Beautiful Ideas For Wedding Chair Decorations

29 Pictures Of Creative Wedding Chair Decorations

Wedding chair decorations ideas - Pink wedding sashes on white chairs.

Wedding chair decorations can enhance an outdoor or indoor ceremony and reception venue. It doesn't matter where the ceremony is held whether it is in a tree lined park with green rolling hills, the backyard of the family home, on the beach, in a church or hall.

Once the chairs are arranged, there are a few things that you can do to create a sense of intimacy.

Tulle can be used to make cheap wedding chair covers and pew decorations. It is inexpensive and adds an instant beauty when wrapped or tied to the backs or sides of chairs in a swag fashion.

Instead of a wedding chair cover, cut a 2-meter (6’) length of tulle and tie it around the chair back finishing it off as a big bow. Dress up the bows with cones of fresh flowers, silk flowers or greenery. It can become quite expensive to have a florist do the flowers for the chairs.

To save on cost ask family and friends if they can supply you with flowers from their garden.

Another cost saving tip is to decorate every second or third chair or just run the flowers down the outside chairs of the centre aisle. You can hire wedding chair covers and wedding chair decorations from specialist hire stores.


Small rustic baskets filled with daisy are secured to the sides of wicker chairs.

Photo by WebStudio24h - DepositPhotos

3. Flower Filled Basket Chair Decorations

Large wide green satin ribbon bow secures daisy filled rustic baskets to these charming wicker chairs.

A large white heart shape has been hung on the side of a wooden chair.

Photo by vannphotography - DepositPhotos

4. Heart Chair Decorations

Large decorative white wrapped hearts on long white ribbons add an interesting look to these simple wooden chairs.

Chair covers with printed motif

Photo by  timonko - Depositphotos

5. Printed Chair Covers

Have your wedding motif printed onto white chair covers.

Ballet slippers have been used as part of the wedding chair decorations.

Photo by stahov - Depositphotos

6. Ballet Slipper Chair Decorations

Be creative and base your wedding chair decorations on your occupation or something you love.

Pictured above are flower filled ballet slippers that have been secured to the sides of white fabric covered chairs.

Moss covered balls decorate the sides of white chairs.

Photo by pd

7. Moss Covered Ball Chair Decorations

A fun fresh take on the flower ball, these moss-covered balls give a little old fashioned charm to a modern wedding.

Metal pails filled with white daisies decorate the sides of white wedding chairs.

Photo by MrsCatOKeefe - Depositphotos

8. Metal Pails As Wedding Chair Decorations

Use flower filled metal pails in colors that compliment or contrast with your wedding chairs.

These can either be hung from the sides or placed close to the side of the chairs.

Flower filled green mason jar wedding chair decorations.

Photo by pd

9. Burlap Bow

Add a little country charm to your wedding chairs with multi looped bows made from jute or burlap ribbon. These can be left plain or decorated with a small posy of flowers.

White wedding chairs decorated with light weight fabric that is blowing in the breeze.

Photo by hinnamsaisuy - Depositphotos

10. Use Soft Flowing Fabrics

A soft flowing effect can be created when you use long light weight fabrics tied to the sides of you chairs.

Orange organza fabric woven into the chair backs.

Photo by nataliamylova - Depositphotos

11. Decorative Weave Decorations

Weave narrow pieces of light weight fabric in and out of chair backs. It could be as simple as the one pictured above or weave the entire back from top to bottom.

Elegant looking chairs with matching satin ribbon bows.

Photo by kirs-ua - Depositphotos

12. Ribbon Chair Decorations

If you have lovely looking chairs but would like to give them that little something extra, consider using a ribbon or two.

Flower filled green mason jar wedding chair decorations.

Photo by nickvango - Depositphotos

13.  Hugging Sashes

If you a worried about your sashes blowing away in the wind, tie them tightly around the chairs with a decorative knot.

Wedding chair cover tied back with lace.

Photo by florin1961 - Depositphotos

14. Lace Trimmed Chair Decorations

Use soft toned fabric draped over the chairs and tie into place with contrasting fabric and lace trim.

Flower filled green mason jar wedding chair decorations.

Photo by  wollertz - Depositphotos

15. Mr & Mrs Wedding Chair Decorations

Use signs to decorate the chairs for the bride and groom. For a personal touch create your own homemade signs.

