Blue Wedding Flower Ideas

Let Your Wedding Flowers Be "That Something Blue"

Bride holding blue wedding flowers.

If you want a relaxed atmosphere to your wedding consider using blue wedding flowers to help create the feel. Light to medium shades of blue (reminiscent of the blue of the sky) can be peaceful giving a sense of tranquillity and calmness to your day. Blue flower arrangements can be very versatile.

They are able to create a delicate look when you stay with the elegant soft shades of blue or you can mix them with other muted colors such as yellow, lilac, pink, green, cream or white. If you combine dark blue flowers with medium to darker shades of yellow, pink, white or green you will have a bouquet that really stands out.

Think of the blue grey of eucalyptus or the deep dark blue of the blue anemones. Cool down your dark blue wedding bouquet with some white or use orange to add ‘heat’ to the arrangement.


The following list of fresh flowers all vary in shades of blue from sky-blue to navy: Blue hydrangea and soft pink rose table centerpieces.

  1. Cornflowers

  2. Clematis

  3. Sweet Peas

  4. Nigella

  5. Scabious

  6. Thistles

If you would like to have roses in your bouquet use white ones with blue flowers of your choice for a striking bouquet - just look at the bouquets below to see how effective it can be.

Floral Note:
Blue Roses? At the present time there are no blue roses grown naturally. But if you want a blue rose one can be created by placing the stems of white or cream roses in water that has blue food coloring added to it. The flowers will soak up the colored water over a short period of time and the petals will turn blue due to the food coloring in the water.

If you are finding it difficult to get the right fresh blue wedding flowers due to seasonal issues then you can always mix in a few silk flowers with your fresh flowers.

If you don't like the idea of mixing fresh flowers with silk then go for an all silk arrangement (this is also a very good idea if you suffer from hay fever).

~ 3 ~

Large blue hydrangea bouquet with roses.

Photo by Monica Minford- Fotolia

~ 4 ~

Peony and hydrangea bouquet.

Photo by timonko- Depositphotos

~ 5 ~

Bouquet in two tones of blue.

Photo by mary_smn - Despositphotos

~ 6 ~

Blue and pink rose bouquet.

Photo by anyamuse - Depositphotos

~ 7 ~

Mixed flower bouquet.

Photo by shooterjt - Depositphotos

~ 8 ~

Hydrangea and daisy flower bouquet.

Photo by eaniton - Depositphotos

~ 9 ~

Large bouquet of hydrangea, mixed colors of roses and cornflowers.

Photo by markhayes - Depositphotos

~ 10 ~

Pink and blue bouquet.

Photo by noreenlhrpk - Depositphotos

~ 11 ~

Wedding bouquet of blue and white.

Photo by koroleva-photo - Depositphotos

~ 12 ~

Artifical flower bouquet.

Photo by uranus_smf - Depositphotos

~ 13 ~

Dark blue and soft pink bouquet.

Photo by laskvv - Depositphotos

~ 14 ~

Blue and yellow flower bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

~ 15 ~

Blue roses and baby's breath bouquet.

Photo by elitravo - Depositphotos

~ 16 ~

All white bouquet with a hint of blue.

Photo by TaniaLerro - Depositphotos

~ 17 ~

Bride holding blue and yellow bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

~ 18 ~

Silk flower bouquet with jewellery.

Photo by p.d.

~ 19 ~

Blue, white and pink bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

~ 20 ~

Blue and bouquet bouquet.

Photo by massonforstock - Depositphotos

~ 21 ~

Bride holding blue and white bouquet.

Photo by p.d.

~ 22 ~

Bouquet with blue thistles.

Photo by p.d.

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Wedding Etiquette Tip

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These should be sent out at least six months before the wedding date. If you are inviting guests from out of town you should send them out earlier (even up to twelve months before the date), this will give your out of town guests plenty of time to book fights and accommodation.

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