Cheap Wedding Favors Ideas To Make

Wedding favors also known as bombonieres are small thank you keepsakes that are presented to your guests at the wedding reception.

The giving of favors is not mandatory, just consider these as a token of affection, something that you give your guests as a lasting memory of your wedding day.

The wedding favors can range from simple homemade items, to elaborate expensive creations. Five sugared almonds wrapped are the traditional choice.

Each almond representing, health, wealth, happiness, fertility and longevity. Today these can be anything from mini liqueurs, to photo frames, wine glass rings or boxes filled with sweets.

Remember this is an opportunity to add your own personal touches to your day.

Wedding favor box on wedding table.

When ordering take along swatches of fabric, wedding stationery and other helpful guides, so that everything will be perfectly matched to your theme.

It may not be the favors but the packaging that you need to coordinate. If you choose to place the favors on the table, you may want to make sure that the packaging compliments the centrepieces, napkins and flowers.

Or let your wedding favors do double duty as place cards, for example use attractive name tags attached to the gifts, or place names inside individual picture frames.

If you’re holding a cocktail reception party, place them on a table at the door, or have your bridesmaids hand them out at the end of the night, this will ensure that every guest is thanked in person.

Always order at more wedding favors than you actually need, so that you will have some spares on hand. This way, you can replace any that may get damaged, or hand out as a thank you gift to your hairdresser and suppliers if you wish, and don't forget mementos for yourself.

When planning a wedding you would like to keep the costs down and one way to achieve this is by using inexpensive wedding favors or making your own.

Ideas For Inexpensive Wedding Favors

Ble and white cake pop favors.he favor although inexpensive to purchase or make does not need to look cheap, the secret to making them look expensive is in the way you package and present them.

There are many stores that can supply inexpensive wedding favors which can also be personalized, but do shop around as prices can vary considerable on the same type of product.

Keep and eye out for the clearance sales and discontinued lines you can really pick up a bargain at these sales. You may have to do some careful shopping and planning or change the favour idea to something that you can comfortably afford.

If you would like to try your hand at making your wedding favors consider giving edible wedding favors these usually go down well with most age groups and there are many simple ideas around.

Homemade wedding favor ideas are among the easiest and cheapest wedding favors to make, but do cost out the project first before making, because in some instances the materials used to make the favor can add up to more than a purchased one.

Homemade Wedding Favor Ideas

Many people do appreciate something that has been homemade and comes from the heart. There are so many items today that have been mass produced and can look tacky and cheap.

Choclaotes in samll cane baskets.So many couples are choosing wedding crafts and homemade items for the intimate touch to their day. And in the busy times leading up to your wedding making homemade wedding favors could be the ideal way to relax and have some fun.

As you are reading this you may be thinking to yourself, “I am not the creative type and would not know where to begin and what wedding favors can I make?” Well handmade wedding favors are a great way to get creative regardless of your ability, there is a fantastic range of wedding crafts out there and they are not that hard to do.

So give it a go and make some time in your busy schedule to plan your homemade wedding favors or crafts.

Do it yourself favors can be as simple or as elaborate as you like, ranging from a simple selection of sweets wrapped in tulle and ribbon, or a handmade wedding favor craft item.

Keeping it simple is the keyword, especially for those who are a little less creative than others.

Wedding crafts can be a way to express yourself, for example if you like to cook you might like to present your guests:

  • Print bookmarks on your home computer, laminate them having about 2.5cm (1 inch) of sealed laminate edge at the top end and punch a hole in this 2.5cm (1 inch) section. Tie a narrow ribbon or tassel to this end.
  • Make your own wedding buttons.
  • Make wine glass markers, the items and instructions for these can easily be found in any craft store.
  • Give small pictures frames that can double up as place cards.
  • Give scented candles, add a special message and tie it to the candle or present it in a small organza bag.
  • Give a living gift such as a tulip bulb in a terracotta pot, small shrub, seed packets or even flowering pot plants (you can use these flowering plants as your table centrepiece as well).
  • Seeds favors are cheap and unique wedding favor ideas that are easy to make, you can order flower seeds in bulk and then fill homemade paper envelopes with the seeds. You can also include instructions on how to plant and care for the seeds.
  • Give candy favors these could include sweets such as chocolate, candies, mints, tic tacs and sugared almonds package them in cellophane tied with a curling ribbon and a homemade wedding favor gift tag.
  • Make your own wedding cd favors by recording your favorite music including some of the ones that will be played at your wedding, then place them in a personalized cd envelope.

