Ideas For Wedding Church Pew Decorations

Sides of church pews decorated with white roses and greenery.

Beautifully done wedding church pew decorations will make the church look not just pretty but magical. The pews can be decorated in a very elegant manner and this can be done for sensible price which is what couples are searching for today.


Tulle Pew Decorations

One of the most commonly used inexpensive items that are used as pew decorations is tulle. You can find tulle for wedding church pew decorations at almost every store and it's not at all difficult to use it for decoration.

An advantage of using tulle is that it lasts long and can be safely travelled over long distances easily - if you want your church pew decor done before time. Today many weddings are theme based, so you can use the tulle in line with the wedding theme for the pew decoration.

Ribbon or Lace Pew Decorations

Another option would be to use ribbon or lace. Wide ribbon/lace can be draped and run along the top of the pew. You could use narrow widths create a swag effect between the pews and use a decorative item to hide the peak of the swag drape.

Ribbon or lace can also be made into bows and rosettes that can be hung from the sides of the pews.

All of the above can be used on their own or teamed with flowers and other decorative features to create spectacular looks.

Ribbon decorations on church pews.

Photo by Sarah Joy

7. Hang decorative florist ribbon fron one endo of the pew to the next.

Baby's breath and pink ribbon pew decorations.

Photo by p.d.

8. Use soft fabric ribbon to create a feminine look.

Simple bows and flowers on church pews

Photo by Steve Parker

9. Ribbon bows are easy and simple wedding pew decorations.

White feathers and white ribbon wedding church pew decorations.

Photo by maximkabb - Depositphotos

10. Use feathers and ribbon.

Satin ribbon holding heart wreath to side of church pew.

Photo by p.d.

11. Use ribbon to hang other decorative elements to the sides of the pews.

Large burlap bow on side of chair.

Photo by p.d.

12. Large multi loop bow can be created from other fabrics such as burlap or denim.

White rose and ribbon decorations for church pews.

Photo by p.d.

13. Use a single flower (it could be fresh or artifical) bundled with some greenery and secure in place with a ribbon.

Use Flowers or Greenery Pew Decorations

Some more wonderful pew church decoration ideas are to use flowers or greenery. These can be displayed in inexpensive containters such as decorative cones, small buckets or simply tied together with decorative ribbon.

Flower cones on sides of church chairs.

Photo by p.d.

14. Use decorative cones tied with ribbon to hold serveral long stem flowers.

Wire flower cone holders on sides of church pews

Photo by Corey Balazowich

15. Use decorative wire frame cones filled with small bouquets of flowers.

e flower pew decorations.

Photo by dp3010 - Depositphotos

16. Have your florist create small bouquets to decorate the tops of the pews.

Butterfly and ivy church decorations.

Photo by Andy Rogers

17. Use trailing fern or ivy to decorate the ends of the pews and finish the design with a matching theme element.

Ivy and gypsophlia pew decorations.

Photo by Raphael Goetter

18. Use ivy and sprigs of gyposophila for your church pew decorations.

Daisy and baby's breath pew decoration.

Photo by speedfighter17 - Depositphotos

19. Combine flowers with ribbon rosettes.

Flowers in small pail on side of pew.

Photo by A.I.

20. Use decorative containers to hold small floral arrangements.

Large purple and white flower arrangements for church pews.

Photo by p.d.

21. Decorate with large floral aggangements in tall wide clear containers.

Hanging pew decoration of red and white roses.

Photo by Helena

22. Rose and ribbon bow floral pew decorations.
Orchids used to decorate pews.

Photo by Jocelyn Saurini

23. Simple orchid wedding church pew decoration idea.
Fern decorations on ends of church pews.

Photo by Eden, Janine and Jim

24. Keep it simple with small bundles of fern.

Tall flower arrangements on pews.

Photo by Raffi Asdourian

25. If your church has more than one aisle, only decorate the church pews of the one that you are going to walk down.

Tall white flowers decorate the ends of church pews.

Photo by p.d.

26. Use tall stems of flowers with multiple blooms.

Rose and ivy decorations.

Photo by Blaise Alleyne

27. White roses. ribbon and ivy pew decorations.
Red rose and ivy pew decorations.

Photo by p.d.

28. Using a single rose and ivy vine is a simple idea that looks effective.
Cascading flower arrangements on church pews.

Photo by p.d.

29. If the church aisle is wide enough you can vave your pew decorations cascade down to the floor.
Flowers on pillars decorating the church aisle.

Photo by p.d.

30. Place medium sided flower arrangements on to tall white pillars lined down the aisle.

Use Inexpensive Lamps or Torches As Your Pew Decorations

Other inexpensive wedding church pew decorations which can be used are unique hurricane lamps, unlighted tiki torches and even just a single candle which has been tied to a lovely floral bouquet. A floral designer or a good florist would be able to guide and help you in developing a special and lovely floral display which can be placed at the pews ends.

Stick to your decided budget and it would be astounding to see how much you can do for wedding church pew decorations. Imagination has no limits - go ahead and experiment with ideas!

Battery operated candles aisle decorations.

Photo by p.d.

31. Place inexpensive battery operated candles down the church aisle.

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