A Fake Wedding Cake For Your Wedding?

Discover the benefits of a fake wedding cake.

A fake wedding cake can give you the look of a luxurious wedding cake without the expensive price. It is the new money saving option for the budget minded couple who can have the wedding cake of their dreams.

And by the way, most celeb cakes are fake, as are the ones displayed in bridal magazines, cake books and bridal expos.

Fake wedding cakes are usually made from Styrofoam shapes covered in fondant icing or butter cream. The Styrofoam can be shaped and made into any wedding cake style. These cakes are decorated like the real thing and no one will ever know that the cake is fake.

These cakes are available for rent or purchase in pre-designed models or you can have them custom made to your requirements.

A wide variety of decorations can be used to match any wedding theme from fresh flowers, silk flowers or handmade decorations.

White and orange wedding cake on square silver cake stand.

After your cake cutting ceremony, have your fake cake taken to the kitchen where you will serve your guests a sheet cake. 

Sheet cakes are a great way to save money, these remain in the kitchen staying moist and fresh until it is time to serve.

You have many more options when serving sheet cakes. You can have these filled with fruit, whipped cream and cheesecake to name a few.

These fillings are not normally recommended for real wedding cakes that are to be stacked on top of one another and left at room temperature for hours.

Sheet cakes should be just as good quality as you would get for your wedding cake so don’t purchase from just any store without taste testing before ordering.

Rental Cost of Fake Cakes

Rental price will depend on how big you want the cake. Prices can start from about $50 for a two tiered pre-designed cake (but is really dependant on the baker that you choose) the rental cost usually includes the decorations of ribbons, flowers and cake topper.

If you where to have a custom made fake cake the price would go up by about $100 or more for example a two story stock cake could cost $50 a custom made two story cake could cost $150 to rent.

A booking fee or deposit is usually required to hold your cake. To make sure it is available for your wedding day. If you cancel the cake rental the booking fee is usually non refundable

A damage deposit may also be required, which will be returned to you if the cake is returned in good condition.

Some bakers will also charge a late fee. A return date will be determine when you rent the cake; if the cake is not returned on the date agreed you may incur an additional fee which is usually taken off your deposit if the cake is returned in good condition.

Providing Your Own Decorations 

You may be able to provide your own decorations for the cake that you rent, but bear in mind that the decoration you use do not damage the cake.

For example if using fresh make sure that the florist knows that the cake must be protected from any moisture used to keep the flowers from wilting, because if there is any water damage you will be charged to have it repaired.

Pros of a Fake Wedding cake

  • A fake cake will allow you to have a larger looking cake for that “WOW” effect.
  • You can be certain that your wedding cake will be ready for your wedding day because it has already been made.
  • It will always look fresh and taste great no matter how hot it gets.
  • There are many different styles to choose from and if you don’t find one that you like you can always have one made.
  • No wasted money on left over cake that will not be eaten.
  • Works out even cheaper if you do it yourself.
  • Fake cakes can be easier to transport because they are lighter than real wedding cakes.
  • If decorated correctly no one will be any the wiser to a fake cake.

Cons of A fake Wedding cake

  • It is important that you shop around for sheet cakes as these can cost just as much as a decorated cake.
  • For the DIY bride it means more time on another project.
  • If you are having a small wedding a fake cake it could cost you more than a real cake.
  • You may have to book well in advance to get the fake cake you want particularly if it is a popular wedding cake design.
  • You have to pay for any damage to the cake for repairs, or if beyond repair pay for the full cost to replace the cake.