21 Easy DIY Wedding Decorations On A Budget

Plus 63 Photo Ideas For Inspiration

Diy wedding decorations displayed on a table.

Wedding expenses can get out of hand if you are not careful so why not consider some DIY wedding decorations to cut down on the cost. There are many little things that you can make yourself and with a little help from friends these will help stretch your budget.

Some things may need a little skill like using a sewing machine to sew at straight line if you can’t do that you could always ask a friend to finish of the project for you. Then there are DIY projects that need the use of a computer and printer or a hot glue gun.

The projects that you choose to make can be as simple or as complicated as you like it’s all up to you and your skill level. I have listed over 20 easy DIY projects ideas (and more than 60 images) that anyone can do and these don’t need to cost the earth.


2. Decorative Cutlery Pockets and Matching Table Accessories

These would look great for a rustic garden style wedding all you need is burlap, lace and artificial flowers.

~ 5 ~

Burlap cutlery pocket.

Photo by p.d.

Cut a length of burlap to create a pocket for the cutlery you will be using.

Then add lace trim to the top edge before folding the fabric to create a pocket, sew the edges in place with a straight stitch or overlock the edge.

~ 6 ~

Burlap table runner and candle holder.

Photo by p.d.

You can make matching table accessories by cutting lengths of burlap to make table runners the edge them in matching lace.

Or make simple candle holders by wrapping and gluing burlap around recycled glass jars.

~ 7 ~

Burlap table decorations - napkin, cover for the base of flower display and talbe runner.

Photo by seqoya - Depositphotos

Loose weave burlap can also be used for decorating.

3. Decorative Floral Accsents

Use only a single flower to decorate various areas of your wedding such as:

~ 8 ~

Napkin with purple orchid diy wedding decoration idea.

Photo by 85cornelia - Depositphotos

Decorate rolled up napkins with a ribbon bow and matching flower.

~ 9 ~

Cupcake display decorated with flowers.

Photo by p.d.

Use fresh flowers to decorate a cupcake display.

~ 10 ~

Flowers tucked into curtain tie backs on a wooden frame.

Photo by f.p.d

Tuck a single flower into the tie backs of decorative feature curtains.

~ 11 ~

Wooden crates with gypsophlia flowers.

Photo by f.p.d

Use bunches of baby's breath flowers in water filled containers and tuck them in to crates for a decorative feature at your wedding.

~ 12 ~

Each table napkin has a flower tucked into the fold.

Photo by f.p.d

Tuck long stemmed flowers into folded napkins for an easy decorating idea. Flowers that you could use are carnations as pictured, roses, daisies, tulips or daffodils, but do make sure that the flowers you choose are pollen free as this can make a mess of the napkins.

~ 13 ~

Up-turned martini glasses holding tea lights.

Photo by iancucristi - Depositphotos

Make simple centrepieces by using a mirror plate and upturned glasses encasing a single flower head. Finish the look by adding tea light candles to the top of the upturned glasses. You don’t have to use the same type of glass try mixing assorted sizes and designs for a unique look.

~ 14 ~

Extra large brandy balloon glass with candles and single flower.

Photo by gsermek - Depositphotos

Another easy centrepiece idea is to use large glass containers such as the one above. These can be decorated using moss or decorative pebbles, a candle or two and a single flower.

4. Picture Perfect

Use different sized picture frames to create an attractive display for your guest book signing area. Source these from thrift stores and a quick coat of spray paint will help bring the look together. Fill the frames with your favorite photos or print messages on contrasting paper for a unique look.

~ 15 ~

Use picture frames for decorations.

Photo by p.d.

A simple coat of spray paint will make miss matched frames coordinate with your wedding theme.  Just remember to remove the glass and backing before you apply the paint.

5. Create Hanging Flower Displays

Recycle glass jars and create hanging floral display. Remove the labels and any glue from the jars. Use wire to wrap around the neck of the jar so that a handle can be created. Fill with water and cut flowers and hang from tree branches with ribbon bows.

~ 16 ~

Small container with flowers handin from tree branch.

Photo by p.d.

Fill hanging jars with bunches of small flowers.

~ 17 ~

Flower decoration hanging from tree.

Photo by p.d.

Use only a single flower and long fine grass in hanging jars.

~ 18 ~

Berries on a jar hanging from tree.

Photo by p.d.

You can even use berries.

