Ideas for Bridal Hair Accessories and Styles

Bride with hair down.

A wedding is a truly momentous day in any woman's life and right from wedding hairstyles, bridal hair accesories, the dress, jewelry and make-up to shoes, food, and decoration they all have to be perfect, because they will help create life long memories.

When looking at bridal hair styles for your wedding day you should consider a style that will suit your face shape.

While one style may look good on someone else it may need some subtle changes to make it the perfect look for you.


So what styles work best with certain face shapes?

Image of an oval face shape

Oval: If you have an oval shaped face you can basically go with any hairstyle.

Image of sqaure shaped face

Square: If you have a square face stay away from harsh styles that pull you hair completely from the face.

Instead go for styles that allow your hair to frame you face such as having wavy strands fall over your temples.

If you do choose to have an updo soften the look by creating wisps of hair around your face.

Round face shape.

Round: With a round face shape your aim is to create an oval look by the way you style your hair - that is create height at the crown of your head and pull the sides close to your face.

Try a layered shag hairstyle or if you have short hair, create wisps of hair near your cheekbones which will soften and flatter your face.

Thumbnail Image 1

Diamond: If you have a diamond shaped face you will need to balance out a narrow chin - you aim here is to create a rounded look with your hair and create fullness at the bottom.

Image of a pear shaped face

Pear: For pear shaped faces create height and fullness on the crown of your head which will balance out your full jaw.

Image of a heart shaped face

Heart: The heart shaped face needs a soft curly style look something that falls at about chin level will be perfect. Your aim here is to create width around a narrow chin.

Thumbnail Image 1

Rectangle: You will need to create volume and width for a rectangle shaped face.

Long hair that fall on or above the shoulders will look lovely.

Your fringe will look a its best when it just touches your eyebrows.

Picture of bride with hair down.

Soft romantic look of bridal hair down

It's always wise to have a talk with your personal hairdresser or rather reach out to a professional hair stylist because these are the individuals who are pros in their field and they can guide and suggest to you different wedding hair ideas that will suit your personality overall. You also can take tips from them about hair care for the day.

The hairstyle type that you want to choose, in the end depends upon what you really prefer, however, there are a few other elements which need some consideration too, such as whether it is to take place during the day or night, whether it's an indoor or an outdoor wedding and exactly how long you would want the specific hairstyle to hold out.

One of the ideal wedding hairstyle ideas is to keep your hair all up. This is quite a sturdy and a long lasting hairstyle. It would look very sophisticated, clean and chic and you can style your hair this way for an evening celebration or even a day event.

Yet another of the loved wedding hairstyles is keeping your hair half down and half up. This also is a sturdy style and can last long, though it depends upon your hair type. It will offer you a youthful and a stylishly stunning look. It's a great hairstyle for a day based wedding, but it will look equally gorgeous for an evening celebration as well.

Wedding hair flowers too can make a perfect statement with a particular hair style. The flower choice could be artificial or real, that's up to you.

Silk flowers today are a rage with a lot of brides. You can pick these silk flowers or other flowers made out of a similar kind fabric too, as these resemble fresh flowers quite a lot. Real flowers are pretty anytime as these are more traditional and always look marvelous.

Thus, there are many wedding hairstyles to decide from, but you need to pre-plan things and organize details months before the real wedding date so that there's no space for worries or confusion at the last minute.

A wedding indeed is a special day for every bride, so to ensure that everything is in its absolute right place and order, start your hunt for wedding hairstyles as early as possible, so that there's ample time left in hand for various other important wedding related shopping as well.

Finding The Best Bridal Hairstyle For You

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The most important thing to remember is that you like the bridal hair style that you have chosen for your wedding day.

  1. Think about what you like best; your hair up or down; flowing or big; dark or light.
  2. Think about what bridal hair style you would be most comfortable moving around and socializing in all day and night.
  3. To find the perfect look for your wedding day hair, first decide what is more important to you - your hairstyle, headpiece or hair accessories.

When you have decided what you would like to highlight, you must ensure the other pieces of your ensemble match and compliment the overall look.

If you are featuring your hair, then your accessories should be toned-down. If you would like to feature your hair accessories and veil, then keep your bridal hair style simple.

When the time comes to decide on your bridal hair style you are not restricted by length. If you have short hair you can consider getting hair extensions if you prefer to have longer looking hair. The use of hair extensions will give you more options in the way your hair can be styled.

There are many options in the way that your hair can be decorated; including pieces of jewelry, fresh flowers, a tiara, veil, decorative hair pins and hair bands, these all look very beautiful in an updo.