Yes you can do it! Just select a project that is simple to do.

If you find that what you have chosen to do is a little too complicated then look around for something that is a easier. When you are happy with your choice, then purchase the rest of the materials and items needed to complete the favors.

55 Ideas for Wedding Favors

Take a look at the ideas below for creative and have fun favor projects for the wedding reception as well as the bridal shower. Some of these you can make from sratch or if you prefer you can purchase ready made and package it yourself.

  1. Monogram Cookies
    Make or purchase cookies which have been iced and decorated with the bride and grooms initials wrap in cellophane bags and tie with a decroative ribbon.
  2. Drinking Chocolate and Marshmallows
    A warming favor for the winter wedding small bags filled with drinking chocolate powder and marshmallows.
  3. Scroll wedding favor idea.Honey
    Present you guests with small jars of honey which you have purchased add your own personalized lable.
  4. Gingerbread Cookies
    Present these as a pair and have your names iced on them.
  5. Miniature Bottles of Alcohol
    Personalize these by placing personalized labels on them.
  6. Handmade Chocolates
    Handmade chocolates wrapped in cellophane bags and presented in little decorative baskets.
  7. Wedding Cake Cookies
    Coordinate your wedding cake cookie favors with your wedding cake and present them in clear cellophane bags tied with ribbon.
  8. Western Theme Favors
    These edible favors are chocolate covered oreo cookies decorated in a western theme.
  9. Candy Wedding Favor
    Fill small jars with candy or better still set up a table with large containers of different candy and let your guest fill their own jars.
  10. Wedding Favor Candy
    Fill small metal decorative tins with candy or jelly beans and decorate with ribbon.
  11. Beach Wedding Favor
    Starfish shaped cookies iced.
  12. Jelly Bean Favors
    For the sweet tooth. Place the jelly beans in the colors of your choice into clear cellophane bags and tie with a matching ribbon and gift tag.
  13. Cookie Place Cards
    These are great edible favors and are easy to make, as only the most basic of piping techniques are required.
  14. Bottles of Cider
    If you do not drink alcohol and wish to give your guest some ‘bubbly’ why not substitute it with sparkling cider. Buy small bottles of good cider, remove the labels from the cider bottles and then add your own personalized labels to these. Wrap in cellophane and tie with a ribbon in the color of your choice.
  15. Handmade Chocolate
    Purchase some chocolates molds from a kitchen wares store, melt cooking chocolate as per instructions on package and pour into molds let cool and set. Remove from the mold and wrap in cellophane, tie with a bow and decorate with little plastic wedding rings.
  16. Box of Almonds
    Use a mix of white and colored almonds of your choice, wrap in tulle and tie a ribbon around the tulle, place inside small boxes. Tie the box with a printed ribbon with your names on it and glue on a small silk flower.
  17. Handmade Candy Wrappers
    First purchase candy or chocolate of your choice in bulk. Then use your computer and software to make an image that will be large enough to go around the candy as a wrapper (you may have to experiment a bit before your get it right). Then attach a homemade wrapper to each bar.
    You could also use the paper that was used for your invitations, add both your names and wedding date onto the front of the jacket and on the back of the wrapper add a poem. This edible favor can be as cheap or as expensive as you like, it really will depend on the type and quality of the candy you purchase.
  18. Fortune Cookies
    Bake your own fortune cookies and print your own fortunes for these edible favors. If you don't want to include a fortune you could write a poem, sentimental line or anything else that you would like onto the paper that goes into the cookie.
  19. Sugared Almonds
    The traditional way to present sugared almonds is to be wrapped in a piece of tulle and tied with a ribbon. Try something a little different; present them on little silver trays or small china plates.
  20. Wedding Disc
    Frisbees are fun and functional favors to give to your guests. Print a picture of yourselves on to paper large enough to fit onto the top of the Frisbees and simply glue in place.
  21. Magnet Favors 
    Use the logo or another image that you are using on your stationery and make them to fit the back of glass magnets.
  22. Asian Wedding Favor 
    Chopsticks presented with a beautiful oriental tag.
  23. Golf Wedding Favors 
    Personalized golf balls.
  24. Embossed Soaps Favors 
    Embossed handmade soaps with a beautiful lacy design. No two are the same.
  25. Flip Flop Wedding Favor 
    What could be more appropriate than these for a tropical wedding.
  26. Luggage Tag Favor 
    A creative idea wedding favor. Have them double up as place setting cards.
  27. Calendar Wedding Favour
    You can have these professional printed, or print these yourself on your home computer and have them laminated.
  28. Netted Soaps
    Purchase decorative soaps. Tie them up with tulle and ribbon with double bows.
  29. Decorated Candles (great for an evening wedding)
    Decorate the bottom of an 8 inch (20cm) candle with tufted netting and tiny silk flowers. At the end of the reception give one to each of the guests to light and use to form a "going away" path for the bride and groom.
  30. Floating Rose Candles
