Wedding Ceremony Location Ideas

First of all you need to decide on the wedding ceremony location and what style of service you would prefer, religious or civil. You may already know where you want to be married, it could be in your family church, or you may want to exchange your vows in a lovely park.

If you are not sure, the locations to hold your wedding ceremony are limitless, such as a church, your parents’ home, at a yacht club, theme park, Tropical Island, zoo or botanical gardens, just use your imagination.

Listed below are some options for the most common wedding ceremony site locations.

Possible Wedding Ceremony Locations

Outdoor Service

Outdoor wedding ceremonies are best held when the weather is warm. When having it in summer, consider the heat and select a place that has plenty of shade, for both the bridal party and the guests. To avoid the harsh heat of the day, plan for the ceremony to take place in the cooler part of the day. The service is normally performed by a marriage celebrant.

Public Venue

Most public places will have to be booked well in advance for a small fee. Be aware that these venues will still be open to the public on your wedding day. The ceremony is normally performed by a marriage celebrant.

Picture of a church wedding.

Marriages in a Church

This is a traditional service, performed by a priest, rabbi, or minister. The ceremony takes place in a church, temple or other place of worship.

Religious Wedding Ceremony At Another Venue

This type of ceremony is a religious service performed by a religious minister (or priest, rabbi) at a location of you choosing.

Ecumenical Service

This is a good option if you are both of different faiths. A clergy member from each of your faiths will say the marriage ceremony together.

Civil Service

A civil ceremony is not performed by a member of the clergy. The ceremony will be performed by a judge, justice of the peace, or other official. You can create your own vows and it can be as long or as short as you like.

Things To Consider When Selecting a Wedding Ceremony Location

Wherever you decide to hold your wedding ceremony, you will need to book. You will also need to consider the following when making your final decision on the wedding ceremony location:

  • Is it large enough to hold the number of guests that you have invited?
  • Is it available for the date and time you want?
  • Do you meet the officiant's requirements?
  • Are the fees within your budget?
  • Do you feel comfortable with the officiant, or are you able to bring in an officiant of our choice?
  • Are there any restrictions with the music, photography, flowers or clothing?
  • Is the site accessible to all the guests?
  • Will it be available for the rehearsal of the wedding?
  • Are there any other weddings or events planned for your day?
  • You don't want to have to rush, just because there is another wedding soon after yours.
  • Do you have to organize the cleaning of the area after the service?
  • Are you able to have access before the wedding ceremony to decorate with flowers?
  • If you are having children at your wedding be aware of any potential hazards such as a lake or pond.
  • Keep in mind how far the wedding ceremony site location is from the reception venue.

The Wedding Ceremony Style

The style is what type of qualities that you want your ceremony to have and this could be influence by the wedding ceremony site. It is important to know what you want, so that you can discuss it with your officiant. If you are unsure of the style your celebrant should be able to give you some ideas.

Listed below are some style ideas:

  • Religious with a mass.
  • Religious without a mass.
  • Formal.
  • Formal but personalized.
  • Ethnic rituals included in the ceremony.
  • Have some religious ritual included.
  • Interfaith wedding, ceremony led by two officiants.
  • Very spiritual.
  • Light and humorous.
  • Short and quick informal wedding.