Plus Size Wedding Gown Ideas

Plus size gowns from DressilyMe

Plus sized gown images from DressilyMe

Deciding on the perfect wedding dress is always a difficult decision for any woman, but it is especially stressful on the plus size bride to be.

Thankfully there are many more options today than there used to be for the larger size woman.
Before you even start looking for a wedding dress, it’s essential that you know where your wedding and reception is to take place.

For example, if you are thinking of exchanging vows on a beach you will probably want an informal wedding dress. Then again, if the wedding is to take place in a church or temple, a formal wedding dress would be more appropriate.

When shopping for your plus size wedding gown make sure that it fits your personality and flatters your curves. Don’t just settle for the first dress you see just because you are feeling uncomfortable and out of place in the bridal store.


The dresses that are available to you come in many colors and styles which will suit any shape. As I would say to any bride-to-be don’t leave it to the last minute to find your perfect dress, start soon after you have announced your engagement.

You don’t have to purchase straight away but visit the stores and try on the different styles that are available and get to know what suits you. Start by visiting some of the larger bridal boutiques as they are more likely to have a large selection of plus size wedding gown for you to try on.

The internet is another great place to find your plus size wedding gown. You may also consider having your plus size wedding gown custom made. It is important to select a dressmaker that you can work with.

You don't have to spend a fortune on your plus size wedding gown there are cheap plus size wedding gowns out there here are some ideas on how to find them.

There are many different figure types and knowing which type you are will also make it easier for you to choose your perfect plus size wedding gown.

Listed below are some figure types and styles that are suited to them.

The Hourglass Figure Type

Also called X shape, Curvy Shape: You can draw attention to your waist. Using soft fabrics will be very flattering. If you are tall, your defined waist creates balance.

If you are short, you may want to draw attention away from your waist a little so you don’t look chopped in half. You would do this by wearing a plus size wedding gown with vertical lines such as the princess line.

The distinct feature of the princess style gown is the fitted bodice and waist which are in vertical panels of fabric following the natural contour of the body.

This style of gown silhouette is a good choice for the plus size bride because it is simple and elegant, and creates an illusion of height. To make it work, you need to have some bust. Going strapless is not the most appropriate option if you are big busted.

You are curvaceous. Celebrate it!!!!!  The hourglass figure can easily wear ball gown, sheath or A-line style wedding gowns.

The Rectangular Figure Type

Also called H Shape, I Shape, and Straight Shape: Because your silhouette is straight up and down, you would want to create waist definition with vertical lines that curve in.

The Princess seams work well for you. Also a fitted bodice with a slightly dropped waist, Basque waist or v-waist work well for you, as well.

These all draw attention away from your waist. A horizontal line at the waist will draw attention to your waist and make you look bigger. Empire waistline is great because the “waist line” starts under your bust line skimming over your middle section and giving the illusion of height.

Avoid any gathered or heavily pleated fabric at the waist. If you are in the upper plus sizes, you might look in evening wear and look for a white beaded gown in the tunic and skirt style.

Gown Ideas for the Rectangular Figure Type

The Apple Figure Type

Also called O Shape, Circle Shape or Round Shape: This figure is visually larger or wider above the waist and narrower around the hips and thighs. Avoid anything that creates an actual horizontal line at the waist. No crinolines.

Avoid gathered or heavily pleated fabric at the waist. Empire style and a softly drapes A-line style is a good choice. You could use a two piece gown which has a straight skirt and a tunic style top.

Gown Ideas for the Apple Figure Type

The Pear Shape Figure Type

Also called A Shape, Triangle Shape: Pear shaped women have a waist. You can wear bodices that are fitted and defined. Even a plus size wedding gown with a horizontal line at the waist may work for you.

You can wear A-line or anything that flares out. A fitted bodice that comes to a V in the front to elongate your slim upper body and makes the skirt just flow over your hips to make them disappear.

Some pear shaped woman can have very small or sloping shoulders. You may need to add some small shoulder pads to hold the shoulders up. Avoid gowns with a straight skirt. They will pull across your hip area.

The A-line silhouette and waist ball gown will look great on you. Overall you should select light flowing to medium weight fabrics because these will move with your body as opposed to a heavier fabric which will add bulk.

Gown Style Ideas For The Pear Figure Type

The type of finish of the fabric is also important; avoid using fabrics which are too shinny these will draw attention to areas that you are trying to hide.

Avoid any details that draw attention to the areas that you are trying to hide.

Sleeveless, strapless or haltered gowns would not suit plus size women who usually have large upper arms. They should wear cap sleeves or opt for a lacy jacket with longer sleeves to wear over the gown.

Larger arms can also be camouflaged with short lacy sleeves or a wrap made in a lighter fabric such as chiffon. Puffy sleeves may be an option, but they should not bind the arms.

If a full length gown makes you look even shorter go for a shorter gown length with perhaps an asymmetrical hem (short on one side and long on the other) which will give you the illusion of looking taller. Or have a detailed unbroken center panel running from the top of the bodice down to the hem line, this will also give the illusion to looking taller.

As the saying goes less is best, so keep the gown style simple and uncluttered. Draw attention to your best features by some simple beading on the gown or in the jewellery and headdress that you choose.

Walking down the aisle in a stunning wedding ensemble is every brides dream. Size must never be a hindrance to looking your best on your special day.

Find the design that you are truly happy with don’t settle for a style that someone else chooses. You need to feel good about your choice as this will show on your wedding day. So take your time relax and make it an enjoyable experience when looking for your plus size wedding gown

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Plus size wedding gowns.

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