Your Online Guide To Wedding Cake Ideas

Your wedding cake will be a focal point and highlight at your reception. With the many choices today, there is a limitless selection in variety, flavor and styles.

The size of the cake will depend on how many guests are invited. It is normally matched to the color and theme of the wedding.

Do remember to include extra portions for guests who could not attend your wedding, but who would appreciate being sent a slice.

You may wish to serve your cake as the dessert, or have it given as a take-home treat for your guests.

Today's cake does not have to be the traditional tiered cake, it could be sculpted, a single layer, round or square, heart shaped or stacks of cup cakes, or any design that you could think of.

Your cake can be any flavor. Is the cake to be a traditional fruit cake? Or a more modern one made of sponge cake, profiteroles or chocolate?

You can have the cake made professionally or you may choose to have a friend, relative or yourself make it.

Ordering Your Cake

Organize an interview with your cake maker. Things to take with you, things to discuss and to remember:

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Budget Tips

  • Order a small cake to show your guests, but have another cake out in the kitchen to serve to your guests, they will never know.
  • Have foam layers added to your cake for a bigger looking cake which costs less.
  • If you have the top tier made in foam and decorated, you will have a lasting memory of you day.
  • Keep the icing work simple.
  • If using flowers consider silk flowers these will cost less and look just as nice.
  • Ask for butter cream or chocolate icing instead of the traditional fondant icing.
  • Use your cake as a dessert along with some fresh fruit it will save you some money.
  • Instead of cake serve your guests small blocks of chocolate, or have a chocolate fountain set up so that guests can pass their own selection of skewered fruit.
  • Ask if your reception venue charges a fee for cutting the cake. This could end up costing more than the cake itself. Have your bridesmaids do this.
  • The more intricate the icing work the more the cake will cost.
  • Have your cake icing plain and use your bridal bouquet on top.
Bride Idea: If you want to cut down on costs, have a baker make a tiered cake with only plain or pastel icing. Then have someone that you can trust and count on, to decorate it nicely at the reception, with fresh flowers (secure the flowers on the cake with tooth picks) and ribbons, or lace. You could even use your bouquet on the top of the cake.