Wedding Budget Tips and Ideas

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Wedding budget, saving money it all sounds unromantic well maybe it is, but controllingyour money before you are married is a lot better than going into a marriage that is in debt.

A budget is what you can realistically afford to spend on your wedding and reception, and this will include estimates of all the other wedding expenses such as the wedding attire, flowers, transport, cost of the invitations and stationery.

Traditionally the wedding was financed by the bride’s father, but today with many couples working they either pay for all the wedding or part of it. Often the grooms family offer to pay for the champagne and drinks at the wedding.

There are no hard and fast rules as to who pays for the wedding today, quite possibly if you could not afford to pay for it all yourselves, your parents may be able to help.

So before making any definite plans and start spending money, set yourself a wedding budget, be very honest about what you can afford.

There is no point in having a glamorous and glitzy wedding and still be paying it off a year or two into the marriage, when you could use that money towards a deposit on a house, furniture or even your honeymoon.

You can have a “million dollar” wedding without actually spending that much. This can be done with some careful planning.

Creating a dream wedding doesn’t have to leave you in debt. There are a lot of ways that you can cut down on costs.

Family and friends may be able to help with the food or drinks, bridesmaid’s dresses or flowers.

You may be able to borrow a friend's cars for the bridal transport for travelling to the ceremony and reception; you may have relatives who may have a house or garden that is large enough to hold the wedding ceremony or reception.

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