19 Tips To Help You Find The Best Wedding Vendors For You

1. Decide On What Is Most Important to You.

The two of you need to sit down and discuss what part of the wedding is most important to you. Is it the location, good food, flowers, photos, video, music or a combination of all of these?
Once you have narrowed it down to your top three or four priorities you can then allocate your budget accordingly and start looking for suitable vendors.

2. Consider Hiring A Wedding Planner

You may not have even considered hiring a wedding planner because it is just an added expense. But a wedding planner can actually help you save money in the long run due to all the connections they have. They will also be able to recommend reliable vendors that they have worked with in the past. They may also have access to exclusive offers that they can pass on to you.

Hand tied bouqueet of blue iris.

Just like hiring any vendor you should do careful research when hiring a wedding planner. After all you will be working with the wedding planner for some time so you do need to know that you can trust and get along with them.

3. Ask Referrals From Other Vendors

Once you have hired one vendor don’t be afraid to ask them
for recommendations after all they will have connections with other vendors that they have worked with in the past.

For instance if you have hired your reception venue they may have a list of vendors that they can pass on to you. These vendors will have worked in that space before and will be able to help you work on a scheme to get the most out of the space.

4. Avoid Choosing A Venue That Has Restrictions

You need to select a venue that is flexible and does not place restrictions on who you can bring in. Some venues will only work with certain caterers, photographers, decorators and so on.

So if you have already booked your photographer, wedding planner or other vendors before your venue make certain that you can bring these vendors to the venue before you sign any contracts with the venue.

5. Ask Friends And Other Newlyweds for Recommendations

Ask your friends or family members who have or are about to be married soon about their experiences with the vendors they have or are about to use.

6. Interview Your Potential Vendors

You need to set up meetings with various vendors before settling on your preferred choice.
By interviewing the various vendors you will be able to see what each of them have to offer. It will also give you a good idea on cost comparison for the goods and services that they include in their pricing.

7. Hire A Vendor That Has A Similar “Vision” As You Do

When looking a pictures of vendors work go with the ones that you are naturally drawn to rather than asking a vendor to work away from their normal style. For instance if you love flower arrangements that look tight and full don’t choose someone who’s entire site is filled with pictures of loosely arranged flowers.

8. Stick to Your Budget

As mentioned earlier you need to talk with various vendors before making your choice. You need to tell them how much you can afford and choose vendors that are upfront about what they can do for you. You need to know that they can give you what you want at the budget that you have.

9. If It’s Too Good To Be True – Be Wary

You need to use common sense when assessing value for money. Just because vendor A quotes you $2000 and vendor B quotes you $1700 and vendor C $800, there is probably a good reason why vendor C price is too good to be true. He may not have factored in all the costs.

10. Go Outside Your Area

If you live in a big city, costs are usually a lot higher. Look at venues and vendors that are in neighbouring suburbs or towns where overheads and expenses are usually a lot cheaper than the big cities.

11. Choose Specialized Vendors

Red and gold wedding table setting.

If you want a certain type of food choose a vendor that specializes in that area. Let’s say you want a casual easy meal of wood fired pizzas served or some fancy upmarket menu choose a vendor that specializes in that field. You should also make them aware of what the kitchen facilities at the venue has to offer.

This way they can work out a menu that will work with the available equipment or make plans to bring in extra equipment for the day. You should also make sure that they can offer custom tasting before you hire them.

12. When Hiring A Photographer

Look at all the wedding photographers work. You should evaluate their entire gallery not just the ones on the website (which will be their best work). By viewing the full gallery of work you will be able to see how each photographer handles different situations from very bright outdoor lighting to dark venues and so on.

13. Hire Someone With Experience

They should have experience working in weddings. You don’t want to hire a local baker who as no experience in decorating wedding cakes when you want an elaborately iced and decorated cake you might not get what you want. Rather choose a baker that specializes in wedding cakes.

The same could be said for a DJ someone who works mainly in nightclubs might not be the right choice for your wedding as they may not be very interactive with your guests as an experienced wedding DJ.

14. Look At Their Website

Usually the website is the first contact that you will have with a vendor and first impressions do count. If it looks well organized and up to date then this is a sign of someone who is organized.

15. Booking a Band?

If you are booking some live entertainment such as a band watch as much live footage to work out if they are really the ones that you want to perform at your wedding

16. Ask to See A Sample

If you are a person who likes to see what you are getting before the day ask to see a mock-up of the flower arrangements. Most florist will offer a mock up if you meet a minimum order and others will charge you extra. By having a sample made up before the day you will get to see what you are getting and it will also allow you to make any necessary changes if needed.

17. Confirm Your Preferred Photographer

If you have booked with a large photographic company and have a preferred photographer do confirm beforehand that he/she will be the one taking your photos on the day.

18. Never Assume

Never assume anything communicate clearly with the vendor so that they understand clearly what you want. You should also ask questions of your vendor so that you know exactly what they can offer.

19. Get Everything In Writing

Once you have decided on the vendors put down a deposit and get a contract detailing every little detail in writing, this should include quantity and costs.