The Cost of Wedding Flowers - Why They Can Be Expensive

Pink bridal bouquet.

There are so many factors that affect the cost of flowers and until the time of writing this article I never really gave it much thought. After some research I found that the cost of the flowers actually starts from the time that they are grown right up until they make it into your bouquet.

1. The Flowers

Let’s start with the flowers. There are labor costs involved with the growing of the flowers, cutting and packaging and transportation the flowers ready for sale. The flowers need to be cut by hand and carefully packaged so as the flower heads and stems are not damaged. Then they need to be carefully packaged to avoid any damage during transportation.

From the time that the flowers are cut and packaged they are stored at a certain temperature to keep them fresh and long lasting and this is also carried out during transportation. The temperature is carefully monitored during transportation to ensure that the flowers are in the freshest condition possible. Fuel prices and distance will also affect the price of the flowers.

Flowers are also seasonal so if you were to select flowers that where grown locally and in season these would be cheaper than say ordering exotic flowers from another country. There are also costs involved in how they are grown if they have been grown in a hothouse they will cost more due to the heating and maintenance cost involved than if they were to be grown seasonally and outside.

Then let’s not forget the cost that the wholesaler will pass on to the florist for things such as ordering the flowers, storage in his warehouse, his overheads will also be factored into the costs then there is the cost to transport the flowers from his warehouse to your florist.

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2. The Florist

When you hire a florist you are not only paying for the flowers. You are paying for their expertise, creativity and labor as well, and if the florist is high in demand the more they will charge for their work.

In addition to charging you for their time and skills, there are charges involved with the making up of your flower arrangements with products that they use to create the floral displays such as foam, tape, wire, tools, ribbons, and buckets and so on.

They will also work-in overhead expenses such as rent, electricity, water, insurance, transportation costs to if you need your flowers delivered. All these costs will vary from florist to florist depending on which areas they live. In most cases more flowers are ordered than actually needed for your arrangements.

Not all of these flowers will end up in your arrangements some may end up bruised or damaged on arrival and any good florist will reject these and only use the better ones for your arrangements.

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3. The Flower Arrangements

The cost of wedding flowers will also vary depending on how many flowers are used and the type of flowers used. Obviously the more flowers in the arrangement the more it will cost compared to a smaller one.

If the flowers that you choose are local and in season these will cost a lot less than ones ordered from overseas. If the flowers are in bud form more will need to complete the arrangement than say ones that are half open.

Price will also vary with the type of decorations that you want in your bouquet let’s say you want your bouquet handle decorated. It could be decorated with a ribbon but costs would go up if you if you were to add beading or decorative brooches.

Affordable Bouquet Ideas

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Pink bridal bouquet.

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