5 DIY Wedding Programs Tips

Wedding programs are one of those little things that can make a difference to your wedding day success. Your guests at the ceremony will have a fun time and a great time at the ceremony when they themselves actually get involved by following your wedding ceremony.

This is the medium through which you make your friends and family understand your family traditions and help them to follow the wedding correctly.

In order to make a good program, you will of course need to be creative. But, don't get too creative! Keep in mind the practicality of your creativeness and limit it only to that extent.

There are certain tips that can be considered while making a wedding program.

  1. Firstly, you need to mention the full names of the bride and the groom, the wedding date and the city and state where it is scheduled to be held. A full sequence of the events of the wedding ceremony that are going to take place in order needs to be mentioned in detail so that the guests can get an overall idea of it.

    Person holding wedding programs
    Little things such as the details of music selection, for example, the lyrics, the composers and the performers can be mentioned for the guests to be more comfortable and something to look forward to. In the same way, the readings including the name of the author and the readers can also be mentioned.

  2. Include in the programs the details of tradition and ritual and the customs that are ethnic for your family wedding so that they already know the meaning of every single bit and what is going on as it happen.

  3. Personalizing your program is a great idea to familiarize and introduce yourself and your partner to the guests. This actually sets the mood of the whole thing. You can include your favorite poems, quotes even photographs for the same. For example if you are marrying your childhood sweetheart, you can put some of those pictures, may be of your prom in college or something like that.

  4. While making the programs, it can get it professionally done or you can do it yourself at home with all the materials like ribbons, decorations etc. Programming in your personal computer is a super idea as you will have several options and much to choose from.

  5. Choose the right and convenient way to present the programs according to your wedding style to the guests. Either you can hand them out at the reception when your guests arrive or you can put them in a big colourfully decorated baskets or containers at the entrance or whatever way is convenient for you.
Whether you are having a big gorgeous wedding ceremony or a small cosy one, a good wedding program is a must. It need not be very expensive or jazzy; a simple informative program is a nice gesture to your guests. It is also a thoughtful souvenir.