Cool Fall Wedding Ideas

(Includes 14 autumn toned bridal bouquet ideas.)

Most of us think of weddings in the spring or summer, with soft colors and warm days. We tend to forget that fall can be such a romantic and wonderful time to get married. So why not consider these fall wedding ideas.

The flowers and leaves are changing into an incredible array of colors ranging from cream, pale yellows, rust, bronze, browns, greens all the way to deep burgundy and red, which create a soft lush colorful carpet as they fall off the trees.

It doesn't matter if your wedding is ultra-formal or informal you can combine the elements of fall/autumn by using the autumn colors.
For a formal fall theme wedding the colors of burgundy with hunter green, and wine with navy are very sophisticated and these can be carried through out your wedding decor, your flowers and even the bridal party attire.

For an informal fall theme wedding, color combinations such as rust with kelly green, or yellow and light peach can be used, again these can be carried through out your wedding decor, your flowers and even the bridal party attire.

Fall Wedding Ideas For The Location

Bride and groom made with haybales.

Your fall theme wedding could take place in a park, country inn, winery, ranch or farm, barn, gazebo, national park, open fields, botanical gardens, private garden, near a river, on a river.

Fall Wedding Gowns and Bridal Party Attire

Bride and groom walking in park on a fall day.

In fall the weather can be unpredictable, so consider using slightly heavier fabrics for the wedding gown and dresses, or use stoles, shawls or boleros to keep the chill out.

The bridesmaid’s dresses could be made in the autumn colors each wearing the same color dress or different colors.

The brides gown can be white, ivory, champagne or gold, her veil and gown could be embroidered with a gold dainty leaf motive. 

The groom and groomsmen could wear tan, beige or brown instead of the traditional dark colors. Their ties could be in fall colors matching the bridesmaid’s dresses.

Fall Wedding Ideas For Invitations

Your invitations and stationery can be accented with your chosen fall colors. Select graphics with a fall theme, such as leaves, acorns, fall flowers or seasonal fruit. Gift tags and place cards can be cut to look like leaves.

Lovely Bridal Bouquet Ideas Using Fall Wedding Flowers

Rose bouquet in pink and orange tones.

Fall in love with fall wedding flowers, the colors, the texture add warmth despite the chill in the air. Take full advantage of the beautiful local autumn foliage and flowers which will bring a light-hearted mood to an autumn wedding celebration.

When choosing your fall wedding flowers select colors that are in keeping with the season - rich tones of browns, orange's, reds, deep yellows right through to the lighter tones of soft pinks and browns will all work with a fall wedding theme.

Some of the most popular wedding flower choices are the roses, calla lillies and gerberas.

Roses, calla lillies and gerberas come in a wide variety of colors and sizes such a terracotta, deep yellow orange and reds all autumn colors.

You can use these on their own or mix with other flowers, berries and grasses to create a unique bridal bouquet.

Rustic style brides bouquet.
1. A casual style hand tied bouquet of calla lilies and leaves perfect for an autumn garden wedding theme.
Fall toned brides bouquet.
2. The flowers of this bouquet compliment the color of the dress perfectly.
Red and yellow bouquet.
3. Long grass has been looped to give a unique look to this bouquet.
Tropical style bouquet with large monsteria leaves.
4. Large monsteria leaves create the background for this lovely yellow and green bouquet.
Pink and yellow daisy bouquet.
5. Gerbera daisy bouquet.
White rose and orange flowr bouquet.
6. Orange flowers have been added to create a warm autumn tone to this white bouquet.
Yellow and green toned wedding flowers.
7. A simple yellow, orange and green rustic bridal bouquet idea.
Bride holding fall toned bouquet.
8. A combination of light and dark colors can add interest to your bouquet.
Deep reds, orange and purple toned bouquet.
9. Deep strong colors in similar tones always look pretty.
Yelow and orange daisy wedding flowers.
10. A wedding bouquet of yellow and red daisies, orange and gold marigolds.
Bouquet created mostly with berries and vines.
11. A stunning bouquet using the minimal amount of flowers.
Large bouquet of roses,and everlasting flowers.
12. An orange tone fall wedding bouquet with red roses and yellow everlasting flowers.
Small posy bouquet with fall leaves.
13. A small bouquet of autumn flowers and fall toned leaves.
Orange calla lily and rose bouquet.
14. Orange toned calla lilly bouquet.
Orange calla lilies, white roses and red berries in a hand tied bouquet.
15. Warm orange, red and purple flowers have been combined in this gorgeous hand tied bouquet.

