Garden Style Wedding Flower Bouquet

Making a garden style wedding flower bouquet is the perfect arrangement for the bride having a casual outdoor wedding and is even better if you can use the flowers from your own garden.

Make your own bridal bouquet using spring flowers for your spring wedding and don't forget bouquets of beautiful spring wedding flowers for your bridesmaids.

Learn with Leanne Kessler from the Floral Design Institute how easy it is to make a garden style bouquet.

Leanne has many years experience as a florist and she shows you the easiest ways to create beautiful flower arrangements.

Just watch the video below and see how easily you can make your own bridal bouquet.

This garden style wedding flower bouquet is a loose arrangement of hand tied flowers which are gathered, bound and tied with ribbon with stems left exposed.

  • An ideas for a garden style bouquet.
    1. Garden style bouquet idea.
    You will need an assortment of garden flowers such as: yellow roses, Hydrangea flowers, orange roses, smaller flowers or greenery to be used as fillers.
  • Some florist tape or wire and a wide decorative ribbon in a color to compliment your flowers.
  • Prepare flowers by cutting the bottom of the stems at an angle and place them in a container of clean water for at least several hours or overnight to fully hydrate them.
  • Strip the stems of the lower leaves and remove all thorns.
  • Remove any damaged or poor looking petals from your flowers leaving you with the perfect looking flowers.
  • Lay your flowers out in front of you grouped by their variety.
  • Take you largest flower then add several roses and some filler flowers, just continue adding the flowers and building your bouquet in no particular order.
  • As you are working keep turning the bouquet in your hands adjusting and positioning the flower keeping them in a symmetrical design.
  • When you are happy with the look of your wedding flower arrangement secure the stems by wrapping several times with wire or florist tape.
  • Next you will need to cut the stems down. To find the correct stem length hold the stems close to the top with on hand and the place your other hand directly underneath the first.
  • You cut at the position where the stems are protruding out from under the second hand. This will give a nice handle to your bouquet.
  • To cut the stems hold it tightly and using a sharp knife cut of the excess stems (for safety hold the bouquet away from your body and cut the stems away from yourself).
  • To finish of your bouquet tie a decorative ribbon over the binding wire or florist tape. The ribbon can be simply tied and left hanging loose or you could finish off with a bow.
  • To keep your flowers fresh until you need to use them leave the standing in a container of water until needed.

Garden Style Bouquet Ideas

Daisy, iris and baby's breath brides bouquet.
White rose and blue flower bouquet.
Lovely bouquet consisting on white dasies, roses, blue flowers and baby's breath.
Soft pink and green loose bouquets.
Bride holding large bouquet.
Brides bouquet with matching bridesmaids bouquets.
Garden style wedding bouquet.
LSmall bouquet with roses.

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