Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Ideas For Ceremony, locations, Decorations and More

Image of couple exchanging rings.


Bride and groom saying vows at an outdoor wedding ceremony venue.

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venue Planning

This article gives ideas on how you can select the best outdoor wedding ceremony site.


Wedding arch decoration ideas

Wedding Ceremony Arch Decoration Ideas

See some wonderful ways to make your wedding ceremony unique with these wedding arch ideas.


Bride and groom being showered with confetti

Tips For Choosing Ceremony Locations

This article gives suggestions for possible ceremony locations as well as things that you should take into consideration when making the final choice.


Image of a wedding ceremony unity candle.

Wedding Ceremony Unity Candle Idea

A unity candle ceremony is a lovely addition to a wedding ceremony find out more by clicking the link below.


Starfish and wedding rings.

Wedding Sand Ceremony Ideas

If you are having an outdoor wedding ceremony why not consider a wedding sand ceremony find out more.


Acorn and wedding rings.

5 Tips For Making A Wedding Program

Wedding programs are perfect to help your wedding guests follow along with your wedding ceremony. These can easily be made yourself when you follow these tips.


Couple holding hands.

The Wedding Rehearsal

A wedding rehearsal is the best way to make sure that everything will run smoothly on the day. Find out who should be at the rehearsal.


Image of two wedding rings on long grass stands.

Tips For Writing Wedding Vows

Tips and ideas to help you write your own wedding vows.


Two hands.

Christian Wedding Vows

Christian wedding vows can be said at any number of wedding ceremonies find out what they are.


Bible and flowers

Wedding Bible Verses

This page has a list of the most common bible readings for weddings.


Image of the inside of Cathedral.

Examples of Catholic Wedding Vows

See sample of catholic marriage vows on this page.


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Ideas for Ceremony Music For A Church Wedding

There are certain things that you need to consider when planning the music to be played at your wedding.


Piano keys.

A Guide To Catholic Wedding Music

When having a church wedding you are restricted by what can be played. The music has to be appropriate for the occasion so here is a guide to music that can be played at a Catholic wedding.


White flower pew decorations.

Church Pew Decoration Ideas

The wedding ceremony is the main event of any wedding and just like the wedding reception thought has to be put into how it will be decorated. Discover 5 simple ways to keep the costs down in this area.


A couple  leaving their wedding ceremony.

Wedding Ceremony Checklist

Keep track of what needs to be done for your wedding ceremony. We have a free ceremony checklist guide you can download from our wedding ceremony checklist page.


Image of a wedding ring pillow.

Ring Bearing Ring Pillow Ideas

If you are planning on having a small child as a ring bearer then you should keep the tips on our ring bearer page in mind.


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