Tropical Theme Wedding Cake Ideas

(With 15 tropical cake picture ideas.)

A tropical theme wedding cake will be the perfect addition to your beach wedding theme. Topical wedding cake designs are many and varied all of which can add an exotic or colorful touch to your day.

Did you know?

In the Caribbean the wedding cake is usually made from fruit, these cakes are often dark and decorated with dried fruits. These cakes can be flavored with rum, wine and sherry.

In Bermuda, it is traditional to place cedar saplings on top of the wedding cakes which symbolizes a growing love between the newlyweds. The saplings are then replanted after the ceremony.

Tropical Flavor Ideas

Listed below you will find few of the more popular flavor ideas that can be used individually or combined as the cake flavor and frosting flavor.

  • Coconut
  • Banana
  • Lilikoi (Hawaiian passion fruit)
  • Rum or banana-rum
  • Mango
  • Lemon
  • Pineapple
  • Guava
  • Macadamia nut

Fresh tropical fruit can be used as a filling or combined with cream which can be placed in each layer.

Next consider the decorations on your wedding cake.

Tropical Wedding Cake Decoration Ideas

Apart from the obvious beach theme or tropical theme wedding cake toppers, there are other ways that you can decorate your cake so that it will fit in with your tropical theme wedding.

  • Use blue swirls of gel to create waves rising up the sides of each tier.
  • Moulded edible shells and miniature tropical fruit can be made from marzipan.
  • Royal icing can be piped onto the cake to look like a net with shells inside.
  • Use a bamboo mat to decorate the top of the cake table.
  • Use leaves and tie these into bows which can then be used to decorate the cake table.
  • Use toasted, grated coconut on white butter cream icing to create a sandy look.
  • Have the cake made into the shape of a sand castle and decorate it with edible seashells and star fish.
  • Decorate a cake with fresh hibiscus flowers.
  • Orchids can cascade from the top of a tiered cake.
  • Sugar plumerias flowers could be scattered freely on the cake and around the cake table.
  • Fresh or hand crafted flowers can form draping leis around each tier.
  • Larger tropical flowers such as bird of paradise could be added to fresh-flower holders in between the tiers. Make sure that the flowers or stems with toxins are not in direct contact with your cake.

Accent your wedding cake with bright and bold colors such as turquoise, hot pink, yellow and orange these will bring along a sense of sunshine and bright happy days that are associated with the tropics as well as tropical flavors.

15 Tropcial Wedding Cake Pictures

Orchid covered white wedding cake.
White wedding cake with green ribbon and orchids.
White wedding cake with white edible orchids.
Pink cascade of orchids on a three tiered round wedding cake.
Small wedding cake with topical purple flowers.
Green and yellow wedding cake at seaside reception.
Fresh topical flower decorations on wedding cake.
Beach theme wedding cake ther purple flowers and edible shell decorations.
Red and white wedding cake with white lily flowers.
Orange pule weddign flowers for a tropicla theme wedding cake.
Delicate handmade sugar orchids in pale pink and white decorate a three tiered wedding cake.
Large open red lilies on a square wedding cake.
Pale pin roses and orchids scattered over a simple wedding cake and its surroundings.
Small round wedding cake with silver ball decorations and pink orchids.
White wedding cake with white flowers.