~ 19 ~

Mason jar flower decoration idea.

Photo by boggy22 - Depositphotos

Decorate the hanging jars with lace and flowers on the outside and add a candle inside.

~ 20 ~

An assortment of jar sizes with roses.

Photo by f.p.d.

String multiple jars in a variety of sizes, add serveral flowers and small green leaves for an interesting look.

~ 21 ~

Narrow neck bottles filled with roses.

Photo by f.p.d.

A few long stemmed roses can be add to hanging bottles with long narrow necks.

6. Dress Up The Chairs

Make plain chairs look extra special by tying simple flower arrangements to the sides.

~ 22 ~

Small flower arrangement tied to the side of a chair.

Photo by p.d.

Make small bundles of flowers and tie them to the sides of chairs.

~ 23 ~

Chair decorated with flowers and ribbon.

Photo by f.p.d.

Decorate the wedding chairs with small flowers and sheer fabric ribbon.

~ 24 ~

Mason jar filled with flowers used to decorate a white chair.

Photo by p.d.

Decorate the sides of the chairs by hanging jars filled with flowers. More wedding chair decoration ideas can be seen here.

7. Personalized Bunting

~ 25 ~

Bunting insite a marquee.

Photo by p.d.

Hang bunting made in pastel shades around the walls of your reception venue..

~ 26 ~

Bunting banner with wedding date on it.

Photo by p.d.

Make you own bunting and personalize it with your wedding date. Use a template to draw triangle shapes on to burlap, then use fabric paint to add your message. Once the paint has dried cut out the triangle shapes and use a hot glue gun to secure them to ribbon or rope.

Use it in your wedding photos or even as a decoration for your wedding cake table or birdal table..

~ 27 ~

Bunting made from checked fabric.

Photo by Robyn Jay

Brighten up an outdoor venue with brightly colored bunting made from gingham fabric.

8. Create Your Own Centerpieces

~ 28 ~

Calla lilly table centerpiece idea.

Photo by p.d.

Simple centrepieces can be made using tall glass vases. Glue ribbon or long grass stems to the outside of a vase with floral glue, add some moss, colored stones or beads and one or two flowers to complete the look.

~ 29 ~

White roses in long tall glass cyclinders.

Photo by elitravo - Depositphotos

You can use tall glass cylinders and place a long-stemmed flower inside with a little water to keep the flower fresh and add a tulle bow in your wedding colors.

This idea not only works well with fresh flowers you can make these ahead of time if you use silk flowers.

A nice look would be to group three cylinders of different heights in the centre of the table.

~ 30 ~

White roses in small crystal vases.

Photo by p.d.

This centrepiece idea is an easy one, all you need is glass vases and flowers.

The vases don’t all have to be the same shape and size the more variety the better. Group several vases together for round or square tables or for long rectangular tables run them along the table centre in a single row.

You will need many vases for this idea and a cheap alternative would be to obtain these from your local thrift stores or flea markets over several visits.

~ 31 ~

Wedding flowers arranged on wooden log stand.

Photo by f.p.d

If you are after a rustic look and easy option would be to use log slices. You can create a simple diy table centrepiece by decorating a variety of bottles in different shapes and sizes with twine and lace.

These can then be filled with flowers and placed on a log slice. See more wedding centrepiece ideas here.

9. Decorate Your Own Wedding Arch

~ 32 ~

Wedding arch with soft lighting.

Photo by Adam/Keri Henry

For an evening wedding cover an arch with tulle and decorate the side that will be on display with ivy and small lights. An inexpensive arch will do nicely for this as it will be completely covered.

~ 33 ~

Blue and white fabric cover an arch for a wedding.

Photo by p.d.

Another option is to cover a very narrow arch with fabric. Place the fabric over the arch so that the fabric falls on either each side.

The fabric covering the arch can either end at floor length or it can be left longer so that it drapes and spills over onto the floor as pictured.

Secure the fabric to the arch with some ribbon tied tightly at the centre top point and about halfway up either side.

You could either have several fresh flower arrangements made to cover the ribbon tie points or use silk flowers.

Complete the look by adding something decorative at the base of each side of the arch.

~ 34 ~

White arch with blue and red flowers on beach.

Photo by p.d.

You can wrap fabric around an arch frame and decorate with clusters of fake flowers.

You should avoid using sheer fabrics these will allow the frame to show through.