    Although these are not made by your hands you can present them to your guests, by wrapping in cellophane or they may already be wrapped in cellophane when you buy them and hot glue some paper or silk leaves along with your wedding date and names. Use the same floating candles as a centerpiece by filling small glass bowls with some water (you could even color the water with a little food color) and lighting the candles.
  31. Taper Candles
    Give your guests a taper candle in the color of your choice- it could be your theme color. Present the candle with a glass candle holder. You could wrap the candle and holder in boxes or in cellophane with curling ribbon.
  32. Note Pads
    Have your local printer make up note pads with your names, wedding date and a picture that matches your theme.
  33. Gold Bells and Candle Keepsake Favors
    A candle wrapped in tulle and decorated with ribbon and gold bells tucked into a votive holder.
  34. Crystal Charms 
    Crystal charms tied together with decorative cord.
  35. Mini Decorator Vases 
    These mini decorator vases can do double duty as place cards and simple table decorations.
  36. Crystal Heart Bottle Stoppers
    A great favor idea for a cocktail hour wedding theme.
  37. Chinese Takeout Gift Boxes 
    These could be filled up with an assortment of items. Perhaps your favorite sweets or biscuits.
  38. Hand Painted Votive 
    Use paints that are suitable for glass. Free hand paint a design and your names on it. If you don’t feel confident to paint free hand, place a small picture on the inside of the glass and then simply follow the picture details. Simple designs work best.
  39. Champagne Glasses with Almonds
    Fill champagne glasses with two or three almonds (or chocolates) and cover the top with tulle, bring the tulle down to the stem of the glass. Secure the tulle with ribbon and a tiny silk flower.
  40. Photo Favors
    As your guests arrive at the reception, take their photo using a Polaroid camera, then attach each photo to a designated tree at the reception, along with a note from the bride and groom thanking them for sharing the day. As the guests leave have them take their photo from the tree as their keepsake favor.
  41. Double Photo Frames
    Use purchased double photo frames (you could try getting these from a discount store for one or two dollars). Scan and print a picture that you like, make sure that it will fit into one side of the frame. Then print another sheet with your names and wedding date and perhaps a special poem to go into the other frame.
  42. Antique Picture Frame
    Purchase miniature antique frames and attach sugared almonds wrapped in tulle to the back. You could also have the guests names printed and placed inside the frames and use as place cards.
  43. Bird Nests 
    These are great favors if you are having an outdoor wedding. Purchase small birds nests and place inside the nest chocolate or sugared almonds covered with tulle. Include a personalized message if you wish.
  44. Handmade Magnets
    For something a little different make inexpensive magnets. You could use scrap booking embellishments such as butterflies, glue three pieces of ribbons to the back and then glue on a small piece of magnet (If you have any old magnetic fridge calendars these would be great to cut up and use and will cost you nothing).
  45. Gold Bells 
    Purchase small gold bells and tie them with ribbon in the color of your choice and attach a small poem to it. Hand these keepsake favors to your wedding guests at your ceremony so that they can ring the bells when you leave the church.
  46. Tiles as Keepsake Favors
    Use rubber stamps to print a design of your choice (you could use a variety of heart shapes) onto unfired tiles (include your names and wedding date if you like). Then glaze and fire the tiles. You could glue magnets on to the back of each tile, or place small rubber feet to the back to make a pot holder. Wrap and decorate with a ribbon and you will most certainly have a charming handmade keepsake favour for you guests.
  47. Cherubs
    Paint wooden cherubs with a base coat and the top coat with gold paint. This is time consuming so give yourself ample time to get the job done. To finish off you could tie chocolates wrapped in tulle to the cherubs.
  48. Cross-Stitch Keepsake Favors 
    If you enjoy embroidery and are having a small guest list, you could embroider your names, wedding date with a simple design and have these framed or make them as bookmarks. These will most certainly be a treasured gift that your guests will keep
  49. Flower Seeds in Tins
    Adding a label to the tin will personalize these living favors even more the saying could read like this: Let love grown around you and in your heart. May the growing beauty Of the enclosed flower seeds. Remind you of this special day, When loving friends and family Gathered to celebrate Alex and Mary’s new beginning As husband and wife.
  50. Herb Wedding Favors
    Present your guests with small pots of herbs and easy homemade wedding favor ideas.
  51. Seeds and Candle Wedding Favor 
    Print up small booklets with your favorite poem and attach some of your favorite flower seeds.
  52. Tulip Bulbs
    Purchase enough tulip bulbs as required; you might like to have three per guest. Place these in boxes filled with some mulch, and decorate with ribbon, include a thank you card and instructions on how and when to plant the bulbs.The idea of giving this gift is, that your guest will remember your wedding every year they see the tulips flower.
  53. Boxes of Seedlings
    Give the gifts of tree seedlings to your guests, present the seedlings in decorative boxes, with a poem which has some special meaning to you.
  54. Single Flowers
    Give your guests a single flower such as a tulip or rose tied with a bow.
  55. Asian Wedding Favor
    Present your guests with small pots of lucky bamboo.

