Wedding Boutonniere Ideas

(12 boutonniere pictures and instructions to make your own.)

A wedding boutonniere is the male equivalent of the corsage worn by a woman. The boutonniere is usually a selection of one or two small flowers on their own or with a bit of fern, greenery or baby’s breath.

It is worn mostly for formal occasions such as a wedding or prom. Boutonniere flowers are always pinned to the left lapel of the suit or tuxedo.

The groom, bestman, groomsmen (ushers), fathers of the bride and the groom wear boutonnieres.

If the bride has someone else escorting her down the aisle, he should also wear a boutonniere. If a woman escorts the bride she should wear a corsage.

You can make the groom’s boutonniere stand out from the rest of the boutonnieres, by selecting a different color for him.

If you prefer the groom and his attendants to wear the same color flower, request that the groom's be made with a double flower.

The boutonniere is one of the simplest floral arrangements to make. If you are trying to save money at a wedding you could make a boutonniere yourself.

The colors of the boutonniere should match the general color theme of the wedding. Traditionally the brides family orders the grooms flowers and has them ready him on the day.

Bride Idea
If the groom or any of his attendants have severe allergies to flowers consider using a silk boutonniere.

How to Attach a Wedding Boutonniere


12 Ideas For The Grooms flowers

Below you will find pictures of boutonnieres, if you like a design copy it and take it to your florist or make it yourself. Remember if it is not in your wedding colors you can always change the color.

Blue boutonniere.
Orchid and fern boutonniere.
Yellow rose boutonniere.
White and green boutonniere.
Small boutonniere idea.
White boutonniere with a twisted stem detail.
White rose and lilly boutonniere.
Bride adjusting boutonniere on grooms suit.
Large white flower boutonniere.
Orange and red boutonniere idea.
Pink, white and orange flower boutonniere.
Boutonniere in shades of purple.


Easy To Make Wedding Boutonniere

A boutonnière will take on endless well intentioned abuse on a wedding day. The delicate stephanotis and miniature cream rose button holes will look spectacular at first, it will quickly wilt after the countless hugs from your guests. You should select a hardy flower that will not droop easily.

A great alternative to the fresh flower boutonnières is to go for silk or dried flowers such as lavender in spring, or berries for a winter wedding.

Instead of wrapping the flower in floral tape, consider using ribbon or an elegant piece of fabric.

Video Instructions

Learn with Leanne Kesler from the Floral Design Institute see how easy it is to make a buttonhole.

Leanne has many years experience as a florist and she shows you the easiest ways to create beautiful flower arrangements. Just watch the video below and see how easily you can create your own wedding flowers.


  • One or two flowers of your choice
  • Accent flowers (baby’s breath or leaves)
  • Corsage Pin
  • Green floral tape
  • Ribbon
  • Thin floral wire

How to Make

  1. Cut the stems 8 – 10cm (3- 4 inches) long.
  2. Arrange the flowers, adding the accent flowers if your are using them.
  3. Secure the stems together with the thin floral wire.
  4. Wrap green floral tape stating underneath the flowers and working your way down. Stretching the tape as you go.
  5. Wrap ribbon around the floral tape to cover, or make a bow.
  6. After more ways to save money on your wedding flowers then go to our do it yourself wedding flowers page for more ideas.