Simple Wedding Cake

28 Cute and Uncomplicated Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

Simple wedding cake, purple decorations

Just because you decide to have a simple wedding cake it doesn’t mean that it will be plain - unless of course this is what you are after.

Gone are the simple cake designs that feature plain smooth white fondant icing, you may choose to have a textured icing that will add character and charm to your cake like buttercream icing that is piped in horizontal, vertical or diagonal lines or applied in a messy fashion for a rustic look.

If not buttercream icing, it could have decorative designs pressed into soft rolled fondant icing, or be surround by dainty or bold fondant ruffles that circle the cake like the frills on flamingo dancers dress.

Your simple cake could be subdue in color or make a statement in bold bright shades. The colors can be worked into the icing itself, applied with an airbrush, delicately painted by hand or could be a combination of all.


The color options are endless from pure white to black and every color in between.

  • You can play it safe and choose to stay with one color.

  • Be fun and light hearted with a combination of varying shades to create a marbled or ombre look.

  • Really stand out in the crowd by have alternating cake tiers in light and dark colors.

  • Create a sophisticated look in dark shades such a navy and rich deep purples.

  • Be ultra-feminine with the use of soft pastel colors.

A simple cake can be one tier, two tiers and three tiers or more it really depends on how many guests you will need to serve. The cake decorating options on a simple cake are endless but the most important thing to remember is to keep it to a minimum and not go overboard with them.

Simple wedding cake toppers can be used to decorate a one tier cake or the top tier of multiple cakes these could be:

  • As unpretentious as an informal single large flower placed slightly off centre, or

  • A delightful cluster of small handmade sugar flowers delicately placed directly into the centre of the cake.

  • Can be regal looking with a handmade monogram plaque surrounded by golden edible peals or be,

  • Traditional with a bride and groom topper standing on its own or highlighted with a few small decorative details.

  • Modern in style with not a cake topper to be seen or

  • Fun and playful with a multi-wired cake topper that has fun shapes attached to it such as hearts, stars or butterflies.

~ 5 ~

Small wedding cake with flowers

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Small wedding cake with pastel colored flowers.

~ 6 ~

Tulip wedding cake design

Photo by Linda Marklund

Small wedding cake with simple tulip flowers design.

2 Tier Wedding Cakes With Simple Designs

~ 7 ~

Simple wedding cakes 2 tier white ruffle.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

The white ruffles are the perfect pedestal for the beautiful fresh flowers on top of the cake.

~ 8 ~

Simple white 2 tier wedding cake.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

The single large red flower stands out on this two tier white wedding cake.

~ 9 ~

Blue 2 tier simple wedding cake

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

A very daring cake in shades of dark blue.

~ 10 ~

Simpe wedding cake ideas

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

A very daring cake in shades of dark blue.

~ 11 ~

Simple white wedding cake with green and white ribbon

Photo by gzorgz - Depositphotos

The green and white dotted ribbon and pink and yellow daisies give this cake a little country charm.

~ 12 ~

Orchid 2 tier simple wedding cake ideas

Photo by studiosnowden - Depositphotos

Two tier buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers.

~ 13 ~

Blue and white wedding cake.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Dark blue and white ruffles with hand piped embroidery are very simple and looks attractive.

~ 14 ~

Dark blue and gold 2 tier wedding cake with fan decoration.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

The bright blue and gold with the red fan create a modern Asian feel to this cake.

~ 15 ~

2 tier white wedding cake with red details.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

The decorative criss-cross piping on the red ribbon make it look like it has been stitched to the cake.

Simple Square Wedding Cakes

~ 16 ~

Simple Square wedding cake

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Simple three tiered white wedding cake with pink and orange decorative fondant straps complete with silver studs.

~ 17 ~

All white square wedding cakes

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Simple and clean looking this simple square wedding cake will take pride of place for just about any wedding theme.

~ 18 ~

3 tier wedding cake with piping

Photo by cniemann - Depositphotos

Square wedding cake that has been piped all over in decorative swirls.

~ 19 ~

Simple Square wedding cake

Photo by halfpoint - Depositphotos

These square cakes have been placed of centre for a unique look.

~ 20 ~

All white square wedding cakes

Photo by Farina6000 - Depositphotos

Be creative and use the corners of the cake to place decorative elements.

~ 21 ~

3 tier wedding cake with piping

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

An all-white wedding cake with delicate piping.

Simple Purple Wedding Cake Ideas

~ 22 ~

Simple wedding cake with purple flowers

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Stunning purple orchids cascade down and around this five tier wedding cake.

~ 23 ~

Simple wedding cakes and purple flowers

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

These ordinary cakes have been turned into something extraordinary by the use of exquisite dark purple roses between each tier.

~ 24 ~

Whte and purple wedding cake

Photo by timonko - Depositphotos

Use two different shades of your wedding colors to add interest to your cake.

~ 25 ~

Purple wedding cake

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Red fondant lace covers this simple purple wedding cake.

~ 26 ~

Purple wedding cake with simple decorations

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

Hand painted decorative details can be added to smooth fondant icing.

~ 27 ~

Ombre purple wedding cake.

Photo by Linda Marklund

Four tiered purple ombre cake with delicate white lace trim and a simple double ceramic heart wedding cake topper.

~ 28 ~

White wedding cake with light purple trim

Photo by Letyg84 - Depositphotos

Ultra simple – a white wedding cake with light purple ribbon and bow trim.

Heart and vine border image.

Inspirational Quote

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Stay positive and happy. Work hard and don’t give up hope. Be open to criticism and keep learning. Surround yourself with happy, warm and genuine people.

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Wedding reception venue

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The more you learn the better informed you will be to determine if this is the venue for you.

Church organ

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Ceremony music. When getting married in a church it is usually cheaper to hire the church musicians rather than outsiders. The church musicians will also be familiar with the equipment and are more likely to do a better job.

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