Matching table runners and chair sashes.

Photo by jesadaphorn - Depositphotos

16. Sheer Elegance

Match the chair sashes with the table runners to create an overall pleasing look at the reception.

Mint green/blue chair covers

Photo by fotomt - Depositphotos

17. Colored Chair Covers

Your wedding chair decorations can extend to the color and texture of the fabric use on the wedding chair covers.

Lycra or spandex chair covers.

Photo by Michael Coghlan

18. Lycra Wedding Chair Decorations

Lycra chair covers create a sleek and neat look, are easy to use and come in a variety of colors. You can leave them as they are, or add color by using sashes that tie into bows, or simple bands of color that slip into place.

Black fabric draped over a fabric covered chair.

Photo by tujian99 - Depositphotos

19. Decorative Fabric Drape

Add extra interest to your chairs by draping over an extra layer of fabric. Have the contrasting fabric start at the floor on the front of the chair and then extend over the seat, up the back rest and down to the floor at the back of the chair.

Wedding chair decorations placed on the top of the back rest.

Photo by tujian99 - Depositphotos

20. Crowning Glory

Instead of having the decorations placed on the side or backs of the chairs, place them on the very top of the back rest.

Big bright red sashes tied into bows.

Photo by jesadaphorn - Depositphotos

21. Single Toned Chair Sash Decorations

Make a statement by using big wide sashes in bold colors tied into large bows at the back of the chairs.

Chair sashes in lilac and light green.

Photo by  pil7615 - Depositphotos

22. Multi Colored Chair Sash Decorations

You don’t have to stay with one color mix it up with two or more. Depending on the shades that you use can create many different looks and feels. The mellow colors of the green and purple sashes used above could help create a relaxed laid-back feel.

Contrasting orange triple looped bow on the back of wedding chair.

Photo by GreenJo - Depositphotos

23. Triple Looped Bows

If your chair covers have tie-backs, rather than tie it into a standard bow, add a contrasting piece fabric that has been folded to create a triple looped bow.

White helium balloons uses as wedding chair decorations.

Photo by annakostyuk - Depositphotos

24. Balloon Chair Decorations

Rather than have helium balloons as the  table centrepieces, attach one to each of your wedding guest’s chairs. You can do this by looping a weighted balloon string around the chair sash.

Purple chair covers.

Photo by timbrk - Depositphotos

25. Covered Tops

Add a splash of color by covering the tops of your chairs with decorative sashes that have been tied secure in place with a bow.

Sheer fabric covers allow the details of the chair to peak through.

Photo by Petrichuk - Depositphotos

26. Sheer Chair Covers

If you have chairs that are lovely in design but not in finish, consider using a sheer fabric that will cover a not so lovely finish but still show of its interesting features.

Wedding chairs incoporating petal cones as part of the decorations.

Photo by BenGrantham

27. Petal Cone Chair Decorations

Make sure all your guests are ready for the petal toss when you walk down the aisle as Mr and Mrs, by tucking a petal filled cone into the backs of your wedding chairs.

Flower filled green mason jar wedding chair decorations.

Photo by Dan Merino

28. Garland Chair Decorations

Surround your chairs with a garland and secure in place with tulle. The garland could be made from fresh greenery or for something more everlasting (or to create in advance) diy your own fabric flower garland.

Tropical wedding decorations on chair.

Photo by Neeta Lind

29. Tropical Flowers

Decorate the centre aisle with large floral displays. This arrangement is made with large topical leaves and orchids.

16 More Wedding Chair Decoration Ideas

Heart and vine border image.

Bride Idea

Closeup of bride.

Consider the Height of Your Table Arrangements

For ease of conversation between your guests at the tables you should take the height of your centrepieces into consideration. Low arrangements, should not be higher that 25cm (10 inches), this way the people on opposite sides of the table can talk easily.

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Wedding Tips and Ideas

You can read more tips and ideas by clicking here.

Wedding photographer with camera

Photo Planning Tip

It is best to hire a professional photographer rather than leaving the job to a friend or relative.

Your friend may be eager but may miss on key moments of your day or the photos are just not up to scratch.

So, avoid possible disappointment and hire a professional to capture your day.

Wedding ceremony venue

Eco FriendlyTip

Host the ceremony and reception at the same place, it is not only convenient to you and your guests but it will help reduce the amount of transportation pollution associated with your day.

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