Moss covered kissing balls.

Ball Of Flowers For Wedding Decorations

A ball of flowers is made up from a foam or polystyrene ball studded with flowers. It can be carried by the bride, her bridesmaids or the flower girl.

It usually sits hanging from a loop of ribbon or other decorative embellishment such as decorative cord or pearl crafting beads from the wrist.

Carnations are one of the better flowers to use as they are round and give a nice neat looking ball. Other flowers can be use and should be of a similar size depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

You can also use a mix of large and small flowers and flowers in different colors.

If you use flowers that are different in shape or color make sure that everything is evenly spaced to give a balanced look.

A flower ball can also be called a kissing ball or pomander and are a very versatile flower arrangement that can be used in many different ways:

  • They can be carried as a bouquet
  • Hung on the sides of chairs or pews to decorate the ceremony venue.
  • They can be used as part of a backdrop, such as hanging from an arch way.
  • Hung from the ceiling or chandeliers.
  • Use medium sized flower balls to decorate the tables.
  • Use them to create large or small topiaries these can be used as centrepieces or placed around the reception room.
  • Hang small balls of flowers over door knobs on in doorways.

You can use, dried or silk flowers to make a ball of flowers for wedding decorations these can be made in advance which will give you more time to do other important things closer to your wedding date.

In fact a silk flower balls for weddings are very easy to make and there are several ways that you can do this. You can use polystyrene balls and secure the flowers in place with glue, or you can use a dry florist ball and push the flowers as shown in this video.

Floral Note:
When making your own flower ball choose a ball size that is smaller than what you actually want – because it will grow in size when the flowers are added.


Make a Ball Of Flowers Using Fresh Flowers

You will need

  • A ball of floristry foam (Oasis) measuring 20 cm (8 inches) in diameter
  • 50 Carnations or any full bloomed flower
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

Step 1

  • Soak the oasis ball in a bucket of water, it is completely soaked when it sinks to the bottom of the bucket.

Step 2

  • Using scissors cut the flower stems at 3cm to 5cm from the base of the flower head.
  • Always cut the stems on an angle, to enable maximum water absorption.

Step 3

  • Start at the top of the oasis ball, gently push in the stem of your first flower, making sure it goes all the way into the base of the oasis ball.
  • Keep adding and placing the flowers head in a straight line until the ball is ringed with flowers. Then make a line halfway around and fill in the quarters. Make sure the flowers are evenly placed with no gaps.

Step 4

  • Gently place your pomander ball in the middle of your table.
Small elegant looking display of flower balls.

Photo by mary_smn - Depositphotos

3. Elegant dainty white kissing balls can be turned to a feature item.

Purple and white kissing ball idea.

Photo by rod_julian - Depositphotos

4. Use all one flower type.

Bride holding a kissing ball of pink and white roses.

Photo by timonko- Depositphotos

5. Use pearl craft beads to create a luxurious look for the bride.

Hang ball of flowers for a loveley effect.

Photo by zhanglianxun - Depositphotos

6. Hang flower balls from the chandeliers.

White kissing ball idea.

Photo by Romann83 - Depositphotos

7. White kissing ball with a hint of pastel toned flowers.

Flower ball with feathers and bows.

Photo by amoklv - Depositphotos

8. Mix other embellishments into the ball like feathers and ribbon bows.

Pink flower ball idea.

Photo by alexalexl - Depositphotos

9. Create a flower ball in one color and use them to decorate the walk ways.

Pink flower ball idea.

Photo by eelnosiva - Despositphotos

10. Use a variety of different flowers to create a loose style ball.

Green and white kissing ball with blue and white cord.

Photo by noreenlhrpk - Depositphotos

11. Add interest to your flower ball by adding a smaller one at the bottom.

Use greenery for inexpensive flower balls.

Photo by zhanglianxun - Depositphotos

12. Use lots of greenery for a soft fresh look.

All white ball of flower on silver pole.

Photo by Aleks_T - Depositphotos

13. Flower balls can also be added to the tops of decorative poles.

Ball of flowers centerpieces.

Photo by boggy22 - Depositphotos

14. Balls of flowers can be used as table decorations.

Flower balls on shephard hooks.

Photo by Svetlana Atasheva - Fotolia

15. Use shepherd hooks to hang flower balls.

Ball of flower hanging on the side of a chair.

Photo by John Karwoski - Fotolia

16. Hang small flower balls to deocrate guest chairs.

Ball of flower hanging on the side of a chair.

Photo by Paul Retherford - Fotolia

17. Church pews can be decorated with flower balls.

Small flower ball for flower girls.

Photo by Susan - Fotolia

18. Create small flower balls for the tiny members of your bridal party.

Bride and bridesmaids carrying pomander balls.

Photo by Jennifer Longaway

19. Create multiple small flower balls for the bride and single flower ball for the bridesmaids.

Bride with medium flower ball.

Photo by Flashback Tunsisie

20. Use white roses to create a medium sized rose flower ball.

Bride with flower girls holding flower balls.

Photo by Henry Burrows

21. Have your flower girls carry balls of flowers in different colors.

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