The Wedding Rehearsal

Practice makes perfect. The wedding rehearsal should take place before the wedding. This could be anywhere from several days before, or even the day prior to your marriage.

In the case of small, intimate weddings, the rehearsal may consist of only a few minutes of instructions prior to the ceremony.

You will be practicing exactly what you have to do on your wedding day.

Usually only the bridal party and both sets of parents and celebrant are present (also include anyone who will be doing special readings, anyone who is responsible for the music on the day - ushering, lighting of the candles, entrances and exits, special cues, variations in the service, and so on).

Ideally it should take place at the site where you are to be married. When you are booking your ceremony site, try to book it for your rehearsal if you can.

Flowers and entrance of venue with dark blue runner.

By going through a practice run this should make everyone comfortable in their roles on the day and give a smooth running wedding.

Make sure that everyone involved knows the date, time and location. The rehearsal will start in order from walking down the aisle to exchanging your vows to leaving the church or ceremony venue.

All the attendants will be informed of what they need to do. This includes helping the flower girls and pageboys with their roles.

The groomsmen (ushers) will be shown how to seat the guests and who should be seated where.

On your wedding rehearsal day you don't need to be in your wedding attire just wear ordinary clothes.

If the bride chooses she may want to wear her bridal shoes just to get the feel of what it is like to walk down the aisle.

Run through the entire ceremony several times until everyone has a clear understanding of what they have to do.

After the rehearsal it's is customary to enjoy a meal with every one present at the rehearsal.