7 Tips to Selecting Your Ring Bearer Pillow

Lace ring pillow with golden organza ribbon.

An important accessory for every ring bearer is a ring bearer pillow and as a modern bride you have many appealing options. When deciding on the style of your ring pillow you will need to keep the following things in mind.


1. Wedding Theme and Location

One of the first things that you should consider is the ceremony location and theme of your wedding. You will want to pick a style that will both fit in with the theme of your wedding as well as the location. For example:

If your wedding ceremony is taking place in a church or a house of worship you might what to stay with a more conservative style.

An elegant and simple style pillow in your wedding colors might be more fitting for this type of ceremony or even a ring pillow made from fresh flowers.

On the other hand if your wedding is more casual such as a garden or beach wedding you could opt for a more fun design such as a birds nest ring pillow or a nautilus shell ring pillow.

2. The Age Of The Ring Bearer

One thing you should always keep in mind when selecting a pillow is the capabilities of your ring bearer.

A younger child may not be up to holding an object in their hands so you might like to consider something that they can clutch close to the body or hold in one hand such as a teddy bear rag doll or even a ring pillow with a handle.

Whereas an older child would be more capable of holding a pillow without dropping it, which brings me to the next point the type of material the pillow is made from.

3. The Material Of The Ring Pillow

Ring pillows are not just made from fabric you can get pillows made with fragile objects such as shell, ceramic and other breakable material which might be best left to an older ring bearer.

4. Shapes and Sizes

Ring pillows come in all shapes and sizes so just look to your wedding theme to come up with size and shape that you will want.

For example if your wedding is by a lake you might consider a canoe shaped pillow for your rings. Or if you are having a western style wedding consider a simple pillow made from burlap decorated with fresh or silk flowers.

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Ring pillows from Wedding Star

Ring bearer pillows from Wedding Star

5. Color

You can opt for a simple single toned pillow or a pillow in two or more tones to compliment your wedding theme colors.

6. Readymade or DIY

Readymade pillows are quick and convenient but you can be limited if you have a special design in mind that is not already made. But this is not to say that you can't add your own special touches to a readymade pillow so that it will fit in with your theme.

If you are a crafty bride a DIY ring bearer pillow will be a snap to make and be a little more personal - as you have given a little of yourself in the making of it and it can become a treasured heirloom.

7. Ring Security

Last but not least do make sure that the rings can be held securely in place, this can be in the form of ribbons or little pockets.

Ring pillow covered with fabric petals.

4. Soft delicate fabric can be cut and sewing into place to create a petal covered look.

Simple elegant ring pillow idea.

5. Simple and refined a crisscross of narrow ribbon studded with pearl beads.

Country style ring pillow.

6. Ring pillows can be made from just about any fabric that will fit in with your wedding theme.

Ring bearer pillow alternative.

7. Think outside the box and create a pillow from other suitable objects such as this fine mesh heart shaped box.

Ring pillow with country charm.

8. Adorable and old fashioned looking with a decorative lace overlay and small white daisy flowers.

Vintage style ring bearer pillow idea.

9. Vintage style ring pillow with white satin and lace.

Small ring pillow.

10. You could use items that you use elsewhere in your wedding such as decorative tags to decorate a simple pillow.

Birds nest ring pillow idea.

11. Ring bearer pill alternative, this birds nest ring pillow the perfect addition to a garden or country style wedding theme.

Ring bearer pillow idea.

12. An oversized organza flower sits sweetly in the center with matching lengths of narrow ribbon to securely hold the rings.

Decorative container used as ring  pillow.

13. Modern ring bearer pillow alternative.

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Ring bearer pillow sets from Top Wedding

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