Wedding Sand Ceremony

The Wedding Sand Ceremony can be as beautiful as the Unity Candle Ceremony. The Sand Ceremony is like the Unity Candle Ceremony symbolizing the unity of the two lives coming together.

It is ideal for a wedding taking place at a beach or where the lighting of candles can be difficult.

Like the Unity Candle Ceremony you can include your children and other members of your family and close friends.

This Ceremony requires three small containers (clear vases or vials are ideal), one which is slightly larger for the bridal couple to pour the sand into and two smaller ones for each of the bridal couple to pour the sand from.

If you choose to have others involved in the ceremony obtain a few extra containers for sand to be poured from.

You don't need any special sand for this ceremony. You could use the sand from a beach that is special to you, or if you prefer you could use two or more different colors of sand to match your wedding colors.

Wedding sand ceremony using  two large shells and sqaure glass container.

If you wish you could place some decorative stones or shells into the larger container to add interest. If the neck of the container is very narrow use a funnel to pour the sand in.

Many couples like to keep the sand after the ceremony. Have your name and wedding date either painted or etched onto the glass before the ceremony.

Then later seal the glass with a cork or lid. The two small containers could be used as vases or give one to each of your parents as a memento of your wedding.

Another alternative for the sand ceremony is to have only two containers where the couple pour the sand together into the wind to represent their lives coming together.

The ceremony is usually performed after the minister has read some text and then the bride and groom pour (at the same time) the two containers of sand into the lager third container.

You can leave a small amount of sand in each container to say that even though you are joined as one now, you are still free to be individuals.