How to Make Wrist Corsage

What is a wrist corsage?

It is a small arrangement of flowers attached to ribbon or elastic which is worn on the wrist.

Who wears a wrist flower corsage?

The corsage is worn on special occasions such as weddings, proms and other special functions and is mostly worn by women.

What wrist do you wear the corsage on?

It is usually worn on the less dominate hand that is if you are right handed it will be worn on the left wrist, but there is no hard and fast rule to this. Just wear it on which ever arm you feel more comfortable with.

How do you wear a wrist corsage?

The corsage is worn on the wrist just above the back of the hand it is secured in place with either a ribbon or elastic.

How to Make Your Own Corsage

What you will need

  • One single large bloom such as an open rose, cymbidium orchid or lily
  • Wide organza ribbon in a color to co-ordinate with you chosen flower this will be used for tying the corsage to your wrist
  • Wide organza ribbon that compliments the above ribbon
  • Some hypercum berries
  • Tube of oasis glue

How to Make the Corsage

  • You will need to cut a 30 inch (75 cm) piece of ribbon which will tie around the wrist make a knot in the center of the ribbon.
  • Next using the same color ribbon that you will tie around the wrist make two bows creating two loops on either side cut the excess ribbon leaving a short tail (keep holding onto the bows). To see how to create the bow see our page on ribbon bow tying.
  • Next using the contrasting ribbon create three more bows slightly larger than the first two creating three loops on either side cut the excess ribbon leaving a short tail (keep holding onto the bows).
  • While holding the bows that you created secure them by tying the wrist ribbon securely in the center making two tight knots to hold everything in place.
  • Dovetail the ends of the ribbons before adding the flowers, simply fold the ribbon tails in half and then cut into a "V" shape.
  • Next trim the stem from the flower leaving and almost flat base.
  • Cut the hypercum berries into small bunches.
  • Apply a small amount of oasis glue to the bottom and ends of the flowers, allow them to dry for a few seconds.
  • Next you will be creating the flower corsage. Start by placing three small bunches of hypercum berries around the center of the ribbon bows and them cover with the open flower.
  • Check that you are happy with the arrangement add more berry bunches if needed. Your wrist corsage in now ready.