Unique Bridal Bouquets Ideas

(With 31 lovely bouquet picture ideas.)

Unique bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements can make a lasting impression on your wedding day.

Your unique bouquet style does not have to be over the top to be different.

Unusual bridal bouquets can be achieved in the way your flowers are arranged and displayed.

Use different objects and elements that might be unique to your wedding location or you chosen wedding theme.

For example if you are having a feather wedding theme you could incorporate feathers as part of your bridal bouquet by having feathers placed inside the bouquet with your wedding flowers or use them as a collar to surround your bouquet.

When planning your bridal bouquet design keep the design tasteful and not to over the top it should fit in and complement your overall wedding theme and not steal the show after all you are the show stopper.

Below you will find over twenty different unique bridal bouquets which I hope will inspire you to create your own unusual and beautiful bridal bouquet.

Unique Bridal Flower Pictures

Wedding bouquet with decorative wire.
1. Create a unique look using wire decoratively wrapped around the bouquet.
Non floral bouquet idea.
2. Use antique brooches and ribbon for your bouquet.
White calla lily clutch bouquet.
3. An unstructured bouquet using lilies.
Yellow paper flower bouquet.
4. Allergic to flowers? Then create a bouquet using paper flowers.
White rose bouquet.
5. White roses sitting on a decorative collar.
Tropical style bouquet idea.
6. Unique bridal bouquet using a nautilus shell and tropical flowers.
Bride with white bouquet.
7. White wedding bouquet.
Small posy style bouquet in pink.
8. Individual petals and lace (matching the one used in the dress) are used to create this bouquet.
Bride holding a circular bouquet.
9. White orchid flowers are delicately nestled in a green leave circular shaped bouquet.
Bouquet created to look like a handbag.
10. Soft pink rose handbag style bouquet.
Green leaf and beading bouquet.
11. The greenery on this bouquet is the perfect backdrop for bouquet jewellery.
Heart shaped bouquet with handle.
12. Green, red and white heart shaped bouquet.
Single white and green bouquet flower.
13. Single rose surrounded by green sisal fibre filler and grasses that have been beaded.
Large yellow daisy bouquet idea.
14. Be bold and bright with a large yellow daisy bouquet.
Fun horseshoe shaped bouquet.
15. Bring some extra luck to your wedding day with a horse shoe shaped bouquet.
Large kning protea bouquet.
16. Stunning single king protea wedding bouquet.
Heart shaped red and white rose bouquet.
17. Red and white roses creatively placed to form a heart shaped bouquet.
Tropical flower and leaf bouquet.
18. Exotic looking bouquet using roses and tropical flowers.
Unusual bouquet idea.
19. Fun bouquet style using tulle, ribbon and flowers.
Boquet made mainly with seeds and vines.
20. Design a bouquet with a variety of berries, vines and seeds.
Garden inspired bouquet idea.
21. Bouquet designed to look like a garden trellis.
Bride with white heart shaped bouquet.
22. Sweet heart shaped bouquet.
Bride with cake shape bouquet.
23. Wedding flowers created to look like a cake.
Small flower ball bouquet.
24. Small kissing ball bouquet with green anthurium flowers.
Yellwo flower cone bouquet.
25. Easy to hold cone style bouquet.
Straw basket bouquet.
26. This delicate straw and daisy bag bouquet is perfect for a country or spring theme wedding.
Green leaf and small flower bouquet.
27. Green bouquet using twisted leaves and grasses accented with small flowers.
Boquet with two small orchids.
28. Heart shaped modern style bouquet.
Calla lilly and orchid bouquet with handle.
29. Create a crescent style bouquet with calla lilies and orchids.
Silk flower and brooch bouquet.
30. Silk flower wedding bouquet with wired gold brooches.
Red rose fan shaped bouquet.
31. Fan bouquet using gypsophlia and red roses.
See more unique bouquet ideas at The Lane.com, just scroll down the page a little to see a slide show.