Wedding Dress Details

Finding your perfect wedding dress. Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and most have had dreams about how they will look as they walk up the aisle on the arm of their father to the most handsome man in the world.

You want your clothing, shoes and accessories to make a statement about you and your personality and also be comfortable because after all you will be in them for eight hours or more.

Most brides want to be absolutely beautiful for their wedding. For many brides-to-be this comes with the choice of a wedding gown, which for some is the most important and delicious decision of the entire planning process.

What To Wear?

When selecting a dress style, “Traditional or modern?” is the question you need to ask. Most bridal boutiques will stock both traditional and contemporary wedding dresses, but do make a firm decision early as to what you will be wearing, because your bridesmaids will need matching fashions.

Try to get your wedding dress and the bridesmaid's dresses from the same boutique. It is usually best to let one boutique supply the gown, headdress, veil or tiara. Some brides choose to wear their mother's wedding dress or a treasured family heirloom.

Bride wearing lacy wedding gown.

The wedding dress may also be borrowed or hired, or the bride may prefer to wear an ethnic wedding gown from her homeland. She can also lovingly sew her own wedding gown or have one made if she chooses. Searching for that perfect wedding gown will be a lot easier if you know the different styles available.

There are many colors of gown fabric to choose from. It is now common for the bride not only to wear the traditional white, she may choose to go with a color such as red, blue, or even green, ultimately the color should suit you. Choosing what to wear can be an enjoyable task if you give yourself plenty of time.

You must focus at a time like this, and you must do your homework. Keep in mind that you may be buying an outfit in December to wear in July or perhaps the other way around - so take the weather into consideration.

Whether you choose to buy a readymade dress, hire or have one made the best places to start looking is in magazines and also on the internet.

Whether your gown is traditional or unconventional, no other symbol is as closely linked to the style or theme of the wedding.

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History On The Wedding Dress

The wedding dress was made popular by Queen Victoria, for her marriage to Prince Albert in 1840 where she wore a simple white dress made by hand and trimmed with Honiton Lace. It was a style that became very popular the both the rich and poor.

When the sewing machine was invented in 1846 it encouraged the use of more elaborate trims on the gowns, which lead to them being heavily decorated with various embellishments such as braid, beads, pleats and lace which is still being done today.

Some Superstitions:
  • A sign of good luck - The dressmaker if she was happily married would sew a strand of her hair into the hem of the gown to bring happiness to the couple.
  • A small horseshoe would be sewn into the hem or the waist stay, (the horseshoe would be silver or a piece of cardboard covered with blue satin ribbon) this was supposed to ward of evil spirits and bring good luck.