Wedding Photography Shot List

A list of 74 must have wedding shots for your album.

Black and white phot of bride and groom.

Your Wedding Photography Shot List and Wedding Photography Checklist. You would have spent hours creating and deciding on the colors of the flowers, table settings and other fine details, so do included these in your wedding photography shot list. These small details may not end up as framed pictures on your wall, but they will form part of your treasured memories by painting a picture of your day.

Include close ups of any accessories such as the rings, shoes, bag and bouquet, shots of the reception room decor before the guests arrive, the table centerpieces and any other details that you feel are important to you.

Your photographer may not stick precisely to your wedding photography shot list (if they did they may miss out on the spontaneous things that are happening at your wedding).

So don't be disappointed if he does not photograph everything on your list.

Provide your photographer with a list of timings for the actual day, such as the time you will be putting on makeup, leaving your home to go to the ceremony, the arrival time at the reception and your departure from your reception.

Below are some suggestions to get you started on your own wedding photography checklist. Don't forget to add any other details that you feel are important.



Groom At Home Wedding Photography Shot List

Image of groom having his boutonnier pinned to his suit jacket.

Photo by p.d.

  1. Groom tying tie.
  2. Groom looking into mirror.
  3. Groom with his parents.
  4. Groom with his mother.
  5. Groom with is father.
  6. Groom with best man.
  7. Groom with groomsmen.

The Ceremony Photography Shot List

Birde and groom exiting ceremony venue with rice being tossed at them.

Photo by p.d.

  1. Guests arriving at the ceremony.
  2. Guests and venue to capture the mood.
  3. Flowers or other decorative elements.
  4. Groom and Bestman arriving at the ceremony.
  5. Groom waiting for bride.
  6. Bridesmaids arriving at church.
  7. Bride and father arriving at church.
  8. Maid of honor walking down the aisle.
  9. Bridesmaids walking down the aisle.
  10. Flower girls and page boy walking down the aisle.
  11. Close up of bride, just before she makes her entrance.
  12. Bride walking down the aisle.
  13. The back of bride and father walking down the aisle - with the groomwaiting in the distance.
  14. Ceremony (if allowed).
  15. Taking vows.
  16. Exchanging rings.
  17. Congregation looking on.
  18. Couple at the altar.
  19. The Kiss.
  20. Signing the register.
  21. Shot of the guests from the bride and groom's point of view.
  22. Bride and Groom leaving the ceremony.
  23. Bride and Groom together outside ceremony venue.
  24. Guests throwing confetti/rose petals/birdseed.
  25. Leaving the ceremony in wedding car.

Wedding Photography Poses Before The Reception

Bride and groom laughing while sitting on low brick wall.

Photo by p.d

  1. Bride alone (full length shot).
  2. Groom alone (full length shot).
  3. Couple with the bridesmaids and best man.
  4. Couple with the bridesmaids and best man, flower girls, pageboy.
  5. Bride with bridesmaids, flower girls, pageboy.
  6. Groom with groomsmen.
  7. Bride and groom with both sets of parents.
  8. Bride with her parents.
  9. Groom with his parents.
  10. Couple with all members of both families.
  11. Complete wedding group.

The Reception Photography Shot List

Bride and groom cutting their wedding cake.

Photo by f.p.d

  1. Arriving at the reception.
  2. Receiving line informal.
  3. Table centerpiece details.
  4. Wedding cake table.
  5. Close up of the wedding cake.
  6. Close up of the Groom's cake.
  7. The food.
  8. Close up of the rings on finger.
  9. Close up of details of the table settings.
  10. Speeches.
  11. Brides father.
  12. Groom.
  13. Best man.
  14. Other speakers.
  15. Cutting the cake.
  16. The first dance.
  17. Bride and her Father dancing.
  18. Groom and his Mother dancing.
  19. Guests dancing.
  20. Groom retrieving garter.
  21. Groom tossing garter.
  22. Bride throwing bouquet.
  23. Leaving for the honeymoon.

Make sure your photos include shots of the little details that you have worked so hard to create.

Download PDF: Checklist for Wedding Photography Shot List

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Wedding Etiquette Tip

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Brides Wedding Attire Tip

You must be comfortable in your wedding dress. You will be spending hours in it sitting, dancing, eating and getting in and out of your wedding transport. You should not be worried that your strapless dress will fall or have the dress feel so tight around your middle that you can’t enjoy yourself.

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