28 DIY Wedding Decoration Ideas You Can Make Very Easily


Wedding expenses can get out of hand if you are not careful so why not consider some DIY wedding decorations to cut down on the cost. There are many little things that you can make yourself and with a little help from friends these will help stretch your budget.

Some things may need a little skill like using a sewing machine to sew at straight line if you can’t do that you could always ask a friend to finish of the project for you. Then there are DIY projects that need the use of a computer and printer or a hot glue gun.

The projects that you choose to make can be as simple or as complicated as you like it’s all up to you and your skill level. I have listed over 20 easy DIY projects that anyone can do and these don’t need to cost the earth.

1. Make Boutonnieres for the Groom and Groomsmen

Easy diy boutonniere
1. Make your own flowers for the groom and groomsmen.

All you need is some flowers, florist tape and wire. These small flower arrangements will only take you about 10 – 15 minutes each to make. Learn how to make them here on our wedding boutonniere ideas page.

2. Decorative Cutlery Pockets And Matching Table Accessories

These would look great for a rustic garden style wedding all you need is burlap, lace and artificial flowers.

Cut a length of burlap to create a pocket for the cutlery you will be using. Then add lace trim to the top edge before folding the fabric to create a pocket, sew the edges in place with a straight stitch or overlock the edge.

Burlap cutlery pocket with lace.
2. Make decorative cutlery pockets using burlap and lace.
You can make matching table accessories by cutting lengths of burlap to make table runners the edge them in matching lace. Or make simple candle holders by wrapping and gluing burlap around recycled glass jars.
Matching table runner and diy candle holder.
3. Make matching table accessories.

3. Decorative Floral Accents

Use fresh flowers to decorate cake stands.
4. Use fresh flowers to pretty up cake displays.

Use flower heads to decorate various areas of your wedding such as cupcake stands. Cut the stem from the flowers leaving about an inch or so attached to the flower head and fill in empty spaces around the cupcake stand to make more fuller and attractive display.

Find out more about cupcake stands and how to make your own.

4. Picture Perfect

Use different sized picture frames to create and attractive display for your guest book signing area. Source these from thrift stores and a quick coat of spray paint will help bring the look together. Fill the frames with your favorite photos or print messages on contrasting paper for a unique look.

Use various sized picture frames to create a unique look.
5. Use an assortment of frames as decorations.

5. Create Hanging Flower Displays

Hanging flower display using recyled glass jars.
6. Recycle small jars for hanging floral displays.

Recycle glass jars and create hanging floral display. Remove the labels and any glue from the jars. Use wire to wrap around the neck of the jar so that a handle can be created. Fill with water and cut flowers and hang from tree branches with ribbon bows.

6. Dress Up The Chairs

Make plain chairs look extra special by tying simple flower arrangements to the sides. Click here for more chair decoration ideas.

Flower arrangement on the side of chairs.
7. Add small flower arrangements to the sides of chairs.

7. Personalized Bunting

Make you own bunting and personalize it with your wedding date. Use a template to draw triangle shapes on to burlap, then use fabric paint to add your message. Once the paint has dried cut out the triangle shapes and use a hot glue gun to secure them to ribbon or rope.

Homemade bunting idea.
8. Make your own bunting and paint on your wedding date.
Homemade bunting ideas used to decorate the wedding venue.
9. Or make your own bunting in decorative fabric pieces and string the bunting all around your venue.

8. Create Your Own Centrepieces

Calla lilly table centerpiece idea.
10. Create simple arrangements in tall vases.

Simple centrepieces can be made using tall glass vases. Glue ribbon or long grass stems to the outside of a vase with floral glue, add some moss, colored stones or beads and one or two flowers to complete the look. See more wedding centrepiece ideas here.

9. Dress Up The Drinks Station

Use small glass bottles instead of drinking glasses to serve certain drinks. Add a splash of color with multi colored straws.

Wedding drinks served in glass jars with colored straws.
11. Add a splash of color to your drinks station with colored straws.

10. Make Your Own Wedding Arch

Fabric covered wedding arch.
12. Use yards of fabric to create an arch.

Use yards of fabric to cover plain portable arches. Secure the fabric in place with fresh or silk flower arrangements then place decorative feature objects at the base of the arch to complete the look. See more wedding arch ideas here.

11. Chalk Board Signs

Small chalkboard sign.

Chalkboards can be used as welcome signs, highlight various areas of your wedding such as the candy bar, can be used let your guests know the seating arrangements and more.

These can easily be made several ways either from scratch with timber and chalkboard paint, or use old picture frames and insert a painted chalk board panel. Or you can make them using poster board and your printer. Make your own chalkboad by visiting missibizibee.com

Chalk board welcome sign.
13. Guide your guests with blackboard messages.

12. Easy Wedding Cake Decorations

Wedding cake decorated with readymade butterfly decorations.
14. Wedding cake decorated with readymade butterfly decorations.

An inexpensive way to decorate your wedding cake is to keep the icing simple and add readymade decorations such as the butterflies in this pictured cake. See more wedding cake decoartion ideas here.

