Square Wedding Cake Picture Ideas

(See 37 stylish square wedding cake images below.)

A square wedding cake can be just the thing to give your wedding a modern and fashionable feel.

As well as providing a sophisticated centrepiece, a square cake can actually serve more people than a round wedding cake of similar dimensions.

Square cakes can be made as a single large square or in a traditional tiered design.

When it comes to decorative options, the square shape lends itself to creative interpretations.

The tiers of a square cake can be decorated to look like a stack of prettily - wrapped gifts - especially if the tiers are placed at a slight angle to each other instead of lining up the corners.

You could also consider something even more unusual and personal. A single layer square cake could be decorated to look like an aquarium, a book or photo album - even a football field for a sport-loving happy couple.

For a more intellectual bride and groom, a black and white icing in a checked design could be accented with fondant chess-pieces for a memorable chessboard cake.

Square cakes also work well with classy abstract or geometric designs. Some cake decorators play up the novel shape of a square cake with angular motifs.

An alternative is to use circles, swirls and curving shapes as a contrast to the shape of the cake itself.

Whether you want a strikingly avant-garde design or a more romantic and traditional cake, a square cake is the perfect choice.

Square Wedding Cake Ideas

Pink cakes with cream fondant bow and ribbon.
1. Pink square parcel wedding cake.
Square wedding cakes with blue chevron zig zag pattern.
2. White wedding cake with blue wave decoration.
Chocolate covered square wedding cakes with green ribbon.
3. Square chocolate wedding cake with orchids.
Three tiered square white and orange cake on silver square cake stand.
4. Orange lily and white wedding cake.
Five tiered square cakes with top tier decorated like a gift box.
5. Traditional style white wedding cake.
Black and white wedding cake with calla lily cake topper.
6. Spotted wedding cake design.
Pale blue cakes with tiny white roses and love bird cake topper.
7. Blue wedding cake with bird cake topper.
Yellow rose and white wedding cake.
9. Yellow rose and fondant iced square wedding cakes.
White cakes with blue stripes and pink daisies.
11. Blue ribbon and pink daisy cakes.
White wedding cakes with piped lace details and flower cake topper.
12. Cakes with bouquet as the cake topper.
Red and green wedding cake.
13. Quilted looking wedding cake.
Purple flower and ribbon white wedding cake.
14. Purple wedding cake idea.
Stacked white square wedding cake with white flower decorations.
15. White and green wedding cakes.
Five tiered square white wedding cake with heart cake topper.
16. Pyramid style cake the heart topper.
Large four tiered white wedding cake with fondant drapes painted in antique gold.
17. Gold detailed wedding cake.
Cascanding purple rose wedding cake.
18. Purple flower wedding cake.
Four tiered fondant wedding cake with white flower details.
19. Four tiered vintage style wedding cake design.
Monogramed wedding cake with purple ribbon and matiching flowers.
20. Square cakes with monogram topper.
Four tiered white square wedding cake with flower piped detail and hand crafted white blooms accented by large green loops.
21. White cakes with flowers placed on the corners.
Square wedding cakes photographed under soft lighting.
22. Wedding cake highlighted with candle light.
Square and round wedding cakes with green orchids.
23. A combination of sqaure and round cake shapes.
Wedding cake with piped swirl decorations.
24. Square cakes with beautiful piping work.
Bride and groom cake topper on pink and black wedding cake.
25. Black, white and pink wedding cake idea.
Red and gold wedding cake.
26. Red heart square wedding cake.
Sqaure cakes decorated with glazed fresh fruit.
27. Wedding cake decorated with fresh fruit.
Wedding cake the coach decoration.
28. Traditional style wedding cake.
Red and white wedding cake.
29. Square cakes in offset placement.
White wedding cake with purple flowers.
30. Purple blossom wedding cake.
Green square cake with a country theme.
33. Country style wedding cake.
Strawberry covered white wedding cake.
34. Strawbery covered two tiered white wedding cake.
Chocolate wedding cake.
35. Chocolate covered square cakes.
Five tiered wedding cake with piped lattice detail.
36. Elegant styled white wedding cakes.
Cream colored present wedding cake.
37. Dainty wedding cake idea.