Wedding Centrepieces - 5 Beautiful Ideas

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Wedding centrepieces are very important elements during a wedding reception; so it is crucial that they look elegant and sophisticated. The guests would be spending a lot of time seeing them at the reception and what's more the wedding reception centrepieces help in creating a lovely mood for the reception.

For couples who don't have the budget to engage professional help for creating their centrepieces their wedding they can go through bridal magazines, books, websites etc. to get some inspiration and unique wedding centrepiece ideas.

Centrepieces used at a wedding can be casual or even formal; it really depends on the wedding theme.

Below are some of the some of the best, most adored, used and popular centrepiece ideas for a wedding:

1. Wedding Candle Centrepieces

Wedding candles lined in the center of a long table.
Wedding candle centerpieces create a lovely romantic atmosphere for the celebration.

You can group different candles together on the basis of their color as well as size; or else you can create a beautiful artistic setting for the occasion, with different shapes and sizes.

Placing small and elegant votive glass holders along with the candles at the table centre and sprinkling rose petals over the table are also some brilliant ideas for centrepieces for wedding tables.

Use tall and clear candle holders with removable tops so that you can fill in each one of these with colorful decor or different flowers and set the fragrant decorative candles on top of the vase.

2. Wedding Flower Centrepieces

Wedding flower centerpieces are the most common items for decoration you will find at weddings.

With flowers, there are many ways to decorate your tables. You can choose small yet sophisticated arrangements or choose tall vases and fill them up with flowers of your choice.

You also can roughly scatter flower petals over the tables or make every table stand out by setting various types and different flower colors on them.

Rather than numbering tables, you could categorize the seating tables of the guests by the type of flowers.

Wedding centerpiece consiting of roses.
Low table centerpiece.
Ceramic white vase with pink flowers.
White pale with a decorative lace edge used to hold pink roses.
Candle with single flower stem tied to it
Small vases with two flower stems.
Small white pales with light pink roses.
Set of three vases with flowers and colored water.
Tall green leaf ball table centerpieces.
Wedding centerpiece using fruit and flowers.
Rose centerpiece with twig decorations.

3. Vintage Centrepiece Ideas For the Modern Day Wedding

The term vintage wedding has a slight different meaning to everyone. This style of wedding is an old world charm with personal handmade touches.

Essentially there are two styles rustic vintage and classic vintage with many variations in between.

  • Classic vintage centrepieces can be created using soft pastels tones, crystal or antique glass (in clear or colored), pearls and lace.
  • Rustic vintage is filled with natural organic elements such as bark, twine, burlap, mason jars and so on.
Rustic vintage table setting.
Blue mason jar with flowers and wooden box.
Soft pink vases, candles and flowers for a classic vintage look.
Crystal and candles with vintage decorations.

4. Mason Jar Table Centrepiece Ideas

There are many ways that you can use mason jars or any other jar as part of your wedding table centrepieces and decorations. With a little time and care these simple items can be transformed to fit any number of wedding themes.

They can be used to hold candles.

  1. Fill the jars with decorative sand, stones or beads and sit your candle securely inside.
  2. Large wide jars can be partially filled with water and decorative elements such as flowers, water gel beads and a floating candle can be added.
  3. Create rustic looking candle sticks by half filling the jars with decorative sand add a tall tapered candle to the jar; them fill the remainder of the jar with decorative pebbles to hold the candle securely in place.

Pretty the outsides of your candle centrepieces with decorative lace, fabric, ribbon or any other material that will match your wedding theme. The glass jars can be frosted, painted or have glittered added to it.

Mason jars with candles on decorative plate with flowers.
17. You can place the candles directly on the table or use other items to help finish the look.

They can be used as vases.

  • Mason jar with red and white stripe.
    You can use jars of the same size or mix it up by using a variety of sizes to hold your flowers.
  • You can use one large jar filled with flowers and then circle with smaller jars holding votive candles.
  • For long tables line a number of flower filled jars right down the center of the tables.
  • These vases can be left unpainted, can be completely painted or partially painted depending on the look you are trying to achieve.
  • Another nice look is to thinly cut citrus fruit and place these against the inside of the jar before filling with water and flowers.
Lantern and flower decoraions.
Mason jars tied with red and white ginham.
Simple table arrangement.
Mason jars holding white flowers.
Red and white table centerpiece idea.
Large mason jar flower arrangement.

5. Miniature Style Cakes As Centerpieces

Rather than choosing the traditional style wedding cake, opt for miniature cakes which make up for very chic and pretty table centrepieces.

Contact a professional wedding baker and you could ask him to create 1 or 2 small sample cakes for every table serving all the guests seated at each of these tables or you could also tell him to make two-tier miniature cakes for every individual at each table or even cupcakes.

Having miniature cakes as centrepiece removes the call for picking just one particular favourite design, which you otherwise would, to create your normal huge wedding cake.

Blue and white wedding cupcake bouquet.
Large purple cupcake bouquet idea.
Orange and green cupcakes.
Cupcakes on a cupcake tree.
Cupcakes on a gold cake plate.

Similar to other important decorations and decisions during a wedding, the wedding centrepieces are most likely to charm the guests as well set the right tone for the occasion.

Centrepieces might be merely a small part of the wedding decor; however, it is these minute details which help in creating a ‘dream wedding’ into reality. You can see more unique centerpiece ideas here.

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