DIY Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet

Throughout the year, stephanotis is a traditional bridal flower that doesn't get as much attention as the rose.

With blossoms shaped like a star, the flower is often seen in bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.

The Stephanotis flower matches perfectly with stark white wedding dresses, as they only come in a pure white color.

While holding a stepanotis bridal bouquet the slight scent of jasmine can be detected.

Stephanotis is also known as Madagascar jasmine. The best known stephanotis species is Stephanotis floribunda which is a popular component for wedding bouquets.

In the language of flowers the Stephanotis is a symbol of good luck, and this makes it the perfect bridal bouquet choice.

How to Make a Round Stephanotis Bridal Bouquet

Presented by Louann from Wedding Flowers and Reception Ideas.

What you will need

  • White stephanotis bridal bouquet.
    Example of Stephanotis bouquet
    1 Grande wedding belle holder
  • Stephanotis flowers
  • Stephanotis stems
  • White stock flowers for filler
  • Pearl pins in the color of your choice
  • Pliers
  • Flower sealant

If you are having trouble finding these supplies you can order these from Louann.


  1. Start with a grand Wedding Belle Holder.
  2. You will need stepahanotis flowers which will already have the stems removed. The blooms come packed in lots of twenty. You will also need a box stepahontis stems.
  3. You may also like to invest in some white or colored pins which will be placed in the center of the blooms which will enhance the bouquet.
  4. Soak the stephanotis stems in a little water. The water will soak into the stem heads and this will keep your flowers looking fresh.
  5. Pluck the bottom of the flower.
  6. Then insert the stem carefully into the base of the flower being very careful not to damage the petals, as these bruise easily.
  7. Using pliers trim the pins down and then place one pin in the center of the flower.
  8. Continue doing this for the rest of the flowers. Keep your flowers separated by placing the stems in an oasis block. To keep your flowers lookng fresh spray with some flower sealer.
  9. You are now ready to work on the bouquet.
  10. Take the stock and cut it into small sections. Place the stock floriest around the oasis so that the oasis is covered.
  11. Once the oasis is covered with the stock it should have a round shape.
  12. Working from the outside, work your way in while adding the stephanotis stems.
  13. Keep adding the stems of stephanotis flowers until you achieve a round shape.
  14. If you want to add color to the bouquet add other flowers in colors to match your wedding theme.