Homemade and inexpensive favors can be made to look more lavish when careful attention is given to the wrapping with the use of ribbons and other decorative effects such as the beautiful ribbons and gift boxes.

When you go shopping or looking in magazines take special note of how things are packaged and presented, this will help you to decide how you want to present your gift to your guests, it may also help you decide on what to give your guests.

Wedding Favor Presentation

Remember it is all in the presentation, so give some thought on how you are to present the gifts to your guest.

If you are wrapping them yourself, try a few different packaging ideas by buying a small quantity of different packaging and then pick the one that you think looks the best.

When you are happy with your final choice go and purchase the required packaging for all your favors it could be:

  • Tulle pouchs
  • Clear acrylic boxs
  • Cellophane tied with curling ribbons
  • Gift boxes tied with ribbon
  • Gift Boxes with silk flowers on top
  • Baskets
  • Some favors may not need wrapping
  • Organza bags
  • Or something else

You can then give the favors an added personal touch add the guests name to the gift by adding a tag or label.

Wedding Favor Tags

Wedding favor tags can be used for several reasons and one of those is to give the favor a personalized touch and made to enhance the look of your wedding favor and turn it into something even more special.

A personalized wedding tag can allow you to include a special message and also let your curious guest know what type of favor they will be receiving.

Most couples prefer to match the favor tag to their wedding theme, and in most cases they will have these customized.

Wedding favor gift tags can be made from almost any type of material from inexpensive small note cards to lavishly embossed paper, personalized wedding favor ribbons and sticker wedding favor labels to name just a few.

When selecting your favor tags look for options that will work with the type of favor that you want to give. For example, if you where to give seed packet wedding favors a personalized sticky wedding favor label may be the best option. However if you want to use a wedding favor gift box, personalized wedding favor ribbons may perfect.

Favor basket with tag.

You can also go for the more versatile hanging wedding favor gift tags these work well on almost any type of favor especially wedding favor bags, Chinese takeout boxes, tulle and organza wrapped candy as well as the handles of mini buckets.

To attach hanging tags you have several options and again you should match these to your favor and wedding theme. You can use silk ribbon, curling ribbon, cotton string, lace or raffia which can be threaded through a hole punched into the top of the tag.

If you would like to include a special wedding favor saying or poem you should take the size of the tag into consideration. Depending on the how much you want to write on the tag you may like to use a mini fold card so you can use both sides.

These can be attached to the favor like the hanging tags or if the favor is suitable you could place the favor tag inside an enveloped glued to the outer packaging of the favor.

You Might Also Like To Keep This Points In Mind

  • Keep in mind that the containers or packaging that you present the gift in may not be the correct container for storing the gift. So be sure to give instructions to the recipient. That way, any food which is not consumed right away can be safely stored. How long the food can be stored also depends on how long you have stored the food gift in your own home since preparing it.
  • Offer serving suggestions this way the recipient knows how to serve and enjoy the food.
  • Include preparation directions. For food favors that require reheating or other specific instructions do include preparation directions, this could be as simple as putting a photocopy in the box or pasted onto the gift tag.
  • Present your gifts in inexpensive plates, trays, boxes, decorative paper bags or cellophane bags tied with fabric ribbon or curling ribbon.