Do It Yourself Wedding Flowers

Flowers and wedding ring


The key to a successful wedding day is planning and this can also be said for your do it yourself wedding flowers.

If you are making your own wedding flowers you will need to do a bit of ground work for the preparations.

You will need to plan such things as:

  • Where are you are going to buy the vases from, or can you hire them. If you decide to buy the vases what are you going to do with them after the wedding? Are you going to keep them yourself of give them away?
  • How many pins, ribbons and string will you need for the flower arrangements?
  • The number of arrangements needed for bouquets, corsages, headdress, table centerpieces and so on.
  • Are you going to do all the arrangements yourself or have the florist do some?
  • Where are you going to get the flowers from, perhaps from the florist, or friend’s gardens?
  • How are the arrangements going to be stored once they have been made? You will need to take this into consideration especially in hot weather as the flowers will wilt.
  • Who is going to help you with the floral arrangements?
  • How are the arrangements going to be transported to the ceremony and reception venues?

Give yourself plenty of time to make the wedding flowers either on the day or the evening before.

Get some help making the arrangements as it can take you some time to get these together on you own if you are not an experienced florist.

It is always wise to do a practice run before the day this will ensure that you don’t make mistakes and run out of materials.

Choose flowers that will last throughout the day and for a good week after they have been made. Roses and lilies are flowers that keep well, as well as carnations.

Below you will find links to some videos instructions and written instructions on do it yourself wedding flowers.

The videos contain easy to follow steps that will help you create your wedding flower arrangements.

Watch the videos and read the instructions several times if you have too, and become familiar with the flower arranging process.

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