Secrets to a Beautiful Wedding Cake Table Display

(Plus 21 images of wedding cake tables.)

Discover How to Create An Attractive Wedding Cake Table Display

Your wedding cake is usually displayed right from the start of the wedding reception and then cut towards the end of the evening, so it is displayed for some considerable time.

To make sure that it holds up for the duration:

  1. Make certain that the filling used in the cake will not cause it to go off. The frosting on your wedding cake should also be appropriate to the weather conditions.
  2. You don't what a cream or buttercream frosting on your cake if it is to be displayed on a hot day it will melt and spoil if left out for a long time.
  3. The same could be said for placing your cake near a roaring fire.
  4. Display your cake in a prominent location which is not in a high traffic area where it may accidentally be knocked over. But do place it in a prominent place where it is visible to your guests.
  5. A spotlight focused on your wedding cake will make it look smashing, but make sure that the light is not harsh enough which will cause the icing to melt.

21 Wedding Cake Table Decoration Ideas

Wedding cake table decorated with volumes of soft tulle.
1. Add volume and fullness to the cake table by creating a scalloped edge around the table. Using any light weight fabric such as tulle or organza.
Use mirror tiles under your wedding cake.
2. Add depth to your display by placing your wedding cake on a large mirror tile.
Use small votive candles to give a soft glow.
3. Surround your cake with soft candle light.
Use an arch as part of your cake table decorations.
4. Surround you cake table with a beautiful arch.
Cake table linen matching the color of the cake decorations.
5. Use a table cloth in a color that co-ordinates with the cake toppers.
Use decorations that are appropriate to your theme.
6. Use edible sand made from baked cake or cookie crumbs to decorate the table.
Use the bouquets to decorate the cake table.
7. Use the bridesmaid’s bouquets.
White wedding cakes displayed on white satin fabric.
8. Hide your cake stands under volumes of fabric. This is the perfect option if you can't find a suitable cake stand.
Use decorative trim such as glitter ribbon for the cake table.
9. Add some "bling" to the cake table.
Use ribbon as decorations.
10. Add color with ribbon.
Use greenery to decorate the table.
11. Keep it simple with greenery.
Cake table decorations can match the cake color for an elegant look.
12. Keep the color of table cloth, flowers and cake in the same tones for an elegant look.
Wedding cake surrounded by rose petals.
13. Lightly scatter rose petals around the cake table.
Cake table decorations can be a combination of low and tall arrangements.
14. Use a combination of low and tall floral arrangements on the table.
Cake table display with soft candle light and "baby's breath" flowers.
15. A soft look can be achieved by nestling small votive candles amongst baby's breath.
Cake table decorations matching the cake decorations.
16. For a uniform look use the same decorations on the cake and table.
Wedding cake table decorated with fairy lights at the top of the table.
17. Carefully place fairy lights in some tulle or other sheer fabric for a soft romantic effect.
Wedding cake table decorated with large floral arrangement.
18. Go all out with a lavish floral display.
Large wedding cake with soft lighting under the table.
19. Lighting under the table is another effective way of displaying your cake, this can be one by using light weight linens that will allow the light to pass through.
Wedding cake surrounded by many pink rose petals.
20. This simple wedding cake is surrounded by a lush display of rose petals in the same color as the cake topper.
Cake table with a decorative table cloth.
21. Use a textured cloth on the table and spotlight your cake.
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