Bridal Hair Accessories

Bridal Hair Accessories from Vuvus

Bridal hair accessories available from Vuvus

Bridal hair accessories are an important part of the perfect wedding hair do. The bridal hair style that you choose for your wedding day will allow you to almost create a work of art out of your hair.

It is becoming increasingly popular for brides to use hair accessories that are specifically for bridal hair such as pins, hair bands, combs, hats and tiaras. These are especially beautiful when they are worked into an up-do.

Flowers fresh or silk are perfect if wedding hair jewelery is not suited to your wedding gown or if jewelry is not your thing.

Wedding hair flowers look great when pined into romantic curls in an up-do.

If you want something a little extra special in your hair without making it the center of attention, select a headpiece that will complement the detailing of your gown.

Consider wearing a headband that is made in the same fabric as your dress.

Or choose one of the many wedding hair combs that are decorated with pearls or other subtle embellishments.

Another alternative is to twist a strand of small crystals or pearls through your hair.

If you have always dreamed of wearing a hat when you walk down the aisle, select a style that will let your personal style shine.

A Juliet cap sits close to the head and will give a sleek look. You could also wear a birdcage veil under a hat, or wear a pillbox.

Tips And Ideas For Selecting Bridal Hair Accessories

When you choose your wedding headpiece you must be careful to choose one that will flatter your size, build, personality as well as your hairstyle and veil if you are wearing one even if that headpiece is not in fashion at the moment - if it suits you it is in fashion.

Your headpiece should be in proportion to your height and perhaps even take into consideration the groom’s height. It is the finishing touch to your wedding attire; it will also draw attention to your radiant face.

As you try them on, notice how each of these makes your face look, some will bring out the sparkle and shine in your eyes, while others will accentuate parts of your face that you may not be too happy about. Reject the styles which are not flattering to you, and choose one that is flattering and compliments your features.

  • The headdress should be light in weight and appearance and should not overpower your wedding dress. If it looks overdone, try a smaller size or reduce the trimmings on it.
  • The headdress should not make you look to short, tall, fat or too thin. A very short bride should not wear a huge picture hat as it could make her look out of proportion.
  • When you are trying on the different styles, keep in mind the location of your wedding ceremony and reception, for example, if it is a beach wedding you may not like to use a very long veil as it will most likely be blown away by the wind, a better choice could be a flower wreath.
  • Your personality should also reflect in the choice of your headdress. These can be symmetrical (both sides exactly the same) and asymmetrical (more detail on one side and less on the other).
  • The asymmetrical design can draw attention to your face and hairstyle. The ideal it should look like it has been designed to be part of your wedding dress. It’s color and texture should match the wedding dress.

When you have chosen the prefect wedding headpiece, take it along with you to the hairdresser so that you can find the perfect hairstyle.

So What Options Do You Have For Bridal Hair Accessories?

Thumbnail Image 1

1. Headbands are easy to wear and look good with a loose or natural hairstyle. They can be worn two ways the way you would for every day where it sits behind your ears, or you can tilt it slightly almost like the way you wear a tiara.

Thumbnail Image 1

2. Wedding veils can be long or short and come in diffent styles.

Thumbnail Image 1

3. Large flowers fresh or silk can be pinned or attached to combs and tucked into you hairdo.

Thumbnail Image 1

4. Tiaras can be made with inexpensive beads and crystals or real jewels. They look good with a formal hairstyle and compliment either a ball gown or sheath wedding dress.

Thumbnail Image 1

5. Decorative hair clips.

Thumbnail Image 1

6. A wreath is a basic headpiece that circles the head. It is a very versatile design that can be made with almost any material such as silk flowers, real flowers, beads, pearl sprays or just about anything you think would be suitable to your wedding day look.

Thumbnail Image 1

7. Jewelled headbands similar in looks to a tiara but has more jewels rather than beads.

Thumbnail Image 1

8. Small flower buds.

Thumbnail Image 1

9. Decorative combs, barrettes, bows and clips. If you don't like the idea of wearing a tiara wedding headpiece or any of the above you can always select a small decorative combs, beady barrettes or jewelled clips of your headdress.

Thumbnail Image 1

10. Feathers.

Thumbnail Image 1

11. Hair vines.

Thumbnail Image 1

12. Poof veil or bird cage can be worn alone or attached to a Juilet Cap which close fitting cap and can be worn with almost any hairstyle.

Thumbnail Image 1

13. A hat can be made to look formal or informal by the way it is trimmed. They can include wide brimmed picture hats, pill box hats or cocktail hats.

Thumbnail Image 1

Feel like a princess on your wedding day with tiara bridal hair accessories

Whatever hair accessories you choose these will add a finished look to your bridal hair and wedding ensemble. Just keep in mind your own style and choose hair accessories that create a balanced look.

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