How Much Candy Do I Need for My Wedding Candy Buffet?

Are you planning a wedding candy buffet? Then you could be wondering how much candy you would need for your candy buffet display? This is something this is quite often asked by anyone considering a candy buffet.

You should base you choices on the size of the display that you would like to create and not the number of wedding guests.

You should also take into consideration the size of the vases, jars, or bowls that you will be using to display them in and the effect that you would like to create.

Having enough candy is a very important factor to making your candy buffet look good, so here are some guides to help you make your choices a little easier.

Having enough candy is a very important factor to making your candy buffet look good, so here are some guides to help you make your choices a little easier.

Wedding candy buffet dispaly with flower decorations.

So How Much Candy Do I Need For My wedding candy Buffet?

Below are approximate quantities and how they will fill a container (goldfish shaped) 1 gallon (4 liter) capacity which is a good size to serve your candies in.

Alternatively you can use different shapes and styles which will only add to the appeal of the candy buffet.

  • 5lb (2.2kg) sugar coated chocolate candy about the size of M&M's will fill about three quarters or slightly more of the container.
  • 5lb (2.2kg) candy balls about 3/4inch (2cm) in diameter will almost fill the container.
  • 5lb (2.2kg) chocolate/sugar coated Jordan almonds will more than half fill the container.
  • 5lb (2.2kg) gummy bears will fill the container about 3/4 full.
  • 5lb (2.2kg) of 1 inch (2.5cm) diameter candy balls will fill the container.
  • 3lb (1.3kg) of wrapped toffee candy will fill the container due to the twisted wrapper ends.
  • 5lb (2.2kg) rock candy will occupy more than half the container.
  • 5lb (2.2kg) tiny candy about 1/4inch (1/2cm) wide will fill the container about half way.
  • 1lb (1/2kg) giant marshmallows about 2x2x2 inch (5x5x5cm) in size will fill the container.
  • 10lb (4.4kg) jelly bellies will over fill the container.

The above should give you a reasonable guide to working out how much you will need but if you need a visual guide just watch this video by

Once you have decided on the amount of candy for your wedding candy buffet you will need some where to set up and display your sweet treats.

17 Ways To Create The Perfect Wedding Candy Buffet Table

Having a wedding candy buffet is a fun and interactive treat that allows your guest to select what they like to take home. A candy table serves two purposes at a wedding, one as a decoration and the other as an edible item.

Just like planning any other aspect of your wedding careful thought and planning should go into creating a candy display. You should plan by the visual appeal and not the number of guests at your wedding.

Wedding candy buffet display using the same type of jars.

  1. Take advantage of your wedding theme color select candy in colors that will match the theme that you have already chosen you could do a mixture of colors or just go for one shade perhaps a shade that matches the bridesmaids dress.
  2. For an overall uniform look incorporate your wedding table centrepieces and table linen on to the buffet table.
  3. Use clear glass containers which will show off the candy colors and don't be afraid to decorate these containers with matching ribbon.
  4. Use containers that vary in size and shape, but do make sure that the neck opening is wide enough to allow the use of a scoop.
  5. For visual appeal display the containers at different height levels. To do this, place the containers on sturdy boxes which have been hidden by a decorative cloth.
  6. Make sure that you use a table which is suited to the size of the buffet that you are trying to achieve, for example a small candy display on a large table would look empty so you would be best using a smaller table to create the look of abundance.
  7. Have the wedding candy buffet table placed away from a wall if possible to allow smooth access from all sides.
  8. For hygiene purposes cover the containers containing any unwrapped candy with plastic wrap until needed as well as scoops and tongs.
  9. When purchasing scoops make sure that they fit the container openings.
  10. Make you candy choice on the season and location of your wedding, for example if your wedding reception will be in summer and outdoors you may like to avoid candy like chocolate as these will melt.
  11. It is always nice add a label to the container stating the contents. This could be very beneficial to any guest who may have allergies.
  12. If you want a display to look full use more wrapped candies as they take up more container space than unwrapped candy and have these spill over onto the table.
  13. Use fillers to add bulk to the candy table such as mini cookies, nuts or fruits such as strawberries and grapes
  14. Be creative in the way that you display your candy. Bundle lollypops to look like a bunch of flowers or make mini topiary trees with candy.
  15. Depending on the size of display you want to create purchase 5 - 10 types of candy each weighing 15 - 20lbs (6 - 9kg) this may seem a lot but it will help make the candy buffet table look plentiful.
  16. Keep the cost of the candy buffet in mind when planning the wedding budget as it all can add up quickly. To keep the cost down purchase candy in bulk and keep an eye out for those end of holiday sales and only use about five different candy types.
  17. Complete the look with favor bags such as organza drawstring bags, Chinese takeout boxes, paper bags or cellophane bags matching your theme colors.

Personalize these with a wedding favor tag or wedding favor saying.

Glass jars, fabric bags and candles on candy buffet display table.