A Guide To Catholic Wedding Music

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A Catholic wedding is a sacred celebration and the appropriate catholic wedding music should be selected. The Christian wedding music selected should enable the guests present to participate in the liturgy.

You should try to select music that is well known, or a least easy to learn so that if they do join in, it will be easy for them to follow.

The music should not include any “showy theatrical” pieces. The best choice of musicians is using the parish organist, cantor and even the choir, they have been involved in many weddings before and this will ensure that on the music side everything should run smoothly.

Here are some guidelines to help plan your music. Note most of the music listed under certain headings is appropriate at more than one occasion in the ceremony.

There are many more songs that can be played at your wedding just consult the celebrant and musicians they should be able to help with further suggestions.


The Prelude Music

While the guests are assembling, instrumentalists, choir or vocal soloists may perform appropriate music. This introductory music will allow the congregation to gather their thoughts and prepare them for the wedding ceremony. The music that is selected should reflect a prayerful preparation.

Suggested Catholic Wedding Music:

  • Bridegroom and Bride
  • Canticle of the Sun
  • Come, on this wedding day
  • Gather us In
  • Gather us Together
  • Hear us now, our God and Father
  • Jesus, come! For we invite you
  • This is a joyous, happy day
  • When love is found
  • Within your house, O God today
  • Your love, O God

The Processional

The Processional is the ritual entrance of the ministers for the liturgy, and the bridal couple receiving the sacrament of marriage are included in the procession. The entrance music is played to escort them with honor to the sanctuary.

Suggested Catholic Wedding Music:

  • Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
  • Canon in D Major
  • Trumpet Tune
  • Trumpet Voluntary – J Clarke (also know as The Prince of Denmark’s March)
  • Trumpet Voluntary – Stanley
  • Overture from Royal Fireworks Suite
  • Rondeau from Priemier Suite
  • Bridegroom and Bride
  • Canticle of the Sun
  • Come, on this wedding day
  • Gather us In
  • Gather us Together
  • Hear us now, our God and Father
  • Jesus, come! For we invite you
  • This is a joyous, happy day
  • When love is found
  • Within your house, O God today
  • Your love, O God

Liturgy of the Word

The Responsorial Psalm should be sung. A Cantor sings the verses and the congregation sings the antiphon.

Psalms 33, 34, 103, 111, 112, 121, 122, 128, 138, 145, and 148 can be used. These can be found in your parish hymnals.

The Gospel Acclamation or Alleluia is also sung by a cantor and the congregation.

Rite of Marriage

After the exchange of vows, a song can be sung.

  • God beyond glory
  • Great Amen

Liturgy of the Eucharist

An instrumental song may be played to accompany the preparations of the offertory.

  • Wedding Song – Peters or Schutz
  • Be Thou with them – Bach
  • The Gift of Love – Hopson
  • When Love is Found – Joncas or Proulx

The Eucharistic Acclamations

The Holy, Holy, the Memorial Acclamation and the Great Amen are sung. The cantor or the choir should lead the people when these are sung.

  • Mass of Creation – Haugen
  • Mass of Light – Haas
  • Community Mass – Prolux
  • Heritage Mass – Alsott
  • People’s Mass – Vermulst


The congregation should be lead by the cantor or choir when singing a suitable song which expresses the unity of the Body of Christ while the communion procession takes place.

After communion a song of praise and reflection is sung.

Any of the following Catholic wedding music could be sung or played during the preparations of the gifts, communion reflection and signing of the register.

  • Christians, let us love one another
  • Eat this bread
  • Gift of finest wheat
  • One bread, one body
  • Our supper invitation
  • Taste and see
  • Taste and see God’s love for us
  • We are many parts
  • I am the Bread of Life
  • Gather us together
  • A new commandment
  • The Beatitudes
  • Blest are they
  • I have loved you
  • May the grace of Christ
  • May your love be upon us
  • My peace be upon you forever
  • No greater love
  • Not for tongues of heaven’s angels
  • O Father all-creating
  • O Lord, at your Eucharist you prayed
  • O perfect love
  • Peace, joy and happiness
  • Peace prayer
  • Servant song
  • Sing a new song, sing a new song
  • The Lord is my shepherd
  • This is my commandment
  • This is my will
  • Ubi Caritas
  • We have been told
  • Where there is charity and love
  • Where there is love

Concluding Rite


A festive, joyous piece of music is usually played to accompany the recessional.

Suggested Catholic Wedding Music:

  • Bring forth the kingdom
  • City of God
  • Companions on the journey
  • God is love, the source of goodness
  • Lord and lover of creation
  • Ode to joy
  • Something which is known
  • They’ll know we are Christians
  • We praise you O Lord

Other Suggestions for Catholic Wedding Music:

  • Alleluja – Mozart
  • Ave Maria – Bach, Gounod
  • Ave Maria – Schubert
  • Beginning today
  • Exultate jubilate –Mozart
  • The Irish wedding song
  • Jesu, joy of man’s desiring – Bach
  • Like a seal on your heart
  • Lord’s prayer – Malotte
  • May God bless and keep you – Walker
  • Nuptial Blessing – A Joncas
  • Panis Angelicus – Franck
  • The Lord bless you and keep you – Rutter
  • Turn! Turn! Turn!
  • Wedding Song (there is love)
  • Wherever you go

You might also like to read our article on Catholic marriage vows. Here you will some examples of wedding vows that could be said in a Catholic wedding ceremony.

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