Wedding Flower Budget Cost Cutting Ideas

Planning your wedding flower budget. A wedding wouldn't be a wedding without flowers. Selecting and planning the flowers for your wedding can be exciting and rewarding.

It does not matter how large or small the wedding, well selected flowers will transform any indoor and outdoor setting giving it that extra special touch.

Flowers are the perfect accessory to complement every part of your wedding from the ceremony to the reception.

But if you do not plan the wedding flower budget carefully this is where your wedding budget can get out of hand.

Be smart, plan carefully and you will have floral display that will give the impact that you want without going over your budget.

When To Buy Your Flowers

You should start to think about your wedding flowers soon after you have chosen your wedding gown and theme because these will usually steer you towards certain flowers and arrangements.

Low floral table centerpiece.

You should also start looking for a florist no later than three to six months before your wedding.

Questions To Ask Your Florist

  • Have you worked at my venue before?
  • Do you have a portfolio of your work, especially weddings at my venue?
  • Which flowers are in season and grown locally?
  • How can I keep the costs down?
  • Do you have things such as vases and candelabras to hire or buy?
  • Will you be doing my flowers or will one or your colleagues?
  • What is the timetable for the flowers on the wedding day?
  • Do I need to leave a deposit at the time of booking?
  • When will the balance be due?

List of flowers you may need?

Bridal Party

  • Bride's bouquet
  • Tossing bouquet
  • Bride's headdress (if any)
  • Bridesmaids' bouquets
  • Bridesmaids' headdresses (if any)
  • Flower girl's bouquets
  • Flower girls' headdress (if any)
  • Mothers' corsages
  • Boutonnieres (buttonholes) for the groom and his attendants
  • Fathers' boutonnieres



  • Entrance
  • Altar
  • Pulpit
  • Lectern
  • Columns
  • Font
  • Windowsills
  • Pew ends
  • Unity candle
  • Rose petal confetti



  • Bridal table
  • Guest's table
  • Entrance
  • Guest book table
  • Wedding cake table
  • Buffet table


Wedding Flower Budget - Money Saving Tips

  • Selecting flowers that are in season and grown locally are much cheaper than those that are imported or hot house grown.
  • If you have enough time, visit a florist a year before your wedding to check what flowers are available and in abundance.
  • Don't use a florist who charges a consultation fee. Most florist do not charge a fee. You can find plenty of good florist who do not charge this fee.
  • Try to set your wedding date that is not near a holiday. You may find that most flowers will go up in price due to the high demand.
  • Carry a single flower instead of the large expensive bouquets.
  • Make your own bouquet.
  • Use a mix of silk flowers and fresh flowers.
  • If you would like to carry a bouquet have your bridesmaids carry a single flower.
  • Have a small number of attendants, because the more attendants you have the more your flowers will cost.

Wedding Flower Budget Ideas for the Bouquets and Corsages

  • Select simple or smaller bouquets that need less work.
  • The less structured and formal the bouquet, the less expensive it is. So consider a hand tied bouquet this requires less work for the florist and is a simple way to keep the wedding flower budget down.
  • Make your own bouquet (or the bridesmaids bouquets) and simple corsages.
  • Instead of making a statement with large bouquets, wow your guests with smaller bouquets that are vibrant in color.
  • Avoid exotic flowers - they are expensive. If you really must have some exotic flowers use only a few in the bridal bouquet and mix with flowers that are in season.
  • Consider using a single long stemmed flower (or a group of three) instead of a bouquet for your bridesmaids. This will considerably cut down on expenses and can look very elegant.
  • The size of your wedding party will greatly determine how much you spend on the flowers. You may want to limit the size of your wedding party because the more wedding flower arrangements you have the greater the cost.
  • Your bridesmaids don't really need to carry flowers. Be a little different have them carry a pretty parasol or paper fans.
  • For the mothers of the bride and groom instead of the traditional corsage have them carry a single flower like a rose.
  • Use silk flowers instead of real ones. You can select these yourself and you don't have to worry about them looking fresh, plus you get to keep them forever.
  • Use a mix of silk and fresh flowers in the bouquet no one will really be able to tell the difference.
  • Organize the flower petals for the flower girls yourself from your own garden. You can use them fresh on the day or dry them long before your wedding. Also contact any supermarkets and stores that sell fresh roses and see if they will let you take the old flowers that are past their time and will be thrown away. If you are lucky you may get these for next to nothing or free, then dry the petals for your flower girl to use.
  • Organize someone that you trust to collect the flowers to avoid delivery charges.

Ceremony Wedding Flower Budget Ideas

  • Place your ceremony flowers where the attention will be (at the altar). That is where most of your guests eye will be focused towards.
  • Have the flowers from the ceremony moved to the reception to keep the wedding flower budget down. Have a trusted friend or friends do this for you after the wedding ceremony.
  • Don't decorate every pew with flowers. Decorate every second or third pew. Or make your own pew decorations out of tulle or fabric.
  • Use lots of greenery.
  • Rent potted plants or shrubs to decorate the ceremony location. Or purchase them cheaply from a nursery and then plant them in your own garden later.
  • Let nature be your decorator, have your ceremony take place in a natural setting such as a rose garden or botanical garden.
  • Check to see if there will be other weddings on the same day as yours, you may be able to share the cost of the flowers with the other couples.
  • Have several large arrangements which will have more of a visual impact rather than a lot of smaller arrangements which can cost a lot more.


Reception Wedding Flower Budget Ideas

  • Try to have the table flowers as part of the package deal from the reception venue.
  • Use the bridal bouquet and bridesmaids bouquets as part of the floral arrangements, these could be used on the bridal table or cake table.
  • Make your own table centerpieces from candles, beads, ribbons or silk flowers.
  • Always check out the sales for decorations especially after Christmas.
  • Use your wedding favors as table decorations, arrange them in an attractive way and at the end of the evening your guests can take them home.
  • Visit the local flower market and buy your flowers in bulk and have some artistic friends make the centerpieces for you on the wedding day. Try not to do this yourself you will be too busy getting ready.
  • Use fruit as your centerpieces.
  • Use helium balloons instead of flowers, these are cheap and look fantastic.