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Who pays for a wedding these days

Who Pays For A Wedding These Days?

If you are a couple planning on marrying or are parents of a son or daughter who is getting married you may be wondering, who pays for the [...]

Picking a Wedding Date

How To Pick The Perfect Wedding Date

One of the first things that you are going to hear after you tell everyone of your engagement is “When is the wedding?”, and let’s face it [...]

Wedding Planning Timeline

Wedding Planning Timeline

Congratulations to you on your engagement, you must be so happy at the thought of starting a new chapter in your life. [...]

Lovely Purple Wedding Flowers

Lovely Ideas Using Purple Wedding Flowers

Using purple wedding flowers is splendid way to bring to your wedding the rich luxurious tones that purple has to offer. [...]

Beautiful Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas + 37 Lovely Picture Ideas

40 Beautiful Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Wedding arch decoration ideas can be simple or elaborate and look great as a feature in any part of your wedding. For most of us when we think [...]

Wedding finger food reception ideas

DIY Wedding Reception Finger Food Ideas

If you are like many couples planning a wedding on a tight budget you may have been shocked to see the prices [...]

Ideas for wedding church pew decorations

Ideas For Wedding Church Pew Decorations

Wedding church pew decorations are a lovely way to brighten up and help make your church look a [...]

Ideas for catering your own wedding reception.

Steps You Need To Do When Catering Your Own Wedding

Never catered for a crowd before? Read this article to see what is involved. [...]

Wedding favor sayings

Wedding Favor Sayings

Ideas for what to write on wedding favor tags, including ideas for fun and cute sayings plus love quotes. [...]

Addressing wedding invitations.

Properly Addressing Wedding Invitations

Congratulations! You have everything set in motion and are now ready to make it official and send out your wedding invitations. However, as  [...]

What's your wedding bouquet style?

What's Your Wedding Bouquet Style?

Selecting your wedding bouquet style is an important part of the planning process as wedding bouquets have always been part of weddings. [...]

How to choose the right wedding veil

How To Choose The Right Wedding Veil

How to choose the right wedding veil, is a question that many brides-to-be have asked at one time or another when completing their overall bridal look. [...]

What wedding stationery do I need?

What Wedding Stationery Will I Need?

With so many wonderful and creative wedding stationery options available to you, your first task is to decide if you want to have [...]

Wedding decoration ideas using flowers.

Wedding Decoration Ideas With Flowers

Have you given thought as to where you can use flowers at your wedding reception.? Below you will find seven creative ways to use and display flower [...]

Gerbera daisy wedding bouquets - 23 colorful ideas.

23 Gerbera Daisy Wedding Bouquets

Gerbera daisy wedding bouquets can be a visual delight to the eyes in its vibrant colors. The colors range from hot pinks, reds, yellows [...]

Beach wedding ideas.

Beach Wedding Ideas

The beach with its sand, calming water and warm sunshine make it a peaceful and relaxing place to have your wedding. Your love for  [...]

Wedding place card etiquette and advice

Wedding Place Card Etiquette and Advice

In your wedding planning, you may have come across the terms wedding place cards and escort cards, and if you are not familiar with them you may think that they are one and the same,  [...]

Outdoor wedding ceremony venue planning tips

Outdoor Wedding Ceremony Venue Planning Tips

You may have seen and been inspired by all those picture perfect outdoor wedding ceremony venues on the internet and are thinking of having one yourself. Stop and think for one second [...]