How To Wear A Wedding Veil

Ideas For Attaching The Veil To Your Hair

How to wear a wedding veil. Ideas for attaching the wedding veil to your hair.

Correctly placing and attaching the wedding veil in your hair will give the finishing touch to your wedding day look. Traditionally veils are worn long at the ceremony and short at the reception.

Many brides today are wearing a short veil to cut down costs and for added convenience in not having to change the veil for the reception.

You can wear your wedding veil alone or with other accessories; but ultimately you want the veil to stay securely in place for the duration of the day and this can be done with the use of combs.

Most veils that you purchase will already have a comb attached - these are usually plain and simple in design because they will be hidden under the hair and not be seen. If you are making your own veil then you will need to attach a comb to the veil.

As well as attaching the wedding veil with a veil comb you can also choose to use decorative combs or tiara combs which gives you the option of removing the veil later and still be able to wear your hairpiece.


Can you wear a wedding veil with your hair down?

Bride wearing matila veil.

Yes you can. You can either wear it as described above or have the veil positioned further back just below the crown - but not too far back as it can slide out easily - especially on straight hair.

Now if you don't like the option of having the veil at the very top of your head.

Veil and flowers placed over a bun.

You can move the veil more toward the middle back of your head. This looks very nice when your hair is done half up or made completely in a bun the veil can either sit above or below the bun. With this style you may have to consider the fullness of the veil - too full and it could look wrong.

But what if you want a veil but don't want the veil to cover your beautiful hairstyle.

Wedding veil positioned at nape of neck

Attaching the wedding veil at the nape of your neck under the hairdo will allow you to show of your elaborate hairstyle and any hair accessory you choose to wear.

The most important thing to remember is that before your wedding day you should experiment with the various ways to ensure that you get the correct look for you. So no matter if you hair is long or short or up or down you can still find a way to wear a veil. How to wear your wedding veil is not the only thing you will have to consider what about the veil length or even the style of your veil.

Bride Idea

Closeup of bridal accessories.

Avoid Disappointment At Your Ceremony Venue

Before booking your ceremony venue find out if there will be other weddings on the same day. If there are you might feel a little rushed on the day if your wedding is the first or in the middle.

Wedding Tips and Ideas

You can read more tips and ideas by clicking here.

Bride and groom having fun dancing/

Planning Tip

When planning the music for your wedding reception have a mix of the old and new just like your wedding guests.

Doing this will ensure that everyone will at least have one “favorite” to dance to, and your dance floor should never be empty.

Back view of bride in gown.

Eco Friendly Tip

Consider buying your dress from a company that supports and practices fair trade.

By fair trade practices the company supports its workers with good wages, fair work hours, good working conditions.

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