Wedding Checklist

10 Things You Must Include In Your Wedding Preparation Checklist. Planning a wedding can be a difficult task, but you can make it easier by using wedding checklists.

Whenever possible use a wedding to do checklist for each area of your wedding planning, this way you will be able to keep track of your progress and it will be less likely that you will miss out on any important details for the day.

A wedding checklist timeline should be one of the first checklists that you use. This will map out the big overall picture of all the major areas that need to be considered when planning a wedding.

As you progress in your wedding planning your should consider more detailed checklists for each area of your wedding.

If you are making your own wedding checklist you should include the following the items listed below:

1. Setting The Date and Ceremony Location

One of the very first things that you should consider on your checklist is selecting a wedding ceremony date, time and location as well who will act as marriage celebrant for your marriage.

You may already have a date in mind but it is wise have a few other dates picked out just in case your first choice is unavailable.

2. Set Your Budget

Next you will have to work out a wedding budget and allocate a certain percentage of your budget to certain areas.

3. Determine How Many Guest Will Be Invited

It would be wise to determine how many guest you intend to invite to your wedding (you don't have to work out who will be attending just an approximate number at this stage will do) this information will help when you are looking for suitable ceremony and reception locations.

4. Reception Venue

If you intend to celebrate after your wedding ceremony you will need to find a suitable reception venue that can accommodate all your wedding guests.

5. Organizing Catering

Apart from your wedding ceremony the food served at your wedding reception will create a lasting memory for your guest. So careful thought should be made regarding the food at your wedding after all most people usually forget the little details surrounding the day but they will always remember if the food was good or bad.

6. Music

You are going to have a wide range of age groups at your wedding so you should take this into consideration when selecting your music. Try and have a variety of music so that there is a little something for everyone. You know what I mean have you ever had to sit through hours of music that you did not enjoy - it just makes the evening drag on and become boring.

7. Flowers

You will have to decide if you are going to have elaborate or simple floral displays at your chosen venues.

8. Bridal Party

You will have to decide how many and who will be part of your bridal party, the number that you select is entirely up to you.

9. Decide On Your Wedding Style

Selecting a style or theme for your wedding will set the whole tone and feel of your wedding. Your selected theme will run right through your wedding from the invitations you send out, style of your wedding cake, wedding reception decorations, and wedding attire and can even influence your choice of venue locations.

10. Transport

You will need transport to the ceremony location from your home and then from the ceremony to the reception venue. As you can see from the list above there are so many different areas that need to be considered when planning your wedding so some things can easily be missed out if not written down.