4 Pleasing Bridal Bouquet Ideas

(With 23 beautiful bridal bouquet images.)

Are you looking for bridal bouquet ideas? You have many style options to choose from today from modern to traditional so you should have no problem finding your own wedding bouquet style.

Whether you like a cascading bridal bouquet or a hand tied bridal bouquet or whether you prefer a simple bridal bouquet in one color your wedding flower florist can make it a reality - or if you feel confident or know someone how is creative consider do-it yourself wedding flowers.

1. Bridal Bouquet Ideas and Designs for Wedding Flowers

Classic Country Wedding Flowers

Loose style bouquet with roses and daisies.
1. Country style bouquet.

A casual country garden flower arrangement is a popular choice for brides who like a casual country look on their wedding day.

Flowers that work best in these arrangements are your local natives and flowers that are in season in your local area as these are usually more long lasting than some imported flowers.

Yellow is often used in country wedding bouquets you could carry a single yellow sunflower or carry several which have been hand-tied with a satin ribbon.

Do it yourself wedding flowers idea

Make your own country or garden inspired bouquet with easy to follow instructions.

Modern Wedding Flowers

Rose bouquet surrounded by ivy and deocrative wire.
2. Modern bridal bouquet idea

The modern trend for bridal bouquets today is the hand tied bridal bouquet with a simple satin ribbon to decorate the handle.

Many brides also like to accessories the bouquets with bridal bouquet jewelry which comes in many different jewels, shapes and colors.

This is where you can go wild with your design ideas as well as choice of flowers you can use torpical flowers in bright colors and with artistic placement and use of greenery you can create a unique modern design.

Do it yourself wedding flowers idea.

Create your own modern hand tied rose bridal bouquet with simple to follow instructions on our rose bouquet page.

Victorian Wedding Flowers

Add some old world charm to your wedding with Victorian bridal bouquet. These Tussy Mussy bouquets are small but can carry secret messages to you loved one. In Victorian times it was quite common to send small bouquets of flowers to your loved one, each flower in the bouquet would carry a secret message.

If you like the idea of a Victorian bridal bouquet here is a guide to the meaning of many popular flowers.

  • Calla Lily - Magnificent beauty
  • Pink Carnation - Boldness
  • Red Carnation - Love
  • White Carnation - Talent
  • Chrysanthemum - Wealth, abundance and truth
  • Daffodil - Regard
  • Daisy - Share your feelings
  • Delphinium - Swiftness, lightness
  • Freesia - Innocence
  • Gardenia - Purity, joy
  • Hydrangea - Understanding
  • Iris - A message of faith, wisdom
  • Lilac - Love's first emotions
  • Lily - Majesty, truth, honor
  • Lily of the Valley - Happiness
  • Magnolia - Love of nature
  • Orchid Love, beauty
  • Peony - Bashfulness, the spirit of ambition and determination
  • Rose - Love, joy, beauty
  • Stephanotis - Marital happiness
  • Stock - Lasting beauty
  • Sunflower - Short stemmed mean adoration
  • Sunflower - Long stemmed haughtiness
  • Sweet - Pea Pleasure
  • Tulip - Love, passion

You can find the meaning of more flowers this page has over 200 differnet flower types and their meanings.

Bride holding small bouquet at the beach.
3. Modern version of the Victorian bouquet

2. Bridal Bouquet Ideas By Color

Let Your Personality Shine with Your Bridal Bouquet Color

Be bold and beautiful with by using strong colors such as orange, yellow or red. Red is always stunning and against your white wedding gown will truly make you looking glamour's and stunning on your wedding day and for added impact use red lipstick.

You don't have to stick to a red rose bridal bouquet there are many other red flowers that you can mix together to create different textured looks such as re gerbera daisy, calla lilies, carnations and dahlias.

Keep it soft and romantic with soft pastel colors and large blooms. An all white bridal bouquet is also a romantic option, use flowers such as orchids, roses, fragrant freesias and soft lily of the valley.

Blue and white bridal bouquet.
4. An idea for blue and white wedding flowers biedermeier style bouquet using blue hydrangea wedding flowers and roses.
Soft purple rose bouquet.
5. Lilac bridal bouquet idea.
Round style pink carnation bouquet.
6. Pink wedding flower idea pink carnation bridal bouquet using shades of soft pink.
Red rose bouquet with asparagus fern.
7. Red wedding flower idea.
Large white tulip hand tied bouquet.
8. White wedding flower idea white bridal bouquet with tulips can look impressive.
Stunning yellow and orange bouquet.
9. Yellow wedding flower idea large yellow bridal bouquet.
Simple four stemed calla lily arm bouquet.
10. Burgandy calla lily arm bridal bouquet.
Green bouquet.
11. Green button mums are ideal to use if you want an all green wedding flowers bouquet.
Orange rose bouquet.
12. Orange rose cascading bridal bouquet.
Purple wedding flower idea.
13. Purple wedding flower idea a simple but stunning wedding bouquet ideas.

3. Unique Bridal Bouquets

Modern pink rose bouquet.
14. Pink roses and calla lily bridal bouquet surrounded by a collar of vines.

Be creative with your wedding flowers and think about how you can add interest to you bridal bouquet in uniuqe ways. Consider using vines and twisiting them in a way to make an attractive collar around your bouquet or have them trailing down loosley.

Think about having a bouquet made in a non traditional manner such as in the shape of a heart or a fan. You can also create a tradtional style bouquet into something that is uniuqe by adding other elements of interest, such as feathers, small fruits, or even a bouquet made from succulent plants.

Below are just a few bridal bouquet ideas. You can see more wedding flower pictures on our unique wedding flowers page.

Green and pink brides bouquet/
15. A beautiful and bold pink and green wedding flower arrangement.
Unusual  bouquet idea.
16. Use different elements in your bouquet. This bouquet has each flower surrounded by hessian cloth and straw.
Unique bridal bouquet idea.
17. A unique wedding flower design. Soft colored flowers have been placed between pleated satin circles decorated with beads and feather.

4. Hand Tied Bridal Bouquet Ideas

Hand tied bridal bouquets are a loose arragement of flowers which are tied together at the stem. The stems can be totally or partically covered with decorative ribbon to create a handle.

If you would like to make your own bridal bouquet you can find instructions on how to make a bridal bouquet on our do it yourself wedding flowers page.

Tulip hand tied bouquet.
18. Classic red hand tied tulip bridal bouquet.
White rose bouquet.
19. Romantic white rose bridal bouquet design.
White calla lily bouquet.
21. Hand tied calla lily bridal bouquet.
White and pink flower bouquet.
22. Soft pink and white hand tied daisy bouquet with puprle and white ribbon handle.
Hand tied iris bouquet with pearl beads.
23. Hand tied iris bouquet

If you would like to see more images of hand tied wedding flowers and more go to our bridal bouquets page we have many different bridal bouquet designs for you to look at.

If you are a diy bride visit our do it yourself wedding flowers page for instructions on how to make your own bridal bouquet as well as other diy wedding flower ideas.