2 Beautiful Wedding Cakes You Are Going To Love

Elegant White Wedding Cakes and Cakes Wtih Roses

Beautiful wedding cakes - White wedign cake decorated with white flowers.

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White wedding cake with red rose flowers.

Photo by Lil Shepherd

The smooth white icing on this cake is the perfect background to highlight the dark red roses.

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White vintage wedding cake idea.

Photo by Linda Marklund

Charming vintage wedding cakes can be created all in white.

~ 6 ~

All white wedding cake with monogram.

Photo by Laura Sheik

The diamante encrusted monogram adds some sparkle and glamor to the cake.

~ 7 ~

Turquoise and white wedding cake.

Photo by Linda Marklund

A white wedding cake with a cascade of turquoise and white roses.

~ 8 ~

White wedding cake with poppy flowers.

Photo by Mathilda Samuelsson

The icing on this unique wedding cake has been made to look like it is peeling of each cake in layers.

~ 9 ~

3 tiered white wedding cake with white flower decorations.

Photo by Ally Mauro

This three tier wedding cake has tight ruffles piped on the larger bottom tier that look similar to paper pom poms.

2. Gorgeous Wedding Cakes With Roses

Roses have long been associated with romance and nothing is more romantic than a wedding, so why not consider a wedding cake with roses. Wedding cakes with red roses or any other color for that matter are beautiful to look at, these can either be edible, natural or fake.

Edible roses for wedding cakes are usually made from sugar paste or piped in buttercream, if you don’t like these you can always use fresh or artificial roses.

For an impressive look consider dark red roses on a white cake or for a more subtle softer look pale light colored roses a white wedding cake. Alternatively go the opposite way and have light colored roses on a dark colored cake such as a dark purple wedding cake with white roses.


Beautiful wedding cakes with red roses.

~ 10 ~

Small white wedding cake with dark red roses.

Photo by fpwing - Depositphotos

3 tier white wedding cake with red roses.

~ 11 ~

Wedding cake with red rose and ivy topper.

Image by pd

4 tier wedding cake with large red roses.

~ 12 ~

Weddign cakes with red roses.

Photo by Rosen Georgiev - FreeDigitalPhotos.net

A chic 5 tier wedding cake with red hand painted scroll details and clusters of red roses.

~ 13 ~

5 tier wedding cakes pictures.

Photo by Mishella - Depositphotos

A ring of delicate roses circle this elegant looking wedding cake.

~ 14 ~

Black and white wedding cake with red rose topper.

Photo by mary_smn - Depositphotos

A black and white wedding cake with red rose’s beautifully arranged on the top tier.

~ 15 ~

Red and white wedding cake

Photo by dp3010 - Depositphotos

White wedding cake with red stencil work and piped red roses.

Other images of wedding cakes with roses.

~ 16 ~

Wedding cake with pink roses

Photo by Mina Magiska Bakverk

A beautiful display of roses in various shades of pink wrap around this 5 tier wedding cake.

~ 17 ~

White wedding cake with red roses/

Photo by Linda Marklund

Red roses and red ribbon white wedding cake idea.

~ 18 ~

Birdcage wedding cake

Photo by Linda Marklund

You can use fresh or edible roses for wedding cake decorations.

~ 19 ~

Wedding cake with pink roses

Photo by mary smn - Depositphotos

Beautiful pink edible roses have been used in abundance to create a lovely display for these wedding cakes.

~ 20 ~

Two tier wedding cake with pink roses.

Photo by dcdp - Depositphotos

Two tier wedding cake with soft pink roses.

~ 21 ~

White wedding cake with orange roses.

Photo by Mishella - Depositphotos

4 Tier White wedding cake with orange roses.

Bride Idea

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Guest Seating

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Wedding Tips and Ideas

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Planning Tip

Most DJ and bands will have a standard play list, so make sure that you go through the list and have them remove the music you dislike.

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Eco Freindly Tip

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