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Are you searching for some creative wedding favor sayings that you can attach to your wedding favors. Well here are a few ideas to inspire you to come up with your own personal wedding favor saying. Start by taking your time to think about what you would really like to express in the sayings for a wedding favor.

Write these down as they come to mind, you can then easily create your own wedding favor poems or phrases and who knows you just might surprise yourself at what you come up with.

Oh, don’t’ forget to add your married names or initials and wedding date to the end of the wedding favor saying.


Ideas For Wedding Favor Sayings

Wedding Favor Bookmarks

  • Today will leave a permanent “mark” in our hearts. Thank you for your kindness.

Measuring Spoons

  • Love beyond measure.
  • A love beyond measure, to last for eternity. Thanks for sharing this special day with us.

Sparklers or Candles

  • Take a bit of today's joy to brighten tomorrow.
  • Burn this candle and think of our bright new future.
  • Sharing the sparks we have felt for each other.
  • The flame of our love will always burn bright.
  • The light of our love will always burn bright.
  • Our Love Shines Like an Eternal Flame.
  • Our love is a flame that burns brightly.
  • Light me and our love will burn brightly forever.
  • Our love will burn forever.
  • Thank you for sharing our special day! Please take this gift and use it some evening and may its flame kindle memories of this night.
  • Thank you for making our wedding day a little brighter.
  • When you light this candle please say a prayer for the bride and groom.
  • The sweet fragrance of love. (scented candles).
  • Burning for each other.

Drink/Food Mixes

Ideal phrases to use on gourment teas, coffees, hot chocolate mixes and even cookie mix favors.

Coffee or Tea

  • Our love is the perfect blend.
  • Together we our love creates a “perfect blend.” Your presence on this special day tops it off.
  • Love is brewing.
  • The Tea-riffic couple.
  • Wishing you sweet memories of the day you shared with us.
  • Our love is a special blend.

Wine Favors

You have shared the "spirit" of our wedding day: We want to thank you in a special way!

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Matchbook Favors

  • A match made in Heaven
  • Buring For Each Other.
  • What a Match!

Wedding Favor Bells

  • Every time you hear a bell ring think of when Mr. & Mrs.________ got their wedding rings.
  • Let wedding bells sound a chorus
    The ask the bride and groom before us
    To shre a kis of harmony
    And bring rure joy to all who see.

Have everyone ringing in your new life together with these delightful bell wedding favor ideas.

Wedding Favor Fans

Wedding favor poems can be a delightful addition to any favor here is one suitable for wedding favor fans.

  • Thank you for being here to celebrate our wedding day.
    But before we share our vows, we would like to say:
    All our love to you for supporting us since our journey began.
    We couldn't have done it without you... OUR BIGGEST FAN!

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  • Rice is traditional, but bubbles are more fun. Help us cheer on the newlyweds as their life has begun.

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Soaps or Sachets

  • Love is sweet fragrance in the air, we want to share the essence with you.” Thank you for coming.
  • The sweet fragrance of love.

CD Wedding Favors

  • Perfect harmony.

Let your guests reminisce long after your wedding when they listen to your CD wedding favors.

Golf Wedding Favors

  • Thanks for tee-ing off with us!
    --Name of Bride and Groom

Share your passion for golf with these great golf wedding favor ideas.

Wedding Favor Jars

Use these wedding favor phrases on small jars filled with jams, honey or other sweet preserves

  • Meant to Bee Together. Thanks for sharing in the happiness. - Honey filled jars
  • Today our lives are jamed full of love.

General Wedding Favor Phrases

These wedding favor phrases/poems will work on almost any wedding favor you select.

  • This day I will marry my friend, my lover and partner throughout my time on earth.
  • It doesn't matter where you go in life ... All that matters is who you have walking beside you. Thank you for sharing our wedding day.
  • Two lives, joined together in friendship. Two hearts joined forever in love.

Photo Frame Favors

  • Our wedding day will be framed in our minds forever. Thanks for sharing our happiness.


  • Noteworthy couple.

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