Wedding Cake Boxes

Creative Ways To Use Wedding Cake Boxes At Your Wedding Reception. So you're getting married? So much to do and with all the details, it could make your head swim. With all the planning to be done and all the lists to make somewhere you need to make sure you have your wedding cake boxes. What do I mean?

But there's more to boxes than just the wedding cake. You can accessorize your celebration with stylish decorations such as white boxes that store goodies for the guests and more.

Some of the boxes that are used in weddings are little white boxes to wrap up cake or other treats for the guests.

They are designed to be woven in beautiful ribbons, perhaps in the color that you are using in the wedding. The front of the boxes can be personalized with a monogram of your choice.

If you're using these boxes for candies or cake make sure that you use a liner inside of them.

There are also larger boxes to put a piece of cake in with lids that close securely and are personalized with a design of your choice along with your names and the wedding date.

Then there are cupcake boxes which are large for favor items, made in a romantic style with the boxes accented with a pearl damask pattern.

These large boxes have a clear window on the top so that you look inside. The guests can peek inside and they will love it, very classy. A lot of people are using cupcakes now instead of cake.

Creative Ways to Decorate Wedding Cake Boxes

Wedding cake box display.

A wedding cake box is the perfect and mess free way for your wedding guests to take home that special slice of wedding cake.

Why not extend the excitement and joy of your wedding day a little further by presenting individual slices of your wedding cake in boxes which have been especially designed for this purpose. 

Most people do enjoy taking home a slice of wedding cake to enjoy the next day but in the past these slices of cake where usually put into small paper bags, or wrapped up in paper napkins. 

And in most cases the cake would end up looking unappetizing by being squashed in someone’s pocket or handbag and then thrown in the bin.

Give the tradition of giving your guests a slice of cake to take home a whole new meaning by making it an actual wedding favor presented in its own beautiful box. 

There are a variety of different style wedding cake boxes to choose from.

There are square boxes with clear plastic windows that allow a glimpse of what’s inside perfect for wedding cupcakes

Then you have plain wedding cake boxes in a variety of shapes and colors which you can personalize with a wedding favor gift tag, sticky labels or wedding favor ribbons.

6 Ways That You Can Decorate Your Wedding Cake Favor Box

  1. Cover the cake box with a wedding favor label in a theme related design.
  2. Tie a dainty ribbon around the box and decorate with small wedding bells.
  3. Cover the boxes with clear or colored cellophane, tie with some curling ribbon and a small silk flower.
  4. Use a sticky label as a seal to close the box.
  5. Decorate the top of a box lid with a small wrapped chocolate, using a hot glue gun to secure it in place.
  6. Tie your box with some colored decorative string secure it in place by making a knot. Before cutting the string add some decorative beads to the end. Secure the beads by making a knot or using a small amount of glue from a hot glue gun.

3 Wedding Cake Favor Box Display Ideas

What is wedding cake favor box? These are favor boxes that are wedge shaped similar to a slice of wedding cake and when arranged in a circle looks like a wedding cake.

The wedding cake boxes can be filled with a small slice of wedding cake or other edible favors such as candy, chocolate and sugared almonds.

The kits come flat so there is some assembling to do and come complete with ribbons, bows and a 'cake' topper to complete the look.

If you prefer a customized look you can purchase plain favor boxes and decorate them to match your wedding theme.

1. Create A Tired Wedding Cake Display

An attractive display can be made using these decorative boxes. Depending on how may boxes you have you could create a single tier wedding cake, 2 tier wedding cake, 3 tier wedding cake or even higher.

This table could be decorated in a similar fashion as your actual wedding cake table; but don't overdo it as you would want your wedding cake to be the centre of attention.

2. Name Place Cards

A novel wedding idea would be to use the cake favor boxes as the wedding table place cards. You can easily add the guest names to the boxes by printing and cutting out tags on heavy paper that match your wedding theme.

3. Wedding Table Centrepiece

You can create an attractive wedding table centrepiece by placing the wedding cake favor boxes side by side in the centre of the table; either directly on the table top or elevated slightly on cake stands.

For a table that seats ten guests the favor boxes will meet nicely in the centre.

For table numbers that have more guests the "cake slices" will not meet in the centre resulting in a gap.

This gap can easily by fixed by inserting a small floral arrangement in the centre of box arrangement creating a wedding cake topper effect.