6 Amazing Wedding Cakes To Fall In Love With

Amazing wedding cake designs.  Chalkboard wedding cake idea.

Amazing wedding cakes come in all different shapes, sizes, flavors and colours and everyone has a different opinion as to what makes a cake amazing. Some cakes are small, simple and elegant, then there are wedding cakes that over the top where the cakes stand taller than the bride and groom. Listed below are some ideas you might like to consider:


1. Chandelier Wedding Cakes

Chandelier wedding cakes are amazing, they tend to defy gravity as most of these wedding cake designs are created in the reverse stacking order, where the larger cake is at the top and the smaller tier is at the bottom.

These are usually suspended from decorative wedding cake stands that have been specially made for this type of cake or if they are large enough they can be suspended from the ceiling to resemble an elegant chandelier.

There is no end to the way that these beautiful wedding cakes can be decorated. They can be tastefully decorated with flowers or heavily decorated with crystal beading the choice is entirely up to you and your budget.

Remember the tiered cake stands with a plate at the bottom with a centre post that then connects to another plate on top and you could possibly have a smaller third plate on top – this is basically how the chandelier wedding cake is assembled, only the smaller cake is at the bottom with the cakes graduating in size as the cake tiers go up.

Just take a look at the video below to get a better idea of how these are made.

2. Geode Rock Inspired Wedding Cakes

These unique wedding cake designs are just as unique as the rocks that inspired this new trend. So what is a geode rock? A geode rock looks like an ordinary rock from the outside but when cut open reveals beautiful colourful crystals inside. The crystals found inside are often calcite, dolomite, opal, kaolinite, amethyst, agate and jasper.

The crystal appearance on the cakes are generally made from a combination of sugar crystals and rock candy which has been colored. These crystals are added to the cake after it has been covered in rolled fondant icing or buttercream. Other edible wedding cake decorations such as gold or silver leaf can be added to give it a more luxurious look.

Feel like making your own geode rock wedding cake or just curious to see how these amazing wedding cakes are made take a look at the video below..

3. Hand Painted Wedding Cakes

Hand painted wedding cakes especially when done in flowers look so elegant and feminine (you just need to look at the video below of amazing wedding cakes with flowers to see what I mean).

Some cake makers will have the artistic skill to free hand paint the details onto the cake, others will use the help of a stencil to create an outline of the design and then paint in the details, either way the effect is amazing.

Anything can be painted onto the wedding cake in just about any style a common trend that your will see is flowers but that’s not to say that you can’t have trees and nature designs, cakes with just a watercolour effect, hand painted geometric shapes, illustrations or graphics.

All of these painted wedding cake designs could be enhanced with the addition of other wedding cake decorations such as handmade flowers, small creatures resembling insects, birds or butterflies.

If you like the idea of this type of wedding cake but are uncertain of what you want, why not consider this as an idea, if you have a lovely deign on your wedding invitation use that on your wedding cake.

6 tier handpainted cake

Photo by Rev Stan

modern square wedding cake handpainted.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Henna wedding cake design

Photo by Eldriva

4. Chalkboard Wedding Cakes

The chalkboards from my school days never looked this good, with perfect calligraphy and art work they fit in with many modern casual wedding themes, but non better than a rustic vintage wedding theme.

The chalkboard cakes are usually made in black or slate grey rolled fondant but you do see other colors such as navy blue and white. The rolled fondant becomes the blackboard where decorative lettering and illustrations are applied to the cake with a paint brush dipped in food coloring.

Depending on what you like you could have a single or multi-tiered wedding cake made all in black or mix it up by having one tier black and the others in another color or colors.

I personally love soft light colored tiers mixed with a single tall black chalkboard tier – the lighter shades just make the darker chalkboard stand out.

If you not keen on the look of a black cake you could still have the chalkboard look simply by adding one or more decorative edible chalkboard plaques to your cake, it could be in the way of a wedding cake topper or have decorated plaques secured to the side of your cake.

You could have the hand painted details on the cake be the feature and not have any other decorations or you can pretty up the cake with other decorations that will fit in with your wedding theme

chalkboard and flower wedding cake

Photo by p.d.

Chalkboard wedding cake ideas

Photo by Emily Cox

5. Peacock Wedding Cake Ideas

There are many superstitions associated with the peacock feather some good and others bad, let’s forget the bad luck and go with the good luck – after all that is what you want for your wedding, isn’t it.

The feathers of the male birds are so colorful and can be artistically placed on wedding cakes to create a magnificent display just like they do in real life.

You can be creative in the way that the feathers and birds are displayed on the cake here a just a few ideas.

  • Perch one or two on the top of a 3 tier wedding cake and have the feathers cascade gracefully down to the bottom tier.
  • Hand paint only the beautiful feathers to the cakes.
  • Use real feathers.
  • Have the body of the bird and replace the feathers with colorful handmade flowers to match your wedding theme.
  • Have a peacock cake created in a white on white theme.
Peacock wedding cake idea

Photo by Linda Marklund

Peacock feathers painted on wedding cake.

Photo by Eldriva

Golden peacock wedding cake

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

6. Metallic Wedding Cakes

If you a looking to add a touch of opulence and glamour to your wedding, a metallic wedding cake for you might just be the answer.
Nothing says richness more than metallics such as gold, silver, bronze. There are many different ways that you can get this look on you cake.

  • You can lavishly have your cake covered in edible gold, silver leaf or other metallic colors.
  • Have edible metallic colors air brushed on to your cake.
  • Hand paint metallic colors to your cake or apply it with a sponge for a different textured look.
  • Or add a luxurious lustre with metallic dust which can be applied to the cake with a soft paint brush.
Orange and golden weding cake idea.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Silver and white wedding cake

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Golden peacock wedding cake

Image by Deposit Photos florin1961

Pink and gold wedding cake.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

3 tier wedding cake with ediible gold paint

Photo by p.d.

Silver wedding cake

Image by Deposit Photos florin1961

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