Instead use something that is not as see through such as an inexpensive satin fabric.

~ 35 ~

Soft fabric draped over wooden frame to create an arch.

Photo by f.p.d.

You don’t have to buy an arch, you can create an “arch look” using an existing structure with the use of fabric such as the one pictured above.

You will need to purchase a continuous piece of fabric long enough to run up both sides and across the top of the structure plus any extra that you may need complete your desired look. Read more about wedding arches here.

10. Chalk Board Signs

Chalkboards can be used as welcome signs, highlight various areas of your wedding such as the candy bar, can be used let your guests know the seating arrangements and more.

These can easily be made several ways either from scratch with timber and chalkboard paint, or use old picture frames and insert a painted chalk board panel. Or you can make them using poster board and your printer.

Learn how to make your own chalkboad by visiting missibizibee.com

~ 36 ~

Welcome message on chalkboard.

Photo by p.d.

Chalkboards can be used as welcome signs at the entrance to your wedding reception.

~ 37 ~

Wedding information on chalk board.

Photo by f.p.d.

Chalkboads can be placed around your wedding venue an be used to keep your wedding guests informed.

11. Easy Wedding Cake Decorations

~ 38 ~

wedding cake decorated with macaroons.

Photo by f.p.d.

A novel idea is to have a assortment of macaroons in your wedding colors spill down from the top cake tier to the bottom cake tier.

~ 39 ~

Butterly wedding cake idea.

Photo by p.d.

An inexpensive way to decorate your wedding cake is to keep the icing simple and add readymade decorations. 

Store bought decorations such as butterlies can be used to decorate a simple wedding cake and turn it into something special.

~ 40 ~

Simple wedidng cake decoration idea using baby's breath flowers.

Photo by f.p.d.

If you have basic cake decorating skills this might be something that you could do.

Create a “naked” cake by applying a layer of thin icing so that your cake shows through.

Decorate with sprigs of gypsophila, green leaves and display it on a wooden log slice.

~ 41 ~

Blue and white wedding cake with rose decorations.

Photo by p.d

Another option is to ice your cake in two different colors and just use three small rose buds as a cake topper. See more wedding cake decoartion ideas here.

12. Large Tumbler Vases

~ 42 ~

Glass tumblers used as table centerpieces.

Photo by p.d.

Create a series of low table centrepieces using large glass drinking tumblers. Use a little hot glue or double sided tape to secure a ribbon in place just above the half way point on the outside of the glass.

Add a decorative feature such as a matching button. When ready to use fill the tumblers half way with water, then add a flower that has been cut long enough so that it peeps out above the glass.

After the wedding, simply remove the decorations wash and use them as normal drinking glasses.

13. Candle Light Simple and Elegant

~ 43 ~

Large glass container with pillar candle and rose petals.

Photo by p.d.

Set the mood with a little soft lighting to your wedding reception with the warm glow of candle light.

Place a large candle inside a decorative glass container with rose petals.

~ 44 ~

Pillar candle centered in small wooden frame

Photo by p.d.

Use small wooden frames to place your candles inside, fill the empty spaces around the candle with rose petals and leaves. For more wedding candle ideas click here.

14. Dress Up The Toasting Glasses

Make the bride and grooms glasses uniquet by using ribbon and lace.

~ 45 ~

Chamapagne classes and ribbon bows.

Photo by p.d.

Use small fresh or silk flowers to decorate the base of your bride and groom glasses.

~ 46 ~

Lace and ribbon decoration on wine glasses.

Photo by p.d.

Glue ribbon ribbon and lace around the toasting glasses.

15. Flower Cone Decorations

~ 47 ~

White paper cone with rose inside.

Photo by p.d.

Make simple paper cones add a silk flower or two, some ribbon and you have an easy decoration for your church pews or the chairs at your wedding ceremony. Get more ideas for church pew decorations here.

~ 48 ~

Paper cones used to hold flower petals.

Photo by nikitabuida - Depsositphotos

Or make cones to hold rose petals for a rose petal toss after the wedding ceremony.

16. Reserve Your Seat

~ 49 ~

Bride and groom signs on chair backs.

Photo by p.d.

Create your own bride and groom signs to put on the back of your chairs. Select a font style and size that you  and then print onto plain or colored paper.

Glue the sign to some thick card board which has been cut to the required size, then add some ribbon that is long enough so that it can be attached to your chairs.

