Creative Wedding Cake Ideas

Wedding cake with flowers painted on.

Creative wedding cakes can get more attention and have a “WOW” factor that will have your guests remember your wedding for many years to come.

Use your imagination and think outside of the square to get ideas for your unique wedding cake. And with the help of a skilled cake designer you can create a cake that is uniquely you.

As you will see from the below examples you have an endless array of ideas and options available to you are only limited by your imaginations and the skills of you cake baker.


1. Fruit and Flower Themes

Flower themes are always popular and beautiful and can be incorporated into many different cake styles. Your favorite flowers can be the theme for your wedding; it could be a rose, sunflower, gerbera daisy or even a tulip.

So let your imagination run wild and dream up several creative wedding cakes and then discuss it with the cake maker to see if it can be done.

The flower can feature on the cake as a simple cake topper or it could cascade down your cake to create a garden look. It could be fresh flowers, silk or crafted from gum paste or marzipan.

Creative wedding cakes don’t just have to be decorated with flowers you could use fruits that are in season or made from marzipan. The fruits that you use to decorate your cake could also be the flavor or filling for your wedding cake.

Elegant cake with flowers.

Fine details can be handpainted onto the cake itself to match the other decorations.

Cake decorated with fruit and flowers.

An inexpensive way to decorate your cake is to use a combination of fresh seasonal fruit and flowers.

Fresh summer berries used as a cake decoration.

A less traditonal wedding cake using fresh fruit as the cake topper.

Flower Cake Decoration Ideas

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Placeholder image

Flower cake toppers available from Wedding Star

2. Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding cake toppers are another option that will add a creative accent to your wedding cake. Cake topped don't always have to sit on top of your cake they can also be placed creatively near the top of the cake.

The cake toppers are available in many shapes and forms and can made from porcelain, glass, crystal, hand crafted from sugar pastes and marzipan, silk flowers, fresh flowers, plastic and beaded just to name a few.

Cake toppers can help to define your wedding style and add personality to your celebration.

Cake with monogram and brooch.

Use a favourite piece of jewellery or decorative buttons as a cake topper or decorations.

Bride and groom figurines sitting on cake tier.

Cake toppers can be a fun addition to the cake and they don't have to be placed on the top tier.

Hearts and feather cake topper idea.

Cake toppers can give extra height to your cake - these wired hearts and feathers give added dimension to the cake.

Shell themed wedding cake.

You can decorate your cake with other things such as edible shells.

Chocolate cake with green ribbon.

Monogram or lettering can be used for wedding cake toppers.

Simple square wedding cake idea.

A small bouquet of flowers could be used to decorate the top of your cake.

Beach theme wedding cake idea.

Match your topper with the other decorations on the cake.

Love Inspired Wedding Cake Topper Ideas

These elegant cake toppers are available from Wedding Star

3. Wedding Cake Jewellery

Wedding cake jewellery is a modern creative addition to the wedding cake. It adds a little bit of sparkle and glamor to the occasion. If you can afford it you can use precious stones and beads but if that is not an affordable option, you can go for the more affordable costume jewellery, or create your own.

Cake with monogram topper.

A diamante monogram and ribbon add a little glamour to the cake.

Vintage inspired cake.

Use a combination of edible and costume jewlery to decorate the cake.

White and silver elegance.

Wrap wide diamanté ribbon around the base of each cake for a sophisticated look.

Decorative Brooch Ideas for Your Wedding Cake

There are many different brooch styles that could work for almost any wedding theme. These could be added directly onto the cake or secured onto decorative ribbon that has been wrapped around the cake or tied into a bow. The following are just a few examples of what you will find in inexpensive brooches.

These decorative brooches are all avaiable from TMart

Faux Jewels

Faux jewels can also be used to add a little sparkle and glamour to your cake. The are many different widths of faux jewel ribbons that can be wrapped around your cake. You could use faux jewel buckles on satin ribbons or secure faux jewel pins into the center of flower buds.

These faux jewels and accessories available from Wedding Star

4. Unusual Wedding Cake Ideas

Unusual wedding cake ideas can come from your hobbies, interests, or even the wedding theme that you have chosen.
Perhaps you are both interested in sports how about running shoes, golf bag or football for a wedding cake.

If you are interested in fishing or camping a cake made to look like a fishing basket with rod and reel may be appropriate. For more fun and unusual cake pictures see our wedding cake decoration ideas page.

STacked parcle wedding cake.

All wrapped up.

Fun topsy turvy cake idea.

A quirky topsy turvy cake.

Chalkboard wedding cake idea.

Chalkboard cake - a possible theme based cake for teachers

Dreams can come true.

Use your favorite fairy tale as a theme.

Minion wedding cake.

Love a particular movie use that as the theme of your cake.

5. Cake Color And Texture

The color of your wedding theme can also be incorporated into the cake design as well as a seasonal theme, will give any skilled cake designer the opportunity to come up with some ideas for creative wedding cakes.

Color can be added to fondant, buttercream and royal icing as well as the use of cake toppers, flowers, ribbons and other elements.
Your wedding cake does not have to have a smooth finish. Texture can be add to the cake icing to give it a three dimensional look.

It can be as simple as piped scrolls, balls of rolled fondant, a quilted look can be given to fondant icing and decorative edges can be made from buttercream icing and royal icing.

Below are some ideas for the use of color and texture on creative wedding cakes. You might also like these creative cake images on

Pink and white cake.

The cake could be made in one solid color, or several colors - this cake has a mabled effect.

Small green and white wedding cake.

The colors can be of different shades to give a softer look as you can see in the above cake.

Light green and white cake idea.

A soft dainty look can also be created using a darker color at the base of the cake which fades to a lighter color as it progresses up toward the top.

Pearlized wedding cake.

Using a single color as a base foundation on the cake, the pealized balls in soft pastel tones gives this cake a unique look.

Gold and dark pink wedding cake idea.

Gold detail has been creatively worked onto the cake surface.

Dark blue wedding cake.

Make a bold statement by using strong colors.

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