Ideas For Cheap Wedding Cakes

Cheap wedding cakes can be made in any design from traditional to modern it’s your choice.

Wedding cake prices can vary depending on various factors, from the wedding cake decorations to size of the cake you have.

So before you decide on any wedding cake designs you should set a budget and stick to it.

There are many cheap wedding cake ideas that can help you create your own beautiful wedding cake and keep the overall costs down.

11 Ideas To Keep the Price of the Wedding Cake Down

  1. Three tiered white wedding cake with swiss dot piping and white daisies.
    Order you cake from a baker rather that the wedding caterer where you could wind up paying twice as much for a simple 3 tier wedding cake.
  2. Shop around and compare the prices this is one way of making sure that you stay within the budget.
  3. Use your local baker. If you have used them before and you know that they are reliable and their cakes taste great get them to make your cake. You never know you might even get a discount for being a regular customer.
  4. Keep the decorations to a minimum. The most expensive part of the cake can be the wedding cake decorations, especially if you have a large number of handmade decorations, so keep these to a minimum or use premade decorations such as silk flowers or satin ribbons.
  5. Big wedding cakes are expensive. Use a small wedding cake that has been beautifully decorated to display and cut at the reception and have a plain sheet cake which has been in stored in the kitchen to cut for the guests. 
  6. Serve your wedding cake as the only dessert. Have your wedding cake made as a dessert style cake; the portions cut from these are usually larger than traditional cakes and you will save by not paying for a course on your menu. A cheesecake wedding cake will serve both purposes.
  7. Make your own wedding cake or have a friend make it as a wedding gift.
  8. Have a friend bake the cake for you and a professional ice the wedding cake for you.
  9. Keep it simple and use great wedding cake flavors. Don’t try to cut the cake budget on the taste of the wedding cake. Always use the freshest ingredients when you create your own wedding cake. The taste will be long remembered after the wedding, than a bad tasting cake with over the top wedding cake decorations.
  10. Cupcake wedding cakes is another great cheap wedding cakes idea. A cupcake tiered wedding cake can look just as impressive as a 3 tier wedding cake, and because they are individual wedding cakes these do not have to be cut. This will save you the cost that the reception venue will charge to cut and distribute the cake. And even better they are easy to make yourself.
  11. Wedding cake serving sets. Don’t buy from the bridal shops these are usually overpriced. Purchase a simple silver one and decorate the handle with ribbon and small decorations to match your wedding theme. Or simply just use the reception venues wedding cake serving set.