17. Dress Up Napkins

Place settings can be made to look extra special by simply wrapping and adding a bow to folded napkin with ribbon in your wedding colors.

~ 50 ~

Gold ribbon decorations on napkins.

Photo by p.d.

Wrap ribbon around rolled up napkins and tie into bows.

~ 51 ~

Purple napkins with white ribbon decorations.

Photo by p.d.

Use a decorative bead to secure a narrow organza ribbon around a napkin folded into a pouch.

~ 52 ~

Heart and butterfly decorations on napkin.

Photo by p.d.

You can also just attractively place some decorative elements on to folded napkin pouchs. You can learn how to do this basic napkin fold here.

~ 53 ~

Small vine heart used to decorate table napkin.

Photo by p.d.

Or use your wedding favors as the decorations.

18. Use Photos As a Conversation Starter

~ 54 ~

Photo decorations on wedding chair seats.

Photo by p.d.

Get the conversations going using photographs of your family and friends. These could be scattered around the guest’s tables, placed on chairs or even displayed on a wall.

19. Draped Fabric Swags and Table Runners

~ 55 ~

Organza fabric used create swags along the top of a sheer white window curtain.

Photo by p.d.

Create delicate draped swags from inexpensive light weight fabrics to highlight the bridal table. Create matching table runners to dress up the guests tables.

20. Get Creative and Use Paper

~ 56 ~

Large and small pink and yellow paper flowers used to decorate the bridal table and background.

Photo by f.p.d.

Make large paper flowers and use these to decorate the back wall and bridal table. You don’t have to use as many as pictured, you can create enough to make clusters of flowers to run along the top edge of your bridal table or just for each corner.

Go to YouTube and search “paper flowers” you will find many great tutorials on how to make these. There are also videos on how to make “paper butterflies” and these would look lovely mixed in with the flowers.

~ 57 ~

White and pink paper flower decorations use as a backdrop to the dessert table.

Photo by p.d.

Make inexpensive decorative cone wall hangings. For the base cut a large circle then glue paper cones in a single layer around the base circle, fill the centre with small paper flowers then add a long ribbon for hanging.

~ 58 ~

A paper heart garland surrounds a white bird cage.

Photo by p.d.

Paper garlands are wonderful to make and can be used in so many ways. You can use them to decorate small items such as the birdcage pictured.

You can also create many long garlands to create a“curtain” effect, this can be used as backdrop for photos, your cake table or even the bridal table.

~ 59 ~

Pink hearts decorate the sides of a wooden walkway.

Photo by p.d.

Use paper shapes glued to bamboo skewers to line walkways.

~ 60 ~

A yellow and white bouquet made with paper flowers.

Photo by uranus_smf - Depositphotos

Make your own wedding bouquet out of paper flowers.

You just need to go to YouTube and search “diy paper flower wedding bouquet” and you will get a variety of videos that feature different paper flower bouquets tutorials.

~ 61 ~

Paper bouquet made from the pages of a book.

Photo by p.d.

Be thrifty and use the pages of old books to create origami flowers, you could glue brooches to the centre of the flowers to add interest and color.

21. Set a Festive Mood With Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns are great for decorating they are relatively cheap and quick to put up and come in many colors, shapes and sizes.

~ 62 ~

Paper lanterns hanging from the ceiling inside a marquee.

Photo by Parekh Cards

Paper lanterns can be used inside a venue.

~ 63 ~

Pink and whtie paper lantern decorations.

Photo by Ashley

The can also be used outside.

Wedding Etiquette Tip

Wedding etiquette tip - place holder image.

Don’t Keep Everyone Guessing.

Keep everyone happy on your wedding day by keeping them informed about timings, such as when the meal will be served, what time the dancing will start and what time the reception will finish.

Wedding Tips and Ideas

You can read more tips and ideas by clicking here.

Image of video camera.

Wedding Videography Budget Tip

When it comes to video packages, most companies will offer extras, find out what they are and if they are not important to you don’t have them included the package.

Happy bride sitting next to white flowers in a square container.

Wedding Dress Planning Tip

To make sure you have the perfect dress for your wedding day, you should start looking for it as soon as you have set the date.

You might be lucky and find the perfect dress the first time round but more than likely it could take several months or more.

Also by shopping early you are allowing yourself time for any alterations that may be needed to get the fit right.

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