bold see a variety of cakes in various shades of pink.


Simple wedding cake idea.

Simple Wedding Cake Ideas

Don't want a cake that is over the top with decorations, then take a look at some of these beautiful ideas.


Square wedding cakes

Square Wedding Cake Ideas

Square wedding cakes are one of the most easiest of cake shapes to decorate see some lovely ideas here.


Wedding cake with orchids.

Tropical Cake Ideas

Tips and ideas for decorating a tropical wedding cake. Plus tropical cake pictures.


Image of many different types of uniuque cakes.

Unique Wedding Cake Ideas

This article gives suggestions for creating a unique looking cake.


Heart shaped wedding toppers

Unusual Places To Find Your Cake Topper

Want something that is different from the standard bride and groom topper? This article will give you ideas on how to find that unique topper you have been looking for.


Wedding cake decorated with flowers.

Ideas For Wedding Cakes With Flowers

Flowers can be added to a cake in many different ways, see ideas and suggestions here.


frosted cupcakes

Wedding Cupcake Ideas

Wedding cupcakes are a great alternative to the traditional wedding cake. Get ideas on flavors, decorating, and theme related designs and more.


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