DIY Wedding Flowers Ideas

(Plus 20 bridal bouquet images.)

If you are considering diy wedding flowers you may be thinking about what type of wedding flower arrangements are needed as well as color themes, types of flowers and steps on how to make wedding flowers. You will find ideas here.

Making your own wedding flowers can be one area of your wedding that you can really save hundreds of dollars.

Whether you make all your own wedding flowers or just a few the savings and pride that you get from making wedding flowers will be very satisfying.

When you make your own wedding flowers you will need to consider the types of wedding flower arrangements needed.

Use the wedding flower checklist below for an idea of what of the type of wedding flower arrangements you will need.

  • Bride’s bouquet.
  • Tossing Bouquet.
  • Bouquets or posies for the bridesmaids.
  • Flowers for the flower girl.
  • Corsages for the mothers.
  • Buttonholes for the groom, best man, ushers and fathers.
  • Arrangements for the church or civil venue.
  • Arrangements for the reception.

Wedding Flower Colors

You will also need to consider a color theme and you have so many different colors to choose from as well as a huge variety of flowers. The most common flowers for a wedding are roses, tulips, gerbera daisies and calla lilies. Try to match these to your wedding color theme.

Below are bridal bouquet pictures in simple styles that can be easily created if you want to make your own wedding flowers.

Spring theme bouquet.
1. Combining colors.
Teardrop style bouquet made with ornage roses.
2. Orange wedding bouquet.
Green bouquet made with kermit mums.
3. Green wedding flowers.
Pink hand tied calla lily bouquet.
4. Pink wedding flowers.
Dark and light purple rose bouquet.
5. Purple and white brides bouquet.
Red rose bouquet.
6. Red rose bouquet.
White bouquet made with lilies.
7. Lilies and freesia.

Wedding Flowers By Season

Selecting wedding flowers that are in season and what is available in your local area is a very good way to keep your wedding budget in check.

If you would like to incorporate seasonal flowers into your diy wedding flowers try some of the following.

Spring: Anemones, bluebells, camellias, crocuses, forget-me-nots, grape hyacinths, hyacinths, lilies of the valley, narcissi, pansies, ranunculus’s, tulips, violets.

Summer: Cornflowers, delphiniums, hydrangeas, gypsophila, jasmine, larkspur, marguerites, peonies, phlox, roses, scabious, stocks, sweet peas.

Autumn: Chrysanthemums, cosmos, dahlias, hydrangeas, daisies, scabious.

Winter: Heather, hellebores, irises, primulas, snowdrops, winter jasmine.


Just like the right accessories can make an outfit, bridal bouquet jewelry, ribbons and other elements such as feathers can be the perfect finishing touch to your diy wedding flowers.

Pink bouquet with green ribbon with pompon ends.
8. Decorative ribbon and pom pom balls add an attractive feature.
Crystal head pins decorate a brown satin bouquet handle.
9. Crystal headed pins hold the decorative ribbon in place as well as being placed at the bottom of the stems.


Ribbon is very useful because it comes in many different finishes, patterns, colors and fabrics.

Even a simple hand tied bouquet can be given a bridal look by the addition of a pretty bow.

You can bind the stems of your diy wedding flowers completely this is not only decorative it is also practical as it creates a comfortable handle to hold for a long time.

If you don't want to completely cover the stems consider just a single bow under the head of the bouquet. Wide ribbon with a wire edge is particularly useful and easy for this.

You are not only limited to one type of ribbon, you can create lovely effects by combing different widths and even different shades.

Using sheer fabrics like tulle or organza can create a very feminine and romantic look collar around your bouquet.

Leave the ends long for a dramatic look and create ribbon streamers for a traditional look.

Use pearl headed pins to secure the ribbon to the stems of the bouquet.

White calla lily bouquet with white satin ribbon handle.
10. Calla lilly hand tied bouquet.
Pink lilies and roses with dark pink ribbon bow.
11. Pink organza ribbon adds more color to the bouquet.
Pink tulip bouquet with white satin ribbon bow.
12. Tulip bouquet with a simple bow.
Pink and white rose bouquet with white ribbon loops.
13. Rose bouquet with a lace and satin ribbon collar.
Red rose bouquet with white ribbon handle.
14. Hand tied bouquet with white ribbon handle.
Orange and pink bouquet with trailing ribbon.
15. Use ribbon to create a cascading effect wedding bouquet.

Bridal Bouquet Jewelry and Other Elements

Beads and bridal bouquet jewelry can add sparkle to your diy wedding flowers. These can be tucked amongst your flowers; beads can be threaded onto fine grass or wire.

You could secure artificial butterflies on fine wire and these could be positioned as if they have just landed on the bouquet.

You could use feathers (which are available in many different colors) these could be inside the bouquet or create a lovely soft collar around your bouquet.

You could use very fine wire to create a lattice effect that surrounds your bouquet.

Red and green bouquet with decorative wire.
16. Twist wire decoratively around the bouquet.
Bouquet with pearl beading twisted around the bouquet handle.
17. Add interest to the bouquet handle with pearl beads.
Orange rose bouquet with a circle or beaded wire.
18. Wire can be treaded with beads and used to circle the bouquet.
Sea shell wedding bouquet idea.
19. Other elements such as large shells can be incorporated into the bouquet design.
White hydrangea bouquet with stands of long grass.
20. Use long strands of fine grass to add interest.

Wedding Flower Tips

Here are some tips that you should keep in mind when you create your beautiful DIY wedding flowers.

  1. Buy the freshest and best quality flowers available. You should select buds that are just opening not tightly closed or fully open. If the buds are too tightly closed they will not open up in time, or if they are in full bloom you will have them dropping petals as you go.
  2. Always have your flowers in water to keep them fresh. Use a sharp knife to trim of the bottom on each stem, on a diagonal and place them straight into cold water.
  3. Store your flowers away from direct sunlight.
  4. If you are using clear glass vases for your table displays, the way the flower stems look under water is important. You should have every stem touch the bottom of the vase to create a good look. Also remove from the stem any leaves and thorns that may be under the water.
  5. Be conservative when cutting your stems. You can always trim away more, but you can’t add length.
  6. Practice your arrangement before your wedding; by knowing what you are doing you will be quicker at putting it altogether on the day or day before.
  7. Use ribbon or raffia to enhance your arrangements. Experiment with different colors and textures to get a look that you are happy with.