Fall Wedding Ideas For Ceremony Decorations

  • Rose petal walk down the aisle.
    Decorate the center aisle with fall flowers.
  • Decorate the ceremony site with fall/autumn flowers.
  • Have the flower girls carry colorful autumn leaves instead of rose petals.
  • Make pew bows from ribbons or tulle in your wedding color. Embellish them with fall silk flowers and leaves.

Centerpiece Fall Wedding Ideas

Rustic style table centerpiece idea.

Before you place the centerpiece on the tables decorate the table tops with fall colored leaves - you could use real leaves or ones that are made from paper.

  • Fill a basket or hollowed pumpkin with leaves or popcorn then fill with seasonal fruit, berries or nuts. Use also gourds, mini-pumpkins or acorns as your centerpiece.
  • For the buffet table have a pumpkin ice sculpture.
  • Carve out the inside of pumpkins and place candles in them.
  • If you are having a buffet, line hollowed pumpkins with foil and use them as serving dishes.
  • Place autumn floral arrangements in a straw basket or hollowed pumpkin.
  • Place some candles of various sizes in hurricane lamps. The candles may be cinnamon, cranberry, spice or apple scented.
  • Place leaf or pumpkin shaped floating candles in a bowl, place this on a layer of fall leaves or straw.
  • Paint or spray mini pumpkins and gourds then group them together in the center of the table.
  • Potted plants with real blooming flowers make a great table centerpiece which can then be given to your guests at the end of the evening as a wedding favor.
  • Use balloons in autumn colors.
Seasonal pumkins used as fall centerpiece decorations.
Go to your local market and buy in bulk seasonal pumpkins, squash and even corn and use these on your tables.
Tall and small autumn flower centerpiece idea.
Have a combination of tall and low floral arrangements in fall tones.
Centerpiece made using fall leaves and bull rushes in small wooden box.
A fantastic fall centrepiece can be created using small wooden boxes, fall leaves, grasses and bull rushes.
Candles surrounded by fall leaves.
Use fall colored candles of various heights and surround with fall toned leaves for an interesting non floral table arrangement.

Favor Fall Wedding Ideas

A fall wedding favor presentation idea.

Fall is a lovely time of the year to get married and you have so many different and distinctive fall wedding favor ideas to choose from. Fall favors can bring out the magnificence of the many different shades of colors associated with this season.

The opulent and spectacular color range that Fall gives to you is amazing, with its warmth and crispness it can bring to mind warm and loving memories.

There are plenty of great fall wedding ideas for favors that you can select from or even make.

You can give homemade fall wedding favors such as jams and jellies that you have made yourself or purchased from a local market.

These perverse can be made using fresh local seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Present your perverse in jars which have been labeled in an Fall color to match your theme.

You also have the option to look online there are many companies that make other edible items which can be used as fall wedding favor ideas such a jelly beans or cookies all in the rich autumn tones of yellows, greens, golds, reds and burgundy.

Another option is to choose the packaging of your favor to match your fall theme rather that the favor itself. These come in a variety of colors and shapes from boxes to bags you can even decorate a simple box with a leaf shape ribbon.

These favors can also double as decorations which will add color to your wedding reception.

Fall Wedding Ideas for Reception Decorations

You can actually be liberal with touches and highlights reminiscent of the season with your fall theme wedding reception decorations.

After all, fall wedding should really echo the colors of the season for more drama.

Fall colors in varying degrees of reds, oranges, browns and yellows can be used to decorate the tables, wall and chairs.

  • Decorate chandeliers, window sills and the reception entrance with seasonal flowers.
  • Place card holders could be golden and red pears with a green paper leaf tag ttached with a dainty ribbon.
  • Use bales of hay as part of the reception or ceremony decorations.
  • Secure napkins with ribbon to complement the tablecloth.
  • Make the most of the natural seasonal produce use it every where. It will make a lasting impression on you and your guests.

Fall Wedding Ideas for Cake Tables

Displaying your wedding cake is one of the highlights of the wedding. Add a seasonal touch by surrounding your cake or decorating the cake with fall flowers, mini pumpkins, mini apples, marzipan fruit or leaves.

1. Decorate your cake with edible fall leaves and have them spill over onto the cake table.
2. Match your table linen with the colors on your wedding cake.
3. Use gold and burgandy tones.
4. Select flowers with warm fall tones to decorate your cakes.