Calla Lily Bouquet Ideas

(Bonus 36 calla lily bouquet images and 2 DIY bouquet instructions.)

A calla lily bouquet is simple, elegant and a graceful flower with long strong slender stems making it the perfect flower for an arm bouquet.

White calla lilies are always popular for weddings but there are other colors as well; from vibrant yellow, dramatic deep reds and burgundies as well as warm orange tones you should not have too much trouble finding a color to match your wedding theme.

The calla lily is available as a small or large flower. With the small calla lily flowers looking magnificent in a mixed flower arrangement whereas the larger varieties look fantastic on their own or when combined with a few smaller flowers or greenery.

The beautiful green stems of the calla lily should be on display, so try not to cover their beauty with too much ribbon. A bridal bouquet of calla lillies can be quite expensive but don't let that stop you from having a calla lily bouquet.

You can keep down the costs by making your own bouquet either with real calla lily flowers or using silk calla lily flowers.

36 Calla Lily Bouquet Picture Ideas

White calla lily arrangement.
1. Hand tied white calla lily bouquet.
Silk lily bouquet idea.
2. White silk flower wedding bouquet of calla lilies.
Hand tied calla lily bouquet.
3. White and purple wedding bouquet idea.
Pink bouquet of calla lilies.
4. Pink calla lily bridal bouquet.
Bride holding white lily bouquet.
5. White calla lily bouquet.
Yellow and brown bridal bouquet.
6. A simple yellow calla lily bridal bouquet.
Fall toned wedding bouquet with lilies and roses.
7. Orange calla lily bouquet with white satin ribbon handle.
White lily bouquet.
8. Mixed white calla lilly bouquet.
Small bouquet of pink calla lilies.
9. Soft pink calla lily bridal bouquet.
Orange and yellow brides bouquet.
10. Orange and yellow wedding flowers perfect as an autumn bridal bouquet.
Pink wedding bouquet of lilies and roses.
11. Bouquet floral arrangement with lillies and hydrangeas.
Elegant clutch bouquet of white lilies.
12. Clutch bouquet of white calla lilies.
Simple lily bouquet idea.
13. Pink calla lily wedding flowers.
White flower bouquet.
14. White calla lily bouquet.
Lily and rose bouquet with beaded wire decoration.
15. Calla lily and roses bridal bouquet idea.
Orange pose bouquet idea.
16. Burnt orange wedding flowers bouquet.
Lilies and pearls bouquet.
17. Green and white bridal bouquet idea using white calla lilly flowers and green looped beaded leaves.
Large lily and rose bouquet in white and green.
18. Large display of wedding flowers with calla lilies.
A few stems of white calla lilies resting on a large blue feather.
19. Simple white bridal bouquet idea.
Medium sized hand tied pink calla lily bouquet.
20. Dark pink calla lily bridal bouquet.
Calla lily bridal bouquet idea.
21. Cascading style bridal bouquet.
Pink lilies and gypsophlia.
22. Pink calla lilies wedding bouquet.
Loose calla lily and flower arrangement.
23. Hand tied calla lily bouquet.
White calla liliy bouquet tied with large grey ribbon bow.
24. White lily bouquet.
Burgunday arm bouquet.
25. Burgundy calla lily bouquet idea.
White lilies surrounded by fern and long thin grass strands.
26. Bridal bouquet of calla lilies and fern.
All white bouquet of lilies and crocuse flowers.
27. White crocuses with lillies.
Bouquet of red roses with white calla lilies in the center.
28. White lilly and red rose bouquet idea.
Sunflower and burgundy lilies wedding bouquet.
29. Burgundy calla lilly and sunflower bouquet.
Hand tied white liliy bouquet with white satin ribbon bow.
30. White lilly hand tied bouquet.
Lovely white calla lily bridal bouquet.
31. Timeless white bouquet idea.
Deep purple bouquet of calla lilies.
32. Dark purple almost black calla lilies.
Dark red calla lily bouquet.
33. Bold red calla lily bridal bouquet.
Modern style wedding bouquet.
34. Modern style bouquet with orchids and lilies.
Small clutch bouquet.
35. Pink and green calla lily bridal bouquet.
Closeup of a white lilly and fern bouquet.
36. White calla lilies.

Make Your Own Silk Flower Calla Lily Bouquet

Calla lily arm bouquet idea.
Example of a calla lily arm bouquet.

A calla lily arm bouquet is a simple and lovely flower display. The calla lily is a popular choice for many brides because they add a touch of elegance to the occasion.

Calla lilies come in a variety of colors but are only available for a short time every year.

If you choose to have a calla lily bouquet for your wedding out of season it can be quite costly.

An alternative to the fresh flower is using silk wedding flowers for the budget conscious bride.

By using silk flowers you can make your wedding flowers in almost any color that you choose and can be made well in advance leaving you time to relax as opposed to using fresh flowers.

Fresh flower bouquets have to be made on the day or the evening before and if you are not familiar with using fresh flowers you can really be left feeling rushed. The beauty of using silk flowers is if you do get the arrangement wrong you can simply take it apart and start all over again and to top it all off you will have your bouquet for a lifetime.

In the do it yourself wedding flower video below you will be guided in creating your own calla lily arm bouquet, the steps are so simple any one can do it.

What you will need
  • 5 Calla Lily stems
  • 2 Eucalyptus stems
  • Green florist tape
  • Length of satin ribbon to match your wedding theme color
  • Floral adhesive glue
  1. Start by covering each of the stems of the eucalyptus with the green floral tape. Start at the top of the stems and work your way down twisting the eucalyptus (and not the tape) while gently stretching and pulling the florist tape as you work your way down.

    When you reach the bottom of the stem pull the tape firmly to break and press the torn end on to the stem to neaten.

  2. Cradle one piece of eucalyptus in the crook of your arm then add one calla lily stem almost to the top of the eucalyptus. Place a second calla lily stem at about the same height making sure that the flower heads are facing out. Tape the stems together using the florist tape turning several times to make sure it is secure.

  3. Place the bouquet back in your arm and add another two more calla lilies to the bouquet a little lower than the first calla lilies. Tape these two in place coving the same area as the first taping.

  4. Add another stem of eucalyptus to the bottom of the last two calla lilies and add the final calla lily flower at the center of the base of the bouquet check to see how the bouquet looks. Secure in place with floral tape.

  5. To finish the arm bouquet cover the florist tape binding by twisting a length of satin ribbon over it and secure in place with a little glue.

How to Make a Calla Lily Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet

Create your own calla lily bouquet with Leanne Kesler from the Floral Design Institute and see how easy it is to make.

Leanne has many years experience as a florist and is an excellent teacher she shows you the easiest ways to create beautiful flower arrangements.

Just watch the video below and see how easily you can create your own beautiful calla lily bridal bouquet.

What you will need
  • 25 -30 Calla Lilies
  • Length of raffia
  • Clear nail polish
  • Garden scissors or sharp knife for cutting the stems
  • Decorative ribbon for decorating the handle of the bouquet
  1. White hand tied calla lily bouquet idea.
    Example of a white hand tied calla lily bouquet
    The key to a successful calla lily bridal bouquet is to have them properly hydrated, to do this allow them to stand in water for at least 2 hour preferably overnight if possible.

  2. Take each stem individually and look at the face of the flower and then mold and manipulate the stem into a curve by gently and firmly running your hands down the stem in a curve motion. This will create a curve in the stem which should flow with and enhance the natural curve of the flower.

  3. Before you begin the next step you might like to place the flowers on a thick folded towel so that the flower heads extend slightly past the edge, use the edge of the towel as a guide to keeping the rows straight.

  4. Once you have manipulated the stems into a curve make a single row of about 8 - 9 calla lily flowers making sure that the faces of the flowers and curve of the stems arch toward the center of the row. 

    The flower heads should all be evenly lined up at the top (use the edge of your folded towel as a guide). 

  5. Continue stacking one row after another on top of the first, again making sure that the flower faces and stems curve in toward the center and the tops of the flowers are at an even in height. When you get to towards the last rows reverse the flower heads so that they stick out slightly.

  6. When you have finished stacking the flowers check that the flowers look well balanced and even.

  7. Next using both your hands scoop to gather the calla lilies in one go to create a bouquet. Gently shake the arrangement so that it forms a round shape.

  8. If you need to tug or push down the individual flowers to achieve the rounded look do so now. Once you are happy with the way the bouquet looks tie it firmly with some raffia.

    To do this hold the bouquet in one hand and this hand holds a piece of raffia secure while your other hand wraps the raffia around the bouquet several times, tie a knot to secure.

  9. Take another look at the bouquet and make any necessary adjustments.

  10. You now need to trim the stems down to create the bouquet handle. To get the necessary length of the bouquet handle hold the bouquet with both hands one hand at the top of the bouquet directly under the flower heads and the other directly underneath the first hand.

    You then trim the stems below the bottom hand position with a sharp knife or scissors make sure that the stems are all the same length for a nice neat look and finish.

  11. Before you finish of the bouquet with the ribbon you will need to seal the cut ends of the calla lilies. To seal the ends apply clear nail polish to the cut ends covering completely.

    Why do you need to do this? The sap from the calla lily is slightly toxic and can cause irritation to some people the sap can also cause staining. Once the nail polish has dried you can wrap with the ribbon.

  12. To wrap the ribbon around the bouquet, hold the bouquet in one hand upside down (the flowers facing downward), extend the start of the ribbon so that it goes past the flower heads (this piece will be needed to attach a bow when finished) the rest of the ribbon runs toward the cut end of the bouquet.

    Bend the ribbon at a 90 degree angle about an inch or two above the cut ends leaving this inch or two of the stem exposed.

    Start wrapping the ribbon tightly around the handle of the calla lily bouquet as this is what will hold your bouquet together, work your way toward the raffia knot, stop wrapping the ribbon just before you to the raffia knot.

    Cut the raffia knot and remove the raffia from the stem continue to cover the stems with the ribbon.

    When you reach the top of the bouquet cut away any the excess ribbon so that it is about the same length as the piece that you let hang in step 12, tie these two pieces into a knot with these two tails you can now attach a bow.
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