Secrets To Beautiful Wedding Cake Table Decorations

When planning the details of your wedding cake table decorations it is important that you make the right choices, because your wedding cake will be a focal point at your wedding reception.

Below are eight tips that you might like to keep in mind when planning the details for your wedding cake table.

8 Tips For The Perfect Wedding Cake Table Display

1. Selecting Your Wedding Cake Table

Mulit tiered wedding cake displayed on a round table.

Everything starts with a good foundation so no matter what shape table you chose (round, square or rectangular) it should be strong and sturdy.

You will want one that does not wobble and will hold a fair amount of weight as some wedding cakes can be quite heavy (especially when there is more than one cake involved in the display).

The wedding cake table should be stable on all legs; so if you choose to have a table that has just one centre leg make sure that the base of the foot is large enough so that it does not topple over if someone leans on one side.

2. Location Of Your Wedding Cake Table

Your wedding cake table should be located in an area so that it can be easily viewed by your guests as you cut your cake.

A good place would be beside or in front of the bridal table, but do avoid placing the table in a high traffic area such as doorways and near the dance floor to avoid any possible mishaps.

You should also keep the cake away from any direct heat, sunlight or wind (for an outdoor reception) as this can spoil or melt the icing on your wedding cake.

Wedding cake surrounded by a massive display of flowers.
Bride Idea: If you are tight on space get a cake table with wheels; this way when it comes to the Cutting Of The Cake you can have your cake table wheeled to the centre of your dance floor (or another open area) so that everyone can see you cut the cake.

3. Elevate Your Cakes

Five tiered wedding cake display.

If you have more than one cake and these are not stacked on top of each other consider displaying them at various height levels for added visual appeal.

You can do this by using decorative cake stands.

If you can't find any cake stands to suit your situation you can make your own by placing the cakes on boxes (or other stable objects) that will support the weight of the cakes.

Hide the boxes by using soft draping fabric in a color to match or complement your wedding theme - but don't skimp on the fabric, you will want the look to be full and "billowing".

4. Wedding Table Linen

Start with a full floor length tablecloth as this will hide the table legs and anything else that you might need to hide such as under table lighting.

The color of the tablecloth can either match or contrast the ones on the guest's tables. You can then use table overlays or runners to add further depth and color.

There is virtually an endless fabric choice - from damasks, tulle, silk, satin, velvet, lace and the list goes on so you should not have any trouble with finding a tablecloth that will suit your wedding theme.

Wedding cake table with green table linen that matches the cake decorations.

5. Lighting

Highlight your beautiful wedding cake with lighting.

You can make it the centre of attention with the use of a spotlight or give a soft romantic look with the use of lighting from under a sheer tablecloth.

Wedcing cake table with fairy lights behine sheer fabric.

6. Backdrops

If your wedding cake is in an area that is less than appealing consider using a backdrop to pretty things up.

Things that you can use as backdrops:

  • Decorative screens covered with greenery or flowers.
  • Twinkling lights behind sheer fabric.
  • Carefully draped fabric.
  • Large living or silk plants.

Or any other element that would fit in with your wedding theme.

For example a fishing net carefully decorated with sea creatures or other nautical elements will be perfect behind a beach wedding cake.

Wedding cake with matching purple fabric background.

7. Wedding Arch Decorations


Arches make wonderful wedding cake table decorations they will help draw attention to your wedding cake table.

Wedding arch reception decorations are perfect for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

You can either hire or purchase the arches which can then be decorated to suit your wedding theme.

Arches can be made from timber, metal or plastic all of which can be decorated with flowers, fabric or greenery or if you like you could have an arch made from balloons.

Arches can be place slightly to the back of the cake table or if large enough can frame the cake table.

8. What To Use As Wedding Cake Table Decorations

The idea here is to keep it as simple, soft and elegant as you can so that your wedding cake will be the show piece.

Here are some suggestions as to what you can use for wedding cake table decorations:

  • Lots of small votive candles in clear glass containers placed around the outside of the table.
  • The toss bouquet or the Bridesmaids' bouquets to add some color to your table.
  • A few rose petals scattered over the table.
  • Cake cutting knife.
  • Toasting glasses.
  • Small framed pictures.
  • Monogram letters of the bride and groom.
  • Letters that spell out a message such as love and we do.
    Wedding cake display using orchid flowers scattered over the cake table.

Whatever you decide in the way of your wedding cake table decorations, remember that your wedding cake is an important feature at your wedding reception.

Almost everyone will be taking a photo or two near your wedding cake, so do take the time to put some thought into your wedding cake table decorations and how you display your cake table.