13. Large Tumbler Vases

Think creatively when planning your table centrepiece. Large drinking glasses can be used to hold a single flower, decorate the drinking glasses with a colored ribbon or lace and add a decorative feature.

Use drinking glasses as vases for single flowers centerpieces.
15. Use drinking glasses to create your table centerpieces.

14. Simple and Elegant

Hurrican vase, rose petals and candle centerpiece.
16. Use hurricane vase to hold large pillar candles.

Center a large pillar candle and rose petals to the inside of large hurricane vases for a romantic candle light wedding reception.

15. Dress Up The Toasting Glasses

Make the bride and grooms glasses unique by using ribbon and lace.

Toasing glasses with white ribbon bows.
17. Toasting glasses decorated with white ribbon bows.
Wine glasses decorated with red ribbon and white lace.
18. Red ribbon and white lace decorated wine glasses.

16. Flower Cone Pew Decorations

Simple paper cone with silk flowers to decorate church pews.
19. Make paper cones in plain, printed or colored paper to decorate the ends of church pews.

Make simple paper cones add a silk flower or two, some ribbon and you have an easy decoration for you church pews or the chairs at your wedding ceremony. Get more ideas for church pew decorations.

17. Reserve Your Seat

Create your own bride and groom signs to put on the back of your chairs. Select a font and size that you like your sign to be printed in then print onto plain or colored paper. Glue the sign to some thick card board which has been cut to the required size, then add some ribbon that is long enough so that it can be attached to your chairs.

Bride and groom signs are easy to make yourself.
20. Make your own bride and groom chair signs.

18. Dress Up Napkins

Place settings can be made to look extra special by simply wrapping and adding a bow to folded napkin with ribbon in your wedding colors. . Or carefully place decorative craft embellishments onto your napkins. There are many craft embellishments that you can purchase or even make yourself.

Gold ribbon wrapped around folded napkin.
21. Napkin with decorative ribbon and bow.
Crafte embellishments decorate a white pocket folded napkin.
22. Place readymade craft embellishments onto the napkins.

19. Use Photos As A Coversation Starter

Get the conversations going using photographs of your family and friends. These could be scattered around the guest’s tables, placed on chairs or even displayed on a wall.

Daimond face shape.

23. Laminated photos placed on chairs.

20. Swinging Hearts

You can make hearts in various sizes these can be hung around your venue, used as place cards, table number or even uses as a tag on your wedding favors. To make them hanging, glue two heart shapes together with a loop of ribbon or string caught in the middle of both positioned at the top of the heart.

Homemade heart decorations.
24. Paper heart decorations.

21. Floating Candle Centerpiece

Create your own floating candle centrepieces. You can use a single glass container or several as in the picture below. Place a layer of decorative pebbles in the bottom of the glass containers fill with water at varying heights and add your floating candle. See more ideas on our diy wedding centerpiece ideas page.

Floating candle centerpiece diy wedding decorations idea.
25. Floating candle centerpieces are easy diy wedding decorations.

22. Draped Fabric Swags and Table Runners

Create delicate draped swags from inexpensive light weight fabrics to highlight the bridal table. Create matching table runners to dress up the guests tables.

Purple and white fabric swags.
26. Use a combination of two light wieght fabrics to create draped swags around your venue.
Purple table runner.
27. Use matching fabric to create table runners.

23. Make Your Own Ring Pillow

If you can’t find a ring pillow to match your wedding theme you can get creative and make your own. They don’t have to be in the traditional style of a pillow you can make them in any shape and form you like. Read more about ring bearer pillows here.

Non tradional ring bearer pillow idea.
28. Simple flat and small ring pillow idea.

24. Show Off Your Embroidery Skills

If you love hand embroidery, hand embroider your own table numbers and frame them in an embroidery hoop. Alternatively if you like to machine embroider do the same using your embroidery machine.

Embroidered table number framed in a hoop.
29. Show of your embroidery skills by making your own table numbers.

25. Direct Your Guests

Create a homemade sign to point your guests in the right directions. These could be made of timber for and outdoor wedding or use heavy cardboard that will stand on its own for and indoor wedding.

The signs can all be placed on one post or create several and place them in different locations.

Homemade wedding signs.
30. Direct your guests with a homemade sign post.

26. Burlap Bows and Flowers

Chair with burlap bow and flower decoration.
31. Burlap bow and flower.

Use burlap ribbon to create a ribbon with multiple loops add some silk flowers and you have an impressive chair decoration. These can be made months in advance.

27. Use Wooden Containers For A Rustic Look

Fill large wooden containers with flowers to create rustic centrepieces. Add a personal touch to the sides of the boxes by either wood burning, painting or gluing messages or decorative features.

Rustic flower centerpiece idea.
32. Use rustic containers for centerpieces.

28. Make Your Own Wedding Favors

Homemade wedding favor idea.
33. Theme decorated homemade decorating idea.

Make your own wedding favors and decorate them to match your wedding theme and when placed on your wedding table these will become another decorative element to your wedding.