Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

(With 24 pictures of arches.)

Wedding arch decoration ideas can be simple or elaborate and look great as a feature in any part of your wedding.

For most of us when we think of wedding arch an image of a bride and groom standing under a decorated dome frame comes to mind but this does not have to be the case.

Be imaginative in what you use as an arch - just look at your location or what you have on hand. Using natural arches are quick to set up and can also help cut down on some of the wedding decoration expense.

Arches make stunning displays at venues when:

  • Placed in front of doorways.
  • Used to highlight your wedding cake.
  • Can create a beautiful backdrop to the bridal table.
  • And are picture perfect for wedding photographs.

Let's look at a few examples of how to make a wedding arch using features at the location:

3 Easy And Low Cost Ways To Create A Wedding Arch

1. Natural Arches

For an outdoor wedding look around for natural arches: it could be the way two trees join together or the way climbing plants have been trained to grow over a frame creating an arch.

These arches could be left as is or highlighted with simple decorative features such as lanterns (for night), flowers, tulle, beading or even ribbon.

Natural arch.
Arch in garden.
If you decide to use natural arches these could be left as they are (if they fit in with your theme), or add other elements to make them more suitable.

2. Existing Structures

You could use an existing frame work such as a doorway that could easily be turned into an arch with a little decoration.

Outdoor reception with ribbon decorated timber arches in backgroung.
3. Outdoor wedding reception with timber frame arches decorated with ribbon in a variety of colors.
Red and white garden arch.
4. Don’t overlook fixed garden structures like the one above they can easily prettied up.

3. Internal Structures

Look to the internal structure of the venue does it have any feature that even half way resembles an arch such as two pillars standing side by side that when joined together with a decorative element will make an arch.

What if there are no natural arches at your location or you just don't want to use nature? You could always hire an arch, make or decorate your own wedding arch.

Hiring an arch is a quick and simple solution but depending on the hire company you may only be limited with the decorated arches that they offer and not have the freedom to personalise the already decorated arch.

Alternatively if you where to hire an undecorated arch frame, purchase an arch or make your own you could easily personalize it to your wedding theme.

9 Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

How you decorate your arch depends on your own personal taste and how much your budget will allow. Careful thought and consideration is the key to making your wedding arch look stunning - pay special attention to color and placement of your decorations.

You don't have to go overboard with the decorations to have a beautiful arch sometimes less is more as the saying goes.

For instance a single meduim to large cluster of flowers will draw the eye to the display creating a focal point rather than having numerous smaller arrangements which can cause the eye to wander and be distracted from the display.

Flowers are not the only thing that can be used as part of your diy wedding arch ideas you could:

  1. Create a balloon arch.
  2. Add a touch of romance with the soft sparkle of fairy lights that have been tucked under generous folds of draped sheer fabrics such as tulle, chiffon or organza.
  3. Dazzle by hanging strands of beads, ribbon or silk flowers.
  4. Decorate the arch in shades of the same color.
  5. A rustic and charming arch can be made with branches and other natural materials.
  6. Create an arch that has some meaning to you; for instance if you both have a passion for books why not create and arch using old books that you collect from the second hand store.
  7. Recycle old lace curtains to create and indoor look outside.
  8. Use fabrics that are appropriate to your wedding theme: You could use burlap to decorate the arch for a casual and relaxed country wedding theme. Or use a soft romantic looking sheer fabric for a romantic theme.
  9. Drape lightweight fabric to create an arch over a path or aisle.
White and green balloon arch decoration at wedding reception.
5. Balloon arches can be used to decorate the background to the bridal table.
Purple flower and beaded wedding arch.
6. Use soft draping fabric, flowers and decorative beading to create a beautiful ceremonial arch.
Wedding arch decorated with contrasting fabric and ling trailing vines.
7. Use contrasting fabric and long trailing vines.
Sheer curtains used to create an arch style background.
8. Recycle old curtains to create a vintage style look.
Meters of fabric used to create a draped style arch.
9. Use meters of fabric draped over wire to create an arch over the “aisle”.

One important factor to keep in mind at all times when planning your wedding arch decoration ideas is the cost.

You can easily get carried away and overspend here - which may not be a problem if you have unlimited funds but if you are working on a tight budget this is something you should consider.

7 DIY Wedding Arch Ideas And Tips

  1. Beach wedding arch.
    10. Using lots of greenery will help reduce the amount of flowers needed to cover an arch.
    If you choose to use flowers as part of the decorations use plenty of foliage. Foliage is a good base to build upon and is relatively inexpensive to purchase - you may already have a good supply in your own garden. You could cover your arch in one type of foliage and leave it at that or add other decorative elements.
  2. If adding groups of elements make sure that they are uneven in number - for some reason and odd number always looks better than and even number.
  3. Ensure that the items attached to the arch are secured firmly in place especially if your venue is located in a windy area such as the beach - you don't want to see half your arch fly away during the ceremony or reception.
  4. If you want to prepare your arch weeks or several days before the wedding your best option would be to use items that won't deteriorate quickly such as silk flowers, silk greenery, soft floaty fabrics such as tulle or chiffon you get the idea...
  5. If you are not delivering the arch yourself to the venue you will need to find someone trustworthy who can do that for you and don't forget the arch will need to be collected after the wedding festivities are over. You will also need to give them clear instructions as to the placement of the arch at the venue.
  6. When transporting your arch to the venue cover it up during transport to avoid any damage or soiling.
  7. It is also a good idea to have a few spare items and repair tools on hand when delivering the arch to the venue - just in case a few things do go wrong repairs can be done on the spot.

2 Ideas for Wedding Arch Reception Decorations

Elegant wedding arch reception decorations will add a special and a graceful touch to any wedding decor - it makes a lovely entryway, and it also creates a perfect spot for taking photographs. You can begin with just a simple wood or a metal arch and later it can be decorated according to your preference or taste.

Many couples today use wedding reception decorations balloons, tulle, satin or flowers while others tend to make seasonal motifs and some love to personalize their arches with photographs as well as other meaningful objects.

You also can purchase an arch for your wedding decorations from a nearby event hire store or even your local garden center or hardware store in your choice of size and shape.

Another alternative is to make your very own arch. If you are good at making things, especially creative with art and craft work then you can make one with the help of relatives, friends and family.

Wedding arch decoration ideas would be very much dependent upon your wedding venue the wedding theme too.

A lovely floral based kissing ball can also do the trick for you if you choose to let it hang from the center of the arch's top. Lanterns will look very pretty, in case the wedding reception is an outdoor event.

You can even use your initials which can be attached attractively to the arch or allowed to hang down from the center of the arch.

You can purchase wooden or metal initials from a craft store and these can then these can be decorated further by using paints and various other embellishments.

Here are two simple ideas for wedding arch decorations:

1. Flower Wedding Arch

White orchid wedding arch decoration.
11. Orchid covered arch.

A flower wedding arch style decoration is loved by many. Flowers are ideal for decoration purposes at all events and celebrations. They look fresh and beautiful. Use ivy and tulle for decorating the arch and more flowers can be further added to make the arch decoration look more interesting.

A lovely traditional arrangement of white flowers would be perfect for wedding arch reception decorations. Talk to your local florist and you can ask him to do a beautiful arrangement of white mums, baby's breath and calla lily.

This arrangement can then be placed on top of the arch centre. From there on, swirl the ribbons down towards arch sides and pull them inwards into a bow form at the arch stand's midpoint. If necessary, you can place additional satin ribbons to complete the look.

A cheaper alternative would be to use silk flowers instead of fresh flowers and by using silk flowers you will be able to decorate your arch well in advance.

Cut down the silk flower stems and then with the help of a hot glue gun, glue down each of those satin or sill flower on the wedding arch, the tulle. Arrange all of these so that it gives an impression that the flowers magically grew from the wedding arch.

Use other colorful flowers in the market for decoration like chrysanthemum, anthurium or tulips. Roses are ever popular and also make beautiful wedding arch reception decorations. There are many other exotic varieties of flowers to choose from.

2. Wedding Decorations With Balloons

White balloon arch wedding decoration.
12. White balloon arch.

Wedding decorations with balloons are also quite popular by people today. Pearl balloons in small sizes are used for a lot of arch decorations for the weddings. These balloons are available in different colors and in small sizes.

A cheap and a wonderful option would be to hire a professional person to do a nice wedding reception balloon arch for the occasion. You can also choose to tie little strips of different lengths of theme colored ribbons and have them hanging from this arch, decorated by colorful balloons. 

The wedding arch reception decorations if done beautifully will grab the attention of every guest who is a part of your reception celebration. Do what you think looks right and all the more, keep everything in your budget.

12 Additional Wedding Arch Decoration Ideas

Simple beach arch.
13. Beach wedding arch decoration idea.
Wedding cake table with arch in background.
14. Use an arch to decorate the wedding cake table.
White wedding flower decorations.
15. Match your arch flowers to the other flower decorations.
Dome arch with red and white fabric decoration.
16. Use contrasting fabrics.
Whte arch decoration.
17. Create a pelmet of flowers with flower tie backs to hold back soft sheer fabrics.
Arch structure decorated with simple flower arrangement.
18. Decorate the structure with simple flower arrangements.
Red and white arch idea.
19. Create an arch within an existing structure.
Bride and groom standing under arch.
Arch decorated with pink tulle and pink flowers.
Wedding arch decorating the backgound of the bridal table.
Wedding arch ready for the ceremony.
Large wedding arch heavily decorated with flowers.

Images obtained from Flickr have been used by permission under